Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th, 2011

Howdy y'all. I hope everyone is doing so so well. And having an awesome christmas. Well this email might be a bit short but I hope it enough. . .

I am so thankful for this christmas season. There is no better time of year than this. I want you all to know I love my savior I am greatful for him and his love that not only he shows to me, but to my family and those around me. i love him. Last night me and 3 other missionaries had the opportunity to go to a presberterian church. Its was interesting but we felt the spirit so much and ill tell you why. One of the wards around here , gets together with this church and does a special christmas program. So our choir sang and played some christmas music and it was awesome, me and my companion were sitting next to some people of the other faith and almost after every song they would say, they are so good!!! It was just amazing the spirit we felt as we sang hymns about our savior and worshipped with another faith. We were happy to get a couple people interested in talkin to us ;) !!!!! I love this christmas season its amazing. And I have been so uplifted this week as I have thought about my savior and put him first. I am greatful to know he is always there for me and is willing to help in my time of need. I love my father in heaven and I am greatful that he was willing to send his son down here to this earth to show the way to live. I know that indeed this christmas is one of my best christmas. I am greatful to be spreading his gospel to all people.

So this week we had a cool thing happen for us, we have been teaching this less-active guy and right after church we got a text from him yesterday and said elders i wanna come back , i know its the right thing to do. He has already gave up smoking and is working on coming back to church now :) We are so excited. I am so greatful that the spirit is still leading me in this work, we were walking down the street one day and I said elder look that screen door is open lets go nock on it. He agreed we went we got up to the door and knocked and this lady said yes come by any day im always home we proceed to give her a book of mormon, it just felt like heavenly father had prepared us to meet with her. :) That was a pretty cool experience. I am so excited to be district leader its going to be stressful but i know i can do it :).

I am going to miss you all so much this christmas I hope and pray that you all will remember our savior, our brother and gain a better relationship with him this christmas. I am going to miss my grandmas mexican food, this christmas is going to be really different. But I think it what I need. I love you all so much. thank you for everything that you all do, for the many letters and everything i appreciate it i love it. and I am so thankful. Thank you.

I have testimony of this work, I am greatful to be helping others this christmas season and i know there is no better work i can be doing.

i love you all . merry christmas . and i miss you.

love elder bentley
moroni 8:3
i love this scripture:
alma 13: 28-29
8 But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all long-suffering;
29 Having faith on the Lord; having a hope that ye shall receive eternal life; having the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the last day and enter into his crest.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12th, 2011

How is everyone doin!!!!! i hope all is well and are enjoying this christmas season. This has been such a great week for me. I cant wait to tell you all about it:)!!!!!

This week has been supper dupper cold!!! BRRRRR!!! Well this week has been so exciting, i dont even know how to begin this email. :) ha its been such a great week!!! Well I found out that im going to be staying here in Buena Vista for another transfers and Im going to be the district leader :)!!!!! That should be a fun learning experience and i will be keeping the same companion. :) I am happy to stay here in bv because we got baptisms coming up!!! So that was exciting news to hear that Ill be a district leader!!!

Jay E. Jensen from the presidency of the 70 came and spoke to our stake. It was so great to hear what he had to say. I wanna share with you all a couple of things that I learned from him. Saturday night, he spoke to all the college students and me and my companion had the oppotunity to attend. Elder Jensen started his talk off talking about hymns and he pointed out something in a christmas song that I never noticed before. in Hymn # 206 Away in a Manger. Elder Jensen pointed out something, in the last verse.
" be near me lord jesus, I ask thee to stay.
close by me forever and love me I pray.
bless all the dear children in thy tender care
and fit us for heaven to live with thee there. "
What powerful powerful words. I love those words. And that is something I never notice before, what such a great goal to have this christmas season, to find ways we can be better fit for heaven. He went on to tell us how much he loves hymns and his scripture and how they bring us in harmony with god. I as Elder Jensen love my scriptures so much. he challenged us to be in them every single day. wether its a verse or whatever always be in the scripture. I pray that we will remember the importance of the scriptures and how much closer they will bring us to christ this christmas season. Then on Sunday morning he spoke to all recent converts, less actives and investigators and had an awesome testimony meeting. We were happy to see one of our less actives come that we have been working with for a while. :) So this weekend was exciting.
This week has been awsome. We set 3 people with a baptisimal date. That has been pretty exciting. We have a baptism coming up on January14 with brenton, we are excited for that because we know he will achieve his date no matter what!!!! We had an investigator commit a less-active to come back to church this week. so things are pretty exciting around here in bv.
So this week I had some funny things happen to me. like always :
So this last week I was with 3 other missionaries on exchanges and we went to the Stake Relief Society Presidents house for dinner. All was going well. We ate dinner and I finished and was going to take my plate in to the sink. when all of sudden my pants stuck to this nice wooden bench that I was sitting on. so I sat back down and tried a second time to get up. And my pants continued to stick all of a sudden the whole family and all the missionaries started laughing. It was pretty funny. Im gald my pants didnt rip and that I walked out with them on. :)
Then a couple days later they saw and came up to me and started laughin and said they will never forget that dinner, and she painted the bench so pants shouldnt be sticking anymore haha. Then that same night we went to a parade and we got some hot chocolate from a members shop and we went out and were watching the parade, so I was standing there perfectly fine, with hot hot water, when all of a sudden a member comes up and says HEY MISSIONARIES!!!! and bumps my arm (he didnt know I had hot chocolate) and it spills all over my hand and that burned pretty bad haha, then all over the ground. I looked back up and him and my comapanion were dying laughing . . ha ha I am glad it didnt spill on the person in front of me or on my cloths :)
haha I dont get why all these funny moment happen to me.
Well I hope I will do good at this whole ditrict leader thing and be the best I can be. I love you all so much. I hope you all have a great week and a great christmas. I love you all!!!! thank you for everything!!!
love elder bentley: Moroni 8:3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 5, 2011

Howdy ya all !!!!!!! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season:) Isn't this the best time of year to focus on our savior. i hope you all are stayin warm and having fun. I hope that this email will uplift this week.
So this week has been such a great week:) I love bein a missionary around christmas time :) Its so much fun bein able to learn of my savior. . I really loved the christmas devotional last night. It was amazing to hear our prophet testify of christmas. It made me wanna be a better missionary and a better diciple of my savior. What an amazing chance I have to be a living witness of him. I am so greatful for the opportunity which I have to wear his name over my heart everyday. We had an amazing zone conference this week where president pitt. . .where he testified of the savior and of the atonement. It was a very spiritual meeting. like i said last week I hope we can keep christ in the very center of our hearts and thoughts. I am so greatful to be a missionary and to realize the true meaning of christmas. So yesterday i was sitting in sacrament and i challenged myself something for a whole entire year starting christmas, I am going to do service for someone else and mark it on the calendar feel free to join if you all want to :). I am excited to see who I can help :)
This week we had to move out of paradise back into our old apartment. Its alot different but at least I got a little taste of heaven on my mission, i wish you all could have seen it, it was super nice!!!!! So this week we got a new investigator she is so awesome, the first lesson was so so spiritual and we realized how much she needed the gospel, i really felt like we were sent there for a reason. right now this lady her baby is having lots and lots of surgerys and it has been really hard on her. she travels about an hour away to stay with her 5 month old for a whole week. then comes home on weekends to stay with her family. we had an amazing first lesson the spirit was so strong. i am so greatful to be a witness of this gospel bein a blessing to peoples lives. I am so happy elder davis and I are finding so much succes here in Buena Vista. I am so greatful to be serving in a wonderful area among such wonderful ward members.
Well I dont have to much time this week, but one last thing i wanna say is we changed apartments again :) we are in our old aparment our adress is this

Elder chaz allen bentley
270 W. 30th St. Apt. # F-3
buena vista, Va 24416

I want ya to know how much I love ya I thank you all for your support and your encouragement which you give to me. I love you all so much. Have a great week and Ill prepare well for next week. I love ya!!!

love: Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)
P.s I want my brothers and sisters to know how much I love them. I love you all so much. Thank you for being such a great example to me. Mom told me about your alls testimonies. continue to build that testimony. I love you. keep bein great and i miss you all :) I love you!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 21st, 2011

Hello you all!! i hope everyone has a brilliant week!!! i hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the nice weather lately. I hate to brag but its so much nicer here than it would be in Arizona. Dad you would love it. Well i am so excited to tell you all about my week.
This week started great and ended great :). I am lovin my life as a missionary so much!!! This week i went on exchanges with Elder Ringer who is waiting for his visa and going to Ukraine. We got done with our dinner appoitment this week and we wonderin what to do suddenly a thought came to my mind, go and see Jesus hernandez ( he is a less- active). So i followed on the impression and went straight to his house. We got there and he opened his door right when we walked up and he thought we had knocked. ha but really we didnt even knock yet. we sit down and start talkin with him and there is this other guy named sergio who lives with him. He invites sergio in ( and by the way jesus can speak english and spanish but sergio can only speak spanish) and sits down and we start talkin to him and jesus translates for us. I cant remember the questions which we were asked but I want to tell you are questions were led totally by the spirit there was an amazing feeling that was in that room. We ended up giving sergio a spanish book of mormon and he invited us back. That expereience was amazing to feel the holy ghost even when you dont understand what some people are saying. :) I better start learning some spanish. You'd figure me bein from Az I would know a little something haha. Thats funny right there i dont care who you are :). We were also teaching another one of our investigators who is sososo close to baptism!!! We spent the entire lesson asking questions that came to our mind. We really wanted to find out where he was standing with his testimony. so the whole time we basically drilled him with questions. I want to tell you again that it was an amazing experience to watch someones testimony grow so much from since we started teaching him any week now he should be baptized :). our area has been blessed to be able to have a baptisimal date for another student for december 10th we set that date this week. Things are really pickin up for us and we are keepin busy. but now that this week is thanksgivin things will probably slow down a bit. But its ok :) So that house that we build every friday is almost done !!!!! Its been fun workin on it and watching it piece by piece but we should probably be startin another house soon!!
So this will probably be the most exciting part of my email. This week we got the chance to go up to charleston, WV and see Neil L. Anderson!!! It was so great bein able to see an apostle. Just imagine how busy an apostle is and is able to come spend two hours with missionaries. So I prepared well this week to be able to hear Neil L. Anderson I wrote down all the things I was strugglin with as a missionary and i found that most of them were answered in his talk. "What think Ye of Christ?" (Matt. 22) We were challenged to think more of Christ and study more about Him. Our witness of Him needs to be firm and bold. Study His characteristics, His teachings, how He healed, and how He taught and blessed. The scriptures bear testimony of Him and so must we.
As we do that, remember that no goodness or righteous act goes unnoticed. All of what you do in righteousness will help you and your family. You have to be true and faithful. Do not underestimate the good you do for others in this life.
He was assigned here for a reason. Find out for yourself what the reason was that he came for you.. Elder Andersen said, "Don't be unbelieving of the power of angels."
He also said something else really cool that stuck out to me as a missionary feel inadiquate is not uncommon but its necessary. Often times I dont feel like i measure up but it was nice to know from an apostle that its necessary to feel that way.
Then this sunday i was sitting in church and I heard an amazing talk by a student who talked about his mission. He talked on the subject of obedience and i felt it was something i really needed to hear as a missionary. If there is one thing I can say thats the most important thing its obedience its not easy at all to be obedient. But as I continue forward as a missionary I realize that i can do so much better and yesterday that talk was exactly what I needed to hear. Although it might take most of my life to improve on some things I know with my heavenly father and with my saviors help and can strengthen thosethings I struggle with. All those who read this email. . .please if there is one thing i want to say to you today is be obedient, just dont mess up, realize your weaknessand how much your father in heaven loves you and wants to help you.
Well as you all know this week is thanksgiving I just want to take a minute and tell you all what I am greatful for.. .
I am so thankful to be a missionary, i am so thankful to be serving a mission, i am thankful for my best friends which i havve came to meet on my mission, i am thankful for their love and support, i am thankful for wonderful comapanions, i am thankful to be serving in such wonderful areas, I am thankful for my family especially my mom and my grandma my dad and my brothers and sisters. I am thankful for a prophet, I am thankful for the book of mormon, i am thankful for the bible, i am thankful for my savior, i am thankful he is my firend, i am thankful for prayers, i am thankful for my heavenly father. I am thankful for all of you. :)
I love you all so much i hope you all have a great thanksgivin. i misss you all like crazy. please be safe. Today i get to put up a christmas tree :) just like buddy the elf. And one more story then ill go. We went to dinner at this mexican ladies house this week and she had someone there that only spoke spanish ha ha and i was tryin to say whats your name in spanish, and it turns out I was sayin I love you ha ha and the girl went awww ha ha it was so funny. :) well again happy holidays and i hope you all get stuffed like a turkey. gobble gobble!!!!!!
love elder bentley- moroni 8:3

- " And he said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." Luke 9:23

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hello everyone i hope all is going well back home and everyone is doing great. this week i dont have to much time so i thought i would send a email to my brothers
Coda: I love you bud. how are you doin. I hope your doing great and being such a good brother. Just imagine coda how much everyone looks up to you. have ever just took the time to realize that cade savannah and shaders all look up to you and you need to set that example. be good. mind mom and dad. coda just be good. I cant tell ya you enough how important and easy that is. you know better bud than to behave bad. just behave. Please. prepare to be a good missionary now. trust me it doesnt start when you get out here it starts now. prepare the sacrament ever sunday and think of your savior dont just act it coda be it be the best loving brother you can be . because once you fall your borthers and sisters and friends will think its ok and they will fall with you dont be the cause of that. i say this coda because i love you congrats on your new calling. thats so great serve all you can please. I love you coda so much do good in school.
cade: i am going to tell you the same thing i told to coda just behave. please mind mom and dad and contiue to do well in football. Be a good example to shaders and to your older brother. please cade have fun. do good in scouts read your scriptures and always say your prayers. I love you buddy

so guess what this week i get to listen to neil L. anderson I am so excited last night I listend to elder lansing he talked about marriage it was a great talk savannah and shaders continue to be good. i love you muffassa. i love you family so much I am so happy our family is together forever
i love you have a great week !!!!

love your brother chazzer

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 7th, 2011

Date: Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 11:24 AM
Subject: Watch Good Things to Come
To: wants to share this video with you:

Good Things to Come

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland recalls his days as a poor young father with a broken-down family car and testifies that for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are better days and good things to come.,AAAAkVf45-E~,pmvsVwZF3OwilL7t-AcAgV3evBmtlvpw&bclid=961411542001&bctid=912421113001

November 7th, 2011

Can I just tell you all ITS SO COLD HERE!!! its pretty crazy !!! I gotta tell ya I really do miss Arizona I enjoyed being able to keep my clock on the same time all year long. I hate daylight savings haha:) it really messes with your sleep. I was awake at 5:15 in the morning yesterday when really it should have been 6:30. Ha ha gotta love it ha :). So as you all know I am training again. . . My new companion is Elder Davis he is from Southern Cali. I have a feeling this companionship is going to be great. Because this week we started off GREAT!! Its amazing to see how much excitement these missionaries come out with. Elder Davis seems like a hard worker, sounds like we are going to teach great together and have fun. Im still supper nervous to be training, its so hard. But i guess its what the Lord wants me to do. I just hope I will do well and set a good example for this young missionary. Elder Davis is a convert to the church he joined the church when he was 14 . He pretty cool. i just dont know how I got so lucky so far to have such great companions. It really is a blessing from heavenly father. I just hope i can be a great companion to these missionaries as well.
The work is going great here in BV!! we have 2 people who are so close to baptism!!!! This week were so happy to have gotten a couple new investigators. Some of our less actives are starting to come back to church. It was so funny yesterday before dinner we went to this guys house. The guy opens the door and just starts laughin ha ha :) I couldnt help but laugh either he comes out side to talk to us this guy was kind of drunk if i had to guess but it was pretty funny. I was just crackin up. But the work is going great!!
Yesterday was just an amazing fast and testimony day. In one of our student wards that we went to we heard alot about trials. It just seemed like it was exactly what i needed to hear as a missionary. Believe it or not we go through alot of trials as missionaries, with people not coming to church, getttin doors slammed in our face, investigators not progressin. Maybe its something a little bit bigger than that. . . Not being obedient, or not following the morning routine or dealing with companions. Trust me it hard. But I was watching this mormon message and it reminded me of everything i needed to do as a missionary. Its so easy dont quit dont give up just keep going and serve my mission with all my heart. Especially as a trainer i have been feeling like I cant measure up but i realize I just need to keep going and serve with all my heart. Im not going to give up. I would challenge you all to watch a video by jefferey r. holland called " good things to come". It talks alot about enduring trials and I think it might be helpful for you all. I love the video. I can promise ya with all my heart if we just stay happy and and love while going through a hard stressful time I promise you we can endure anything.
Well i would like to share my testimony with you all . I know that this church is true with all my heart I know its true. this is christ church. I know that this work is so important. I love seeing the joy and the peace and the happiness that this gospel brings . I love being a missionary. I know that I am a represenative of my savior and I pray that I will always be worthy for people to see that in me. I am so indeed greatful for a loving heavenly father who simply takes the time to answer our prayers everyday. I love him. I know these things are true. although my testimony is simple i know its true with all my heart.
I love you all so much. We moved into a new apartment its super nice the other missionaries are jealous:)!!! I hope you all have such a great week and I cant wait to type you an mail next week. i promise it will be better. Thank you so much for your love and support that you show to me and to my family . I hope all is well and i love ya. scroll down for new apartment adress. . .
love- Elder bentley
-moroni 8:3
Just for a little while.
my new adress:
2754 maple ave. Apt.# C-10
Buena Vista, Va 24416

November 1st, 2011

Happy late Halloween everyone!!!!! Hope you all were safe and had lots of fun and ate tons of candy!!!!! I am so excited to tell you all about my week!!! Its been really exciting.
Well first i want tell ya how annoying Halloween is as a missionary. I probably had more than a dozen people come up to me and say "nice costume elders ha ha ha !!!" I could almost quote it word for word what everyone said to us haha !!! But it was supper fun we passed out candy with some members and had some broccoli cheese soup that was good!!!! We walked down the city yesterday and in front of every shop there was people passin out candy and I cant tell ya how many people gave us the wierdest looks!!!! It was so funny!!!! I bet they didnt know we were serious or faking haha I almost died laughin at peoples faces:).
Well this week has been pretty exciting!!!! I got a call from president pitt on monday, he asked me if I would be willing to train again, I said of course!!!! I will be training here in BV!!! i am so excited, I know that this new missionary will be a blessing to this area!!! I am so nervous to train i hope i can be a good example, to this new missionary. I love training, its super duper hard but its also way fun to watch an Elders testimony grow of the principle he teachers. Thats been something cool to watch with Elder Parker. There is so much work to do here in BV I hope I can help this area as much as I can!!! I am sad to see Elder Parker leave though he has been such a great example to me. Last night we had one of the best lessons together, It was totally led by the spirit, he did such an amazing job at teaching it was the best lesson EVER, he will be going to Barbousville, WV. That area was in my old district, so he will be right near Logan that is pretty sweet. I am so excited for him.
So this week I have been way excited to share my thought with you all!!! This week when i got that call from president pitt these words stuck out to me. "I want you to know how much you heavenly father loves you" have you ever taken the time to realize how powerful those words are. We as priestholders say it in almost every blessing we give, we as missionaries promise that to those we teach. " Your Heavenly Father loves you" is such a powerful overwhelming statement!!! I want you to know that i have a testimony of that, That our father in heaven loves each and everyone of us. He loves us so much that he was willing to give us the true church on the earth today, he loves so much that he was willing to give us a savior to come down to earth and atone for our sins, he loves us so much that he provided ways to live him forever, he loves us so much he gave us temples, the priesthood and the Book of Mormon. He gives us so much to proves he loves you!!!! How great is it to know we have a loving heavenly father. We were sitting in sacrament the other day and this CES Missionary bore his testimony on our loving heavenly father, I wish you all could have heard this wonderful talk it was amazing!!! But one thing stuck out to me that he said, " may we not forget the father" , May we not forget how much our father loves us, how much he blesses us. I promise you our father in heaven is real, with all my heart. I hope you all will take the time this week to think of these powerful words. " Heavenly Father Loves you!!!" 1 Nephi 11:17
" I know the father loveth his children. . ."
So this week we might be movin into a new apartment ill tell you all the new adress next week. Something cool thats happening this month is a general authority is coming November 11-14 we get to go see Neil L. Anderson. i am so excited then in January a person from the 70 is coming to see us!!! Its going to be so awesome!!! Our investigators are doing great we are have hopefully a couple baptism coming up soon we are so excited!! i cant wait to email you all next week and tell you all about everythng. i love you all so much. thankyou for your support to me and to my family!!! I miss you i hope you all have such a great week and remember how much your heavenly father loves you!!!
love : Elder Bentley
moroni 8:3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Whats up everyone!!!! I hope you all have had such a brilliant week!!!!! I hope you all are just as excited for halloween (or christmas- which i will explain in my email.haha) as we are here!!!!! I am so happy the weather is finally cooling down. its so nice not sweating everyday haha!!! Well I cant wait to tell ya all about my week!!!!
So this week has been loads of fun in our companionship!!!! Seems like everything is just going great!!!!! I guess to start things off. . . ITS BEEN AWESOME!!!! This we week we got awesome referral!!! This lady requested a book of mormon, so we tried multiple times to try to get it to her either she wasnt home, or this one time this guy told us to go away. So we finally decided after a couple days to call her so we did. She didnt answer but texted back and said she already has a book of mormon and she is currently reading it. But she doesnt want to meet with us yet till she finishes it. She is like really really really interested in our church. me and elder parker probably gave each other a million high fives while she was texting us all this. she said she wishes she could join our church now but she has some family situations to work out. WE are so excited to teach this person. We were teaching this other lady this week she had AT LEAST 24 cats in her house and a dog. I couldnt even keep track of how many there were haha. This week I had the opportunity to go on exchange with elder Partridge for the day, we taught a really cool lesson. this week. We got this refferal over the phone we decided to go check on it. This guy requested a book of mormon. We got to this guys house he invites us in and we had the most amazing lesson ever!!!! It made me miss teaching with him. This guy is so ready to be baptized!!!! he agreed right then if he came to know if these things were true he would go through with baptism. It was awesome!!! I loved the lesson. Elder Partridge is such a great missionary and I am so thankful for the example he is to me, to be a better disciple of my savior, Jesus Christ. This week we had alot of fun like i said. we celebrated Christmas. We do these things called rule of the nights every night besides sunday and we decided to have Christmas, it was fun!!! We found a Christmas tree and found lights and set them up we even played Christmas music all night haha it was GREAT!!! THis week has been a blast.
Well I guess I have been so luck as a missionary to have such great companions!!!!!! Elder Parker is such an amazing missionary and I am so greatful for the opportunity which I have had to be his companion he has taught me ALOT! Its been so cool to watch his testimony grow and share it with people. He is a great teacher of this gospel and I have loved being his companion.
Lately I have been reading in Doctrine and Covenants and I love how its so missionary themed there are so many simple things that stick out to me. I love my gospel studies they get better and better everyday and heavenly father really blesses me with his spirit during that hour. I learn so much just by simply putting my soul in the lords hands for one hour. I am so thankful for the time I have to be his investigator, to be his disiciple and have him teach me. I really love this verse in Doctrine and Covenants section 35: 19
"Wherefore, watch over him that his faith fail not, and it shall be given by the comforter, the holy ghost, that knoweth all things. "
I love this verse I seriously learn so much from the holy ghost during my studies. I know that the spirit can teach us the things we need to know to endure each day. i have a testimony of that that we can learn so much if we just listen to the comforter which bearth truth of all things. .
I love being a missionary. I love my mission. I love serving the lord. I pray that you all will have such a great week and I hope that you all will always remember how thankful I am for you. I hope these emails uplift each and everyone of you in some way. I love ya all have such a great week!!!! THank YOu!!!! PRESS FORWARD SAINTS!!!!!
love elder bentley ( moroni 8:3)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 17, 2011

HOWDY y'all!!! Well I reckon time is just flying by way to fast!!!!!! I hope you all have such a SUPER DUPER week!!!! This week has been super nice not to brag, but the weather is so much better than Arizona. Gotta love it. Its to die for:) Its so awesome being a missionary of this church. I know I made the right decision to serve a mission here in West Virginia. I am so happy I accepted the call to serve. Its so amazing to see the hand of the lord in this great work. I am so blessed to be a missionary!!!!
This week has been such a great week. Coming off a rough and tough last week. this week has been so so so much better. Seems like everything is just picking right back up!!!! I guess you could say it was kinda like a trial or test to see if we would stay patient and wait for the blessings to come. Well guess what we did exactly that. Seems like no matter what we go through as long as we are patient and just have a happy attitude through the hard time. nothing. nothing will or can bring us down. I have a strong testimony of that with a happy,positive attitude I know we can endure any trial that comes our way. For me, as I look back, it seems like I always got pounded with trials, but I am so greatful I was able to endure it just by simply staying happy. It really is that simple. There is no big math probleme to figure it out we just gotta take it be HAPPY and learn from it.
I guess this week we were surely blessed to visit so many less- active members. We have been really happy to see one of the less-actives we are currently visiting, is starting to come back with his wife, despite of the health issues they make that strong effort to just simply come every sunday. Its been amazing for me to help this couple come back. I love visiting with less- actives its so amazing. I love being able to help people take off the blinders and realize that this is the true church. I am so greatful I get to help the lord be a shepherd and bring his sheep back in that have strayed. You know missionary work is so great there is so many things that makes a missionary happy. But one of the things that makes me the most happy since I have been on a mission. Is watching Less-Actives come back to church. Its an amazing feeling to be sitting in sacrament meeting next to your companion and bump and say, " hey look the family came!!!" It gives me just even more motivation as a missionary. I love it. This week we were visting with another less-active and before I even gave the spiritual thought. Something just kept popping into my mind share something about charity, I shrugged it off, and once again it crossed my mind Charity, Charity. When it came time for me to share the spiritul thought . I shared Moroni 7: 45-48 and who wouldever know that this would be the one they were strugglin with. But it was. I feel so blessed that I was able to listen to the spirit this breif moment and be able to help a less active with a christlike attributes.
Well this week I dont have to much time. But I hope you all know how much I love you. I pray that we will be able to help those come closer to the lord. I love ya all so much. have such a great week. I miss ya
love- elder Bentley moroni 8:3

October 10, 2011

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! You know what missionary life is the best!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all know how grateful I am for you and the time you take to read these emails. What I want to share today is something thats very hard for me to share but I hope that you will be able to get something out of it to help you all in your personal lives today. I pray that the spirit will guide me to know how I can help someone today.
This week has truely been a rough and tough week for us here in Buena Vista. But its so amazing how much you can learn from rough situations. I know that every ounce of hardship that I experience on my mission is worth it. I guess you could say nothing was rolling this week the way we wanted or were expecting it too. It seemed like everything just feel through. And I could truly see the adversary or the tension start to kick in. It got really hard, we got really stressed. But I learned a great lesson from this hard time this week. Its so important to stay patient and to have a happy and positive attitude always!!! I can promise if you just stay happy through hard times the adversary will never , ever bring you down I promise that!!! I love this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 24:8 says:
8 Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days.
Dont you just love that verse!!!! Heavenly Father is always with us no matter what. We are never alone through these hard times. HE IS WITH US!!!! I am so grateful for these hard times I experience and how much it helps me learn and grow. So you all know how that quote goes at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold. I guess you could say at the end of every trial there is always a blessing!!! This week we had an amazing stake conference!!! Right after it was done we had this girl come up to us from one the student ward and said Elders i have a friend who is visiting from Connecticut and I was wondering if you all might have time to come by and teach her a little bit . we said OF COURSE!!! so we set up an appointment for last night and had the most amazing lesson!!! We had our recent convert Carrissa come over with us to the lesson to help teach her and we had a priesthood brethren there with us and the girls friend we were teaching. The girl said she has had the most amazing weekend while visiting here she said loved stake conference and she has already found out where her closest meeting house is at home. Her friend taught her so much this week it was awesome. During the lesson the spirit was so strong once again!!! Everyone in the room was in tears. Carrissa taught this girl like a missionary it was amazing to watch someone I baptized teach the gospel and bear such a strong testimony. She said if she came to know these things were true she would be baptized. She also said she likes how we communicate directly with heavenly father at anytime. we smiled so big when she said that isn't that awesome to know that is what sets us apart from other religions is communicating with heavenly father. It was such a blessing to us to teach this girl, It really helped get a positive attitude back it was amazing. I live for little moments like that!!!
This week I was reading in Joseph Smith History and how after Joseph saw the vision it was amazing how much criticism he took but he withstood basically a a whole city and stood up for his beliefs. I think that is kinda like us no matter what we go thru we need to withhold Satan and stand up for our beliefs in the toughest times and have a happy positive attitude. Not only am I thankful for Joseph Smith and the vision. But I am so Thankful that he was able to endure so many trials so we could have this church today. I know that this is the true church upon the earth and that we do have prophet who leads and guides to live with our heavenly father. I don't think any man would take so much just to establish this church. I am grateful for Joseph and I know that he was a true living prophet called of god. .

SO this week I had my interview with president pitt . It went great!!! He gave me and my companion this awesome cd by president eyring on charity. It was awesome!!! We are so happy to see most of our recent converts come back to church!!! The members are feeding us a ton but it seems like we get spaghetti all the time!!!! :) But its great!!!! I am absolutely loving my mission I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I hope everyone is doing great!!! Brody and Perry thank you for your great example for serving a mission. I know that we were called by god to bless the people here on the east coast. I want you both to know I pray for you and that you are able to find those who are waiting the excellent blessings of this gospel today. I love ya. Continue to serve with all you got . I promise you with all my heart that blessings will come out this. I promise!!! I love ya both so much serve great and love the people and all your companions. Always have that sweet wonderful spirit.
I wanna wish A happy birthday to my aunt marrianne and to Micah I hope you are both doing well. I love you both so much and I promise to write you soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! Please have such a great day and know I am mission you!!! I love ya!!
I love ya all so much thank you for your prayer and support you give to me as a missionary. I hope you all have a great week and remember I a mssin ya all. LET US ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD!!!!
love you all: ELDER BENTLEY

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 3, 2011

HELLO!!!!! Wow I am so excited to be typing this email and this time I did come prepared, I promise!!!! This week has been such a great week here in Buena Vista!!! I hope everyone has had a great fantastic week and I hope everyone's family's are doing well!!! I pray for you all and I hope you all know how grateful I am for you. Thank You so much for your support and I pray that I may be able to help you all in some way come closer and be able to feel of the sweet spirit.
So I will start off with an awesome story. This Thursday Elder Parker and I were sitting at the table weekly planning, when all of a sudden our phone starts vibrating. We get a text message from this girl that we are teaching ( the one I have been telling you all about) who had a baptismal date scheduled for October 7. Anyways we read the text. And she said " Elders I know I have finished the lessons and I was talking to some friends and I was wondering is there any way we can move our baptism closer to this Friday. As in like tomorrow?? or would I be crazy!!! Immediately we started calling. We got everything approved and guess what we had the most amazing baptism this last Friday!!! Everyone I can even describe the happiness that came to my heart as I watched her be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was one the most prepared person I have ever meet. It seems like every time we went over to teach her, she had a bigger smile a bigger light around her. Its been such an amazing thing to watch her life center around the gospel and see the happiness that comes from it. There was not one lesson with her that the spirit was not present. She had the opportunity to bear her testimony at her baptism and she gave the most amazing testimony ever. I know that her testimony will bless the lives of many. Its funny it seems like every time we taught she already knew the answer to everything. Its been such an amazing blessing to me to watch the happiness that comes from this gospel. Aren't we so lucky as members of the church to have the wonderful blessings of the gospel. As I think of my missionary purpose I don't just think of it as just for missionaries. It should be members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints purpose:
" our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end."
Don't you just love our purpose as members of the church. To help others feel of the blessings of the gospel. I can't describe the joy and the happiness I feel as I witnessed that baptism. It was something special and I am so grateful I got to be apart of this special covenant that this girl made. I know that it inspires me to be better and it gives me more motivation every time to continue to find others who are waiting these special blessings from our father in heaven. So anyways this girl is now giving a talk this Sunday in Stake Conference about her conversion story I am so excite to hear her speak.
General Conference was amazing!!! I learned so much as a missionary I learned the importance of obedience, the book of Mormon, and I know all of us men can say that Elder Hollands talk was amazing. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was the blessings that will come as we do what our prophet and apostles say. As I was sitting there taking notes during the sessions, something just seemed to catch my attention every time they promised blessings during there talks. And the blessings were specific to and It made me have a motivation to follow there teachings. This general conference was amazing for me and its only getting better. I am so thankful as I know we all are that I had the opportunity to sustain Thomas S. Monson as our prophet, seer, and revalator. I know that he is the prophet on this earth to day and I am so grateful for his sacrifice that he gives to this church. May we all remember what he told us to do for him. simply keep him and the other general authority's in your prayers always!! I hope we all had found blessings that will help not only us but our family and those around us. I thought it was amazing the talks on the book of Mormon. that was really awesome to listen to especially Elder Eyring talk yesterday morning. I cant wait to get the ensign and study it from cover to cover!!!
In closing I would just like to share with you all my testimony. I know that this is the Church of JESUS CHRIST!!! I know that its his church , he stands at the head of it and guides it by his prophets and apostles and church leaders. If there is one things I gain a deeper testimony of it is the blessings of this gospel. I know that happiness comes from as we help others feel of the same joy that we have as we live this gospel. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the father and Jesus Christ in the grove a tress. I know that there is no more important relationship we can have than that with our father in heaven. Like Thomas S. Monson promised us if we better our relationship with him we can recieve inspiration and guidance. Just by simply communicating with our father in heaven isnt that amazing. I love my savior Jesus Christ. I know this is a sacred work that we are doing to bring people closer to him. I pray that I may be the missionary he wants me to be and fufill all that he expects me to do. Just like 3 simple words that stick out to me in a hymn " GO, SAY, BE"!!! may we all go and say and be and help other feel this same happiness as they live this gospel is my testimony in the name of my savior, my redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.
DAD I hope you have a great birthday. I hope you know how much I love and miss you. I hope you have such a great day and know that I pray for you everyday.
" I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end." Moroni 8:3
I love you all so much thank you for all your prayers of support. I hope you all have such a great week and know that I miss you all. LET US ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD!!!
love Elder Bentley!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello everyone!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well and has had a great week!!!! I hope you all know how much I miss you and i pray that everyone is doing great. This week has been just another GREAT WEEK!!! Like I always say. our area is continuing to be blessed, thank you so much for all your prayers, it really does help us in this great work to find those people who are awaiting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am so excited for e general confernece. I cant believe this will be my second one. I know this one will be even better. I pray that we will all go in with a open heart to this general conference and have that desire to learn and grow from our prophets and apostles. I am so excited to see what I learn as a missionary.

Well this week has been an amazing week for me as a missionary. I feel like I have grown spiritually and everything has just been amazing for us. This week we have had awesome lessons with the student that we are teaching. I had an amazing expereince during one of them. At the end of the lesson I had the opportunity to give the closing prayer to our lesson. I felt so close to my heavenly father during this prayer it was as if he was standing right in front of me. I just felt his presence so strongly around me. After I got done saying the prayer the girl we were teaching was crying. Lately thats just how its always been feeling. Its such a hard feeling to describe but I feel like Father in heaven is standing right by me. I love this feeling. So this student is so excited for her baptism!!! I am too not this Friday but next Friday she will be getting baptized. I am so excited for her and that she was willing to make this covenant. She also attend the baptismthat we had this weekend. We had a patism for Bech Garrett that went really well and I know that Bech is going to be a great example to his dad.

Well I gotta get going . I hope you all know how much I love you. Thank you so much. for everything. I hope you all have a great week. I am sorry this email is so short It was hard to find what to say. but I promise I will come prepared next week. I just hope you all know that I am doing great . I love serving my heavenly. And I am so great ful for the blessings he is giving to our area. I love you all so much . MAy we all find that special closeness with our heavenly father and gain that personal relationship with him. I love you all!!

love: Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hey ya all!!!! I hope you all had a great week!!!! What a fantastic week!!!
wouldn't you all agree!!!! I love being a missionary, there is no greater
joy that comes than doing this great and marvelous work. I cant wait to tell
ya all about my week!!! Like I said before I have absolutely loved this
week. I know this week wouldn't have been as great with out your all's
prayer and support that you are giving to me and the many missionaries
around the world. I can truly see the blessings that come as you all pray.
And I want to express my thanks for that it truly is amazing to watch the
lord pour out his blessings upon our area!!! And first things first I want
to wish my Uncle Wes a happy Birthday. Wes I hope you know how much I love
you, you are such a great uncle to me and i look up to you so much!!! I miss
all our fun times golfing. I hope our Cowboys are doing well!!!! Uncle Wes I
love you thank you so much for everything and i miss ya buddy.
Well I gotta say its so weird being in a tri-companionship. This week we
had to get a third member to our companionship because this Elders companion
got his Visa and headed to Africa. Ill sure miss that elder that left we
became the really good friends it was amzing to see him in 4 weeks into the
mission find someone and baptize that person in 4 weeks. It was a cool
experience to be a witness of. But anyways it feels pretty good teaching
lessons we have more back up ha ha. But this will last just till tomorrow.
Anyways, so you know how I was telling you all about the new student
investigator we got last week, we have meet with her twice since last week,
we have meet with her on Sunday then last night then we are teaching her
again tonight. I am so excited for this girl. She is so excited to be
baptized. I feel like it is a blessing from our heavenly father that we are
teaching her. When we meet with her on Sunday we taught her about her plan
of salvation and the lesson went so well!! The whole time we were focusing
on how the plan is centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. During the
lesson I shared my favorite scripture Doctrine and Covenants 19 about the
atonement and it totally made her cry, and she told us how much she loved
that one to. It came near the end of the lesson. I got the opportunity to
bear my testimony of the plan of salvation and then it came time I felt
something urging me to give her the baptismal date so I did. I don't
remember how I tied it in so well, but I just felt like I was guided by the
spirit to know what to say ahead of time it came out just perfect!!! I was
so nervous to hear what she would say. . . There was a short pause I looked
down at the ground and right back up and I heard her say silently like a
whisper YES!!!!!! I was so happy everyone in the room was so excited. It was
amazing. I am so glad I followed the promptings of the spirit. She is going
to be baptized on October 7. We are super duper excited!!!! We have a great
feeling that a couple more people will commit to baptism this week as well.
We are so excited and I felt like this was a great blessing from father in
heaven. I am so grateful for these teaching experience that I get the
opportunity to be apart of on my mission. We were teaching another
investigator-student this week and I asked in the 1st lesson if you were
come to know if the things we teach are true would you follow the example of
your savior Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood
authority of God. And she said YES!!!! Things are just going so well for us.
I hope I can continue to be worhy of all the lords blessing in this area.
And I hope that we will continue to find success as we continue to teach and
spread this gospel and the blessings that come along with it to all these
people in Buena Vista.
So this week had a leadership training meeting in Charleston. I really
enjoyed it. We had two teachers from the MTC come meet with us and they
talked about how much better our mission can do. We did a lot of role
playing such as how to extend baptism commitments, inviting people to
church, and to pray. I hope that I can help Elder Parker learn about all
these things and get him comfortable with extending these commitments. I
absolutely love training by the way!!! Elder Parker is doing such a great
job. I just hope I can be that example to him throughout his mission, and
help him become the missionary he wants to be. Its so awesome. . . I love
being a missionary thats all there is to it:). oh and by the way. . . Elder
Partridge is coming to be my zone leader and we will be living in the same
apartment ha ha I was so excited to hear that !!! Its going to be a
So this week I have been really thinking about what I have wanted to share
with you all, and I have a feeling to share with a story from the bible
about the prodigal son. The story comes from Luke chapter 15, I am pretty
sure that you all are familiar with this story. I hope that this parable
will help you as much as it has helped me. At the beginning of the parable
the father gave all he had to his son. And soon after the son went and spent
it on riotous living, and soon after there arose a famine in the land and
the son began to be in want. He then found a job feeding pigs and yet he
still perished with hunger. He then started realizing I can earn more with
his father. And he got really sorrowful to a point where he needed to repent
to his father. He just simply wanted to go to his father and say. When he
was making his way back into town to go to his father. His father saw him
aways off and had compassion on ran and fell on his neck and kissed him.
" Father I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight,and I am no more
worthy to be called thy son."
I really love that story. I know I made it brief, but I have learned so much
from this story. I love the role of the father in this story. How he had so
much compassion on his son. We can compare that to many things. But what I
got out of it as a missionary means so much to me. I know that Father in
heaven is always there with compassion to our investigators they just got to
have that desire to repent. I think for us as members of this church it
means so much more. how often do we act as the father to those around us.
How can we have that same compassion as we bring others into this gospel. I
know for me its the greatest feeling in the world to welcome my friends back
into the gospel after having wandered and gone through so many hard trials.
I have made it a goal a part of me to show that compassion more towards
others who don't have the gospel. Its so easy to just ignore the person in
front of us at the grocery store or to walk past someone in the mall. But
how often do we take the time to show that compassion by spreading the
gospel. I know for a fact I am not perfect at this but i can sure do better
at showing that compassion to others. and I would invite you to do the same.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers and support not only to me but
to me family we really are thankful for all of you and for your love. I hope
that I can show that same love back to all of you as well. Thank you so
much. Happy Birthday to anyone that I have missed ha ha. I hope you alll
have a great week and know that I am missin you. Cant wait to tell ya all
about next week!!!

love ya:

Elder Bentley- Moroni 8:3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 12, 2011

Hello everyone !!!! I hope everyone is having such a great week!! I miss
you all so much and I am super excited to tell you all about my week.
Well our area is doing absolutely great!!!! We have been sincerely blessed
to start teaching so many people as of late. We are working really hard to
accomplish all of our goals and to help this area as best as we can. We have
2 baptismal dates coming up next week which we are super excited for!! And I
am hoping that we will get to baptize someone else this month and I have a
feeling that we found that someone yesterday. This week we got a member
referral from one of the student wards and we went and taught her yesterday
with 7 members there to help us during the lesson it was amazing. I was so
excited for this lesson all day yesterday, the spirit was so strong when we
entered the room. So we started the lesson just like we normally would and
no one was speaking up ha ha, so we got to the restoration and everyone just
started bearing their testimony, and of the book of Mormon and of prayer it
was absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that she is indeed the one of the
ones we were supposed to find here in Buena Vista. The amazing part is she
already has a testimony of the book of mormon. She told us sometime last
week she was having a hard day. She opened randomly in the book of mormon
and found a scripture immediately that applied directly to her and she knew
that right then the Book was TRUE!!! It was amazing and we are so excited to
teach her again this week!!! We are working so hard and accomplishing all
our goals.
We have been walking alot the past couple of weeks. We thought it would be
safe to just walk alot instead of ride ha ha since they are not our bikes
and we have been finding a lot of success on foot. THis week is going to be
pretty exciting because I get to go up to CHarleston on Wenesday for
Leadership training and I get to see Elder Partridge and Elder Whitehead so
I am pretty excited. I have noticed a word that they say alot around here .
I love Hearing "Well I Reckon" It seems like everyone says that it is so
cool!!! I love it!!! ha ha I guess you could say it tickles me to death. :)
I love the calling of being a trainer. Lately these past couple weeks I have
felt a special closeness to my heavenly father. He has answered my prayers
so much the past weeks and it been amazing once again to be a witness of all
the blessings. I have put alot of faith in my heavenly father to help me in
this calling as a missionary. It hard but its super fun. I have put my
thoughts and have worked as hard as I can to help this area grow. I hope and
I pray that I can be the mssionary that my heavenly father wants me to be. I
am so greatful to be a missionary. I love this calling and I hope to be the
best missionary I can be.
As I think about the importance of Faith. . . I think of a scripture I was
reading this morning from the book of mormon. When Laman and Lemuel tied
Nephi up with Cords. When Nephi was tied up he says 'Lord according to to my
faith which is in thee, wilt thou loose me from the bands. And he did
exactly that. According to Nephi's Faith!! As a missionary I have realized
the importantce of having faith in God. Especially a couple weeks ago when
we got transferred into this area it was going to take alot of faith to
rebuild because the town is so small that almost everyone has heard about
the church. But through faith the Lord is leading us to those people who are
so prepared to hear the gospel. It took alot of faith. I am so greatful for
the power of prayer and how much it is helping me out here in the field.
This really is a growing experience for me and I am loving the relationship
I am gaining with my Father. I wanna challenge all of you to have more faith
in the Lord when you pray. Really apply Moroni 10: 3-5 and really make an
effort to strengthen your relationship with your heavenly father I promise
great blessings will come as they have for me and Elder Parker.
well I dont have to much time today but I hope you all know how much I love
you. Thank you all so much for everything I hope have a great week and you
all are in my prayers. Again thank you so much for everything. And I cant
wait to email you all next Tuesday. I love you all!!!


Elder Bentley - Moroni 8:3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well mom this week I thought Id just type an email to you if that would be
ok. . . telling you how much I love you and how I am doing. Well I hope mom
you know how much I miss you and how much I love you. These past 7 months
haven't been easy without you. At times I wish me and you could just go out
to lunch and have a big Juicy sandwich from paradise Bakery with a large
Dr. Pepper just like the good ole days. I miss you mom so much I think more
than you will ever know. I was reading a talk by President Eyring the other
day from one of the past general conferences and he talked about how prayer
brings us much closer to our families. I am so grateful mom that we have a
heavenly father who is bringing us so much closer together even though I'm
2000 miles away. Anyways in his talk he shared about how hard it was for him
when he left his dad on a street corner in New York. He wanted to turn
around and run back to his dad but he knew he couldn't and while he was away
prayer brought him so much closer to his family. I promise you mom that has
been my life line these past 7 months is prayer honestly without prayer and
without constant blessings from Heavenly Father I am able to perform the
work that he wants me to do. So Guess what mom . . . This week we had a
funny situation where we ran into this guy who completely drunk out of his
mind. I am pretty sure he didn't know what we talked about. But I had the
funnest conversation with him ha ha although he didn't agree with anything I
said I am pretty sure he didn't remember anything it was the funnest. I
don't know what my luck is since I have been out but this is the 3-4th drunk
guy I have ran into ha ha. When we were pulling up on our bikes they were
all sitting outside and asked for our names I said my name is Elder Bentley
the drunk guy was like what!!!! what are you doing riding a stupid thing
like that ha ha it was so funny!!!! But when walked out of there we were
like the bestest friends with them ha ha he tried offering us something to
drink but we said no thanks. ha ha this guy was a nut. Ya we finally got
bikes I am so happy for that, but my legs hurt so bad for a couple days
because of all the hills. We worked so hard this week we have 2 baptisimal
dates for this month on the 24th we are pretty excited for that and
hopefully we can get one of the college students baptized this month. So our
companionship is doing pretty good.
THis week I was reading in Ether 12 and i really love this chapter
especially the part where it talks about in verses 32-37 about how THere is
a place which our savior is preparing for us which is a mansion in the house
of my father. I really love these verses. I have compared it to Enos 1:27.
Mom I would invite you to read it and set it as a goal for our family. .
.when we stand before the savior at that last day I want him to be able to
look us in the eyes and say "come unto me ye blessed there is a place
prepared for you in the mansions of my father. I hope that we can stay
worthy enough for that eternal blessing which is promised time and time
again through out the scriptures.
Mom I hope you know how much I love you!!! I love you to the moon and back.
You are my best friend. It will always be me and you. I promise that. Mom I
miss singing country music to ya. I remember you would get so mad every time
we had it on country music. . . Ha ha. Mom I love you so so so much I hope
you have the greatest week, Let everyone know that I am doing great!!! I
miss them all so much. please mom know that I love you and am always praying
for you and our family I love you mom. Please tell Aunt Marianne and Ticky
that I love em so much and I miss them. I hope mom that I am making you
happy and setting a good example for those around me . May our family be
FOREVER STRONG!!! and know that I love you so much!!!!!

love elder Bentley - Moroni 8:3 I love you mom!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello everyone!!!!! I hope everyone has had a great week because I sure have. . This week has been a big big testimony builder for me personally. We are already starting to see miracles occur in this area.
This week has been a pretty amazing week. We have been so blessed to be able to start teaching some people. Every single lesson we had this week, The spirit was present. We are receiving so so many referrals from the members in this Buena Vista Ward. We started teaching 4 new investigators this week!!!! And this week we loaned out 10 copies of the book of Mormon. Ha a funny story to share with ya all this week. Elder Parker and I were going around knocking on doors. We got to this one purple house and all these Mexicans were sitting on the porch. I got so excited because maybe if they allowed us to come back we would be able to teach in Spanish!!! So we get to the porch they all said they wanted us to come back!!! And for us next time to bring a "EL Libro De Moromon". Im so excited it makes me feel like I am in Arizona again ha ha!!! And this week we are planning on getting several new investigators!!! And we found out that this kids mom wants him to get baptized within the next month!!! We had a couple of the less actives that haven't been to church in a while come to church yesterday that was great to see. It just seems like everything is working out. We can really feel the Holy Ghost in every lesson we teach. Elder Parker is going to be such a great Elder. He is teaching me so much it almost feels like I'm getting trained again. He came so so prepared for his mission I know he is going to do great. I am so grateful I have this opportunity to train a new missionary. Its not an easy job. But it helped me realize how much my Heavenly father is there for me . He is there to help me in these tough times. I am so grateful for him and the blessings he is giving to this area.
Well this week we got to working on the bikes that were broken outside our apartment and we got one of them fixed, how we did it I dont know. But I guess we will do anything it takes to not buy a bike. I will buy duck tape to hold a tire on If I really need to . But we almost got the other one fixed just need to fix the chain and tire and we are going to be riding!!! Im kinda sacred to ride a bike here because its nothing like arizona where its all flat. The roads are like hills GIANT hills like I almost just want to stick with walking ha ha. But ya so thats been fun getting those fixed. This week we had to help a member move 1000+ pound marble table from India she got the SVU coaching staff to help us and 2 other Elders. That thing was HEAVY IT took more time getting it out of the wooden crate that I have only seen in movies with ropes around it, than it did moving it inside. ha ha . But it was so fun. We have been assigned to 2 student wards haha . We went to our first student ward yesterday it is pretty cool.
I had some really faith building experience this week. We went to visit a less- active that was all the way across town. like near the end of our area and we had to walk there ha ha. But we got there we had an amazing visit with them we got to know them. We talked about the sacrament which is one of my favorite subjects to talk about with people. And they said that really want to come back to church. As we were visiting with this couple the husband told us about all the serious illness he was having. I then felt the urge to ask would you like a blessing and paused and said you know Id love that. so we proceed with the blessing. After I got done giving the blessing the guy was just in tears. . . He expressed deep gratitude for us. I love that part of being a missionary. Being able to give a blessing by the spirit. The spirit was just so strong in the room that day. I am so indeed grateful for the priesthood which I hold that really does bless these peoples lives. This week I just want to leave with you my testimony that I know for a surety that this gospel is true. It really does bring these people closer to their savior. Its been a blessing to watch the happiness , joy , love as these people center their lives around their savior. I know that the savior lives. I'm doing my very best to be his personal Representative in this great work. I know that god loves you and is watching over you and your family everyday. I know he is I know he is there and I know he is listening. In closing President Hinckley once made this statement in General conference and I would like to echo him on his words on the savior. . " Through giving His life in pain and unspeakable suffering, he has reached down to lift me. . Jesus is my friend, my exemplar, my savior, my king." I love you all so much thank you for your prayers of support. It truly is helping me in this work. I love you all so much. I hope you all will be able to be a witness of all the blessings that heavenly father blesses us with everyday!!! This is my testimony in the name of my my Friend, my exemplar, my savior, my king. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Happy birthday pa pa I love you!!!
I love you tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Moroni 8:3) love - Elder Bentley

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Wow what a week!!!! I can tell its going to be an amazing experience in
Buena and that Im going to learn alot from this new missionary. Im pretty
excited to be put into this calling as a missionary and I hope that I can
fuffill this responsibilty as a missionary. So my new companion is Elder
Parker. he is from Layton Utah and is taller than me. I always like being
the tall one ha ha.
Buena Vista is the smallest area in the mission. Lets see so Wenesday we
got to Buena Vista at like 8 o clock that night and Traffic was horrible
getting here!!!! we got stuck in traffic for like an hour and half and we
stay with the Zone Leaders and one of them was my district leader in the
Huntington Zone so im pretty excited with that. We stay with 4 missionaries
in 1 apartment which is rough because we only have 1 bathroom. Ha ha then
Thursday we then found out that the bikes dont work , so lately we have
been walking everywhere. We have been trying to talk to people and find
people and out of the 39 people we have talked to so far this week we have
found 1 person to teach. The area book hasnt been updated in forever so we
are going to try to fix that and hopefully rebuild this area into something
special. We meet with the 1st counceler in our bishopric and went over all
the less actives and part member famlies and from what it looks like that
will be our main focus here in Buena Vista. So I hope we can do our best
with that. The ward here is so huge!!!! Its such a small area with lots a
members and college students! We stay close to SVU we dont cover a college
ward yet . . but soon we will . We acctually dont even step foot on the
college campus during the week because its not part of our area. The members
are pretty nice here and I can already tell its going to be a blast!!! its
like a small Utah. ha ha . Lately have been loving the book of mormon and
and Im really enjoying this new calling as a trainer. This new program is
made to help the area and those we serve so Im excited for that. I really
hope that I can be a great example to Elder Parker and help him become the
missionary he wants to be.
Although I really really miss my last area and all the blessings I
experienced I know that there is more that await me here in Buena VIsta. I
promise to do my best in this area and to leave it better than I found it.
Well I dont have to much time today. I hope everyone has a great fantastic
week and knows that I love them. I am so greatful I have family and friends
that support me in this great work I love you all so much . I couldnt ask
for a better family!!!!! Please everyone be safe. I love ya all. Happy
Birthday Coda dallas uncle Craig, and Jordan and papa and Uncle Wes. I love
you all so much have a great day and I miss ya.

love Elder Bentley:

Moroni 8:3

well this is my adress to my new area:
Elder Chaz Allen Bentley
270 W. 30th St. Apt. F3
Buena Vista, Virginia 24416

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 8, 2011

Well, hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great week and is doing well.
This week has been a pretty good week for me.
I have learned alot from this area these past 6 months from the member, the
people I have been able to teach, and those people who I have meet for 5
mintues on the street, from my companions, and from those people I have been
able to bring to the gospel. Its such an amazing experience to bring the
gospel into somebodys home and to help them build a foundation on Jesus
Christ. I have learned so much from the members, probably one of the most
important things they have taught me is love. I would have never gussed that
I would travel 2000 miles to meet such great members and to have them become
my bestest friends. I am really going to miss this branch and all the great
experiences I have had with each of them. I have realized just how
imoportant the members are in this great and marvelous work. I have learned
how important I can honestly say I got spoiled as a missionary to have
this be my first area. And I am so greatful heavenly father has blessed me
with so much to serve in this area. It been so awesome to be able to be a
witness aof blessings. I have been a witness of 3 baptisms that were all
very spiritual and Im so greatful I had the chance to be apart of them. I
have been blessed to be able to teach so many people and to bring the gospel
into their homes. Thats something I have realized the importance of even if
I dont get to see them get baptized at least I get to watch the happiness
that comes from them living this gospel. Its been awesome to be able to talk
to so many people just for 5 minuets and to plant a seed who knows maybe
someday they will pick up that card and call the number on the back. I know
that heavenly father puts people in our path to plant a seed. I have also
been blessed to serve with two such wonderful companions in this great work.
I hope they know how greatful I am for them they have taught me so much and
I hope I cna continue to learn and grow from all my companions. I have
really been blesssed to serve in this great area. Im going to miss em all so
much. Its going to be so hard to leave. . .
Well tomorrow is transfers. I get a brand new companion straight from the
MTC. Im going to area in Virginia called Buena Vista. I hope that I can
succed well at my new callling. I hope that I can be a great example to this
new missionary and to help him succed his goals. I know that blessings await
us in our new area and I hope I can seek those blessings out when go there.
I remeber near the begging of my mission I offered a prayer to my heavenly
father and told him that I would serve in every area with all I have . i
promised before I came that I would do my best these 24 months and devote
all my time to him. I am so greatful for that my heavenly father has blessed
me with. I love this church and the happiness that come from other people
building thier lives around this gospel. I am so greatful for ll that I have
and I will really really misss this area.
I love you all so much !!!! have a great week. And I pray that all of your
blessings and needs may be meet. Thank you so much for everything and
supporting I cant wait till next week to tell you all how its going. I miss
ya lots.

love : Elder Bentley (moroni8:3)

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone has a great fantastic week!!! This week
has been really a spiritual upliting experience for me. I honestly dont even
know where to begin this email. I got so much to say!!!
I guess I'll start out by telling you all how my interview with president
Pitt went. I had a really great time being able to sit one on one with my
new mission president. He asked me alot about my family and he was very
proud with my president letters. He said almost all the missionaries have
gotten down to writing a paragraph but he was pleased that I take the time
to write front and back every week about the area. But the wierdest part was
when he was interviewing Elder Whithead he asked him- Elder Whitehead do you
think Elder Bentley is ready to train a new missionary and elder Whitehead
said yes . And President said alright well Ill think about and I still got
to pray about it. So this morning we are getting ready for the day and
Pesident Pitt calls - I answered he said Elder Bentley- I want you to know
that your heavenly father is very very pleased with you and he loves you so
much and he is so proud of the goals that you have set. I want to extend to
you a calling to be a trainer. The First Presidency just barely starting
this next transfer is putting out a new training program to help move the
work forward faster and to accelarate the training process. So elder bentley
will you accept the call to be a trainer. I said YES !!!! and he said he
will train this coming transfer . THe lord loves you and heavenly father is
very pleased that you accepted this call. A trainer is one who trains a new
missionary who just came out of the MTC. AHHAAA Im so nervous!!!! I hope I
can be a great example to this new missionary. And help him be a great
missionary. I never thought I would be doing this at 6 months and to be the
missionary to do this. My mission president said that the first presidency
is looking for the most elite missionaries to train. That just added even
more pressure . I hope I can do this and I really hope I can work hard with
this new missionary coming in to find blessings that await us. I hope I can
fufill this calling to my best ability and please my heavenly father.
Then another great experience I had was yesterday. After we got done with
church and visting people. We went with the Brays the senior couple who is
serving in our branch to visit this lady named Anita that we are teaching.
We go to visit and I just knew right off the bat that this was going to be
an awesome lesson. So Elder Bray goes over Luke chapter 15 with her to
answer all her questions thats the parable of the lost sheep, coin, and
prodigal son. As a missionary I never really knew how much doctrine and how
well it applys to people since yesterday. I have realized the importance on
how it can help those around me with thier needs . And just in all it was
such a great lesson that Elder Bray gave. As we were finishing Elder Bray
asked who would you like to give the prayer she chose me and said I want
Elder Bentley to say it. Elder Bentley is amazing and he has such a strong
sprit with him always I said the prayer. . Almost everyone was in tears as I
finished then he asked her to pray for a baptisimal date and she did and it
was just the most wonderful lesson. The spirit was just so strong I wish you
all could have been there to witness this lesson. The feeling I felt was
just amazing. Its so amazing with how much the spirit testifies even to
things that we already know. Elder whitehead and I didnt say one word during
the lesson. No words were needed because Elder and Sister Bray took care of
it all. I wish i do you could be in on some of these lesssons to witness the
spirit. ITS amazing. It times like these I really cherish throughout my
mission. I wouldnt give up these opportunity for the world. I am so greatful
to know that heavenly father is indeed blessing our companionship. So Anita
said the other day before this experience that the First time I came and
when she saw me walking up to her door she said that she saw a light around
my head and she said that she saw that just this last time I went and visted
her. She then told me that this light she saw was from God. Its so amazing
to hear people tell us how they feel the Lords presence from the lord when
their around us. I just know that heavenly father is blessing me beyond
measure with such amazing experiences.
Well this week I got the chance to finish in Alam and start reading in
Helaman. Recentley I just read Helaman chapter 5 and this is such a great
chapter about Nephi and Lehi. When they went out agianst the Nephites and
the Lamanites to teach them because they were falling into wickedness and
they went from city to city doing this and they came tot his one city called
Nephi and they were cast into the same prison that ammon and his brethern
were cast into when they were in prison by the Lamenites. As soon as they
got cast in the suffered a couple days without food and water. Immediatly
Nephi and Lehi had a pillar of fire completely around them and no even dared
to look at them or lay their hands on them because they were afraid to be
burned.As the light was around Nephi and Lehi they heard a voice from heaven
telling them to Repent. It was not a harsh or a loud voice but they said it
was a "still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper and it
pierced their very soul" THis voice came a couple of times and it shooked
the earth . But there was one man amoung them all who saw Nephi and Lehi in
this pillar of light and everyone asked how can you see these men when the
light is so bright and he said Repent and the cloud of darkness which was
over there heads disappeared and they all saw Nephi and Lehi and the voice
came again and I absolutely love this verse
"Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my well beloved, who was
from the the foundation of the world."
And immediately then after they repented and cried unto god angels appeared
and ministered unto them and they all went and shared this with their
friends. And there was so many lamenites that were converted to the truth.
Often times I think of us like this story we are so lucky to be the ones
surrounded by the light or the gospel. And heavenly father needs us to work
through his spirit to help those people that are awaiting us each
individually. THis doesnt just apply to me as a missionary it applies to
everyone. We need to be the ones to spread this gospel to our neighbors and
everyone around us and help them come into the light. I would challenge each
of you to go out and find someone who needs our light and needs this gospel
in their lives and make sure that they are surrounded by it . Because I know
its because of this gospel we find true happiness. I know that we can all
even I can do better at letting other find that light with us. I have grown
a deep love for this scripture and for the gospel. Its amazing to watch the
blessings that come from this gospel and helping others see that same light
that we see as we live the gospel in our own families. Every needs it and I
know its true.
Well transfers are next week so my next email will be on Tuesday. We find
out on Saturday if one of us is getting transfered. I really hope I get the
opportunity to stay. I have been so blessed to serve with such wonderful
members of this chuch. I am deeply great for the friendship I have formed
with these members THey have become like family and it will be really hard
to leave this place. I hope they all know in this LOgan Branch how thankful
I am for them with how much they have helped and my family. I am greatful
for all they sacrafice just to spend time with us missionaries. I will never
forget this place and I ll miss everyone here especially those people I have
taught and witnessed being baptized. Its been an amazing experience to watch
the Lords blessings in this branch.
I hope my family and friends know how much I love them. THank you so much
for helping me in this work. Thank you for your support and prayers and I
promise your prayers are helping those in this Logan area. I love you all. I
hope you have a great week and I miss ya.

-Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone has had a great week!!! This week has
been amazing for us here in Logan. We have been so blessed this week. I know
that through this work that my family will be able to recieve blessings as
So like I said this week we were so blessed to have Alex Dalton be
baptized. I am so happy that I was able to witness this amazing experience
in his life. I have really enjoyed being able to teach him and watching him
gain a personal testimony of this gospel. It been such an amazing experience
to watch. To watch alex gain that friendship with his savior has been
amazing. I know that he will be a great missionary to his family and I know
that his family will follow his example and someday will be baptized!!!! So
the baptism went amazing. I got the chance to talk about the Holy Gohst and
express my gratitude towards Alex's . But before the baptism I asked his mom
if she would like to say anything. She stood up and gave the most heartfelt
gratitude prayer. It was so amazing to watch!!! The spirit was so strong
during his baptism. His mom came to church the whole time yesterday to see
his baptism. It was so awesome. She told us after the baptism" I am so happy
to be alive to witness this day for my son." 6 months ago I never thought
Alex would accept this gospel now he finially did. I know that the gospel
can change lives for the better. I am a witness of the happiness it can
bring into our lives. I know that this gospel is true. There is no better
happiness than this.
This weekend we had alot of fun with our branch. We celbrated pioneer day
on Saturday. And the food was so good!! :) But we played Tug o War and Elder
Whitehead and I got to be the captins and My team one ( ha ha we had the
down hill slope thats why ha ha) That was fun we had a bubble gum blowing
contest waterballoon tossing and so much more. :) But that wasnt the best
part. The best part was to see 5 investigators at this party. One of them
being Anita. She came and she toured the church. I am so glad she came
though and saw the church . But at least thats one step forward:) We were
also able to see 2 new people. For the past 3 months they have studied our
church online and they came to the party. For 2 people to go out of their
way just to find our church is amazing I cant wait to start teaching them I
know it will be amazing. They had such an amazing glow about them . It ws so
As you can see we have been blessed beyond measure here in Logan. I know
that this wouldnt be possible without the help of our heavenly father. He is
blessing with so much. I am so greatful for these blessings he is giving me.
I am so greatful to experiene the happiness that comes from this work. I
know every area may not be as succesful as this area. But I hope that i can
get every area to be just as great. I hope I can be a blessing for each ward
I serve in. I am so lucky for what I have and what Im experiencing as a
So this week I have been reading in Alma still. Im almost done :) I have
been really enjoying reading about all these war stories. I have learned
alot from Moroni and how he rebuilds the weakest part of the cities into
something so great. And when the Lamenites come they were so astonished that
these weak cities they couldnt even get past . I have been thinking alot
about this lately and this can compare alot to us. Often times we have weak
cities which heavenly father (moroni) encourages us to rebuild and
strengthen and fortify against the Lamenites (Satan). I know that can apply
alot to me. I know I have some weak cities that I really neeed to
strengthen. I know it may be hard to rebuild these cities. But if we just
simply do it and obey our heavenly father he will indeed bless us agaisnt
the Lamenites.
This week I didnt get the chance to meet with my mission president but this
wenesday he is coming down. He had to change his plans for something. I am
really excited to see what he says:)
I also want to wish my mom a Happy birthday I hope she knows how much I
love and miss her. She is the greatest mom in the world. I am so greatful
for all that you do for me as a missionary. I love reading your
emails everyweek. I love you mom so much. have a great week and ill write
you soon alright :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I am so greatful that the lord is blessing me with so much. I am so greatful
for my family and I hope they all know how much I love them. I love this
gospel so much. I love sharing with people that I am member of the church of
Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I love the blessings that come from this
gospel everyday. Thank you all so much for your support that you give to me
. I hope you all have an excellent week. May you all be safe and be safe and
know how much I love and miss you all.
8:3) -Elder Bentley

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Wow what another fantastic week!!! I hope everyone had a great week!! I am
so EXCITED to tell you all about my week.
I dont think life could be any better!!! I love being able to loose myself
in the work everyday!!! Its the best. I know this is what I worked for is to
be a missionary!
So first I want to share an awesome experience I had not this Sunday but
last. It has to do with the priesthood. The Priesthood is such a special
gift. Its a gift given to me and the millions of men around the world to act
in gods name. As I have been on my mission I have come to realize how
important it is to live worthy of the priesthood. I had an amazing
experience with it this past Sunday. We went to visit the Bigleys and Sister
Thomas that Sunday. Sister Thomas's leg really started hurting. So we
offered to give her a blessing she accepted. I was the one to give her the
blessing. It was hurting her so bad. Elder Whithead set apart the oil and I
sealed it and was able to give the blessing. As I ended the blessings she
turned to me five with tears in her eyes and said Elder Bentley it doesnt
hurt anymore. Her and sister Bigley were in tears. This experience has been
on my mind all week. I am greatful my heavenly father has entrusted me a 19
year old with such a special gift. I am so indeed greatful for the power of
the priesthood. Yesterday I was reading in the conference ensign from 2007
priesthood session and I came across a talk by President Thomas S. Monson
called " The Priesthood- a sacraed gift" And I really loved what he asked us
as priesthood holders

"from youngest to the oldest, are you living with your lifes accordances
with what the Lord requires? Are you worthy to bear the priesthood of God?
If you are not, make the decision here and now, muster the courage it will
take, and insitute whatever changes necessary so that your life is what it
should be. TO sail safely the seas of mortality, we need the guidance of
that eternal mairner- even the great Jehovah. If we are not on the lords
errand we are entitled to the lords help."

I love that part of the talk it really helped me realize how important the
priesthood we hold is. I want all my cousins friends and especially my 2
younger brothers and dad to know. That the priesthood is so special. Do
whatever possible to make sure we are living in harmony with our
priesthood!!! Remember " the limit comes in you if you do not live in
harmony with the spirit of the lordand you limit yourselves in the power you
exert." I know that the priesthood can bless peoples lives. Im a witness of
Lately as you all know I have been reading in the book of mormon I am
halfway through Alma!!!! Its the best. Its so cool hearing about Alam and
Ammon and his brethern missionary experiences. Its so awesome to think of
how many Lamanite lives they changed just by relying on the lord. I love the
joy that ammon after their mission. I hope I can have that much joy when I
get back . But a verse I found to help me alot as a missionary comes from
Alma chapter 27-29.
"now when our hearts were depressed , and we were about to turn back, behold
the lord comforted us , and said:Go against thy bretheren the Lamanites, and
bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you succes. "
"And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been
patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we
have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not
upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God."
"And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught
them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we
have also entered into their temples and their synagogues and taught them;
and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our
cheeks; and we have been stoned, and taken and bound with strong cords, and
cast into prison; and through the power and wisdom of God we have been
delivered again."
I think this is such an awesome verse and applys to everything to what I am
doing this day. We have a baptisim coming up this nest Sunday we are supper
excited for Alex Dalton. I am so glad he has made this special commitment. I
know that his family will soon follow. I am so happy because Elder Partridge
and I are the ones who started teaching him!!!! And now he is finally
getting baptized!!! All of our investigators are doing great. I love Crystal
and her family and Im so glad I baptized them. I am so happy that the work
is going so well here in Logan. I love it here!!!!
Tomorrow I have to meet with the new mission president, which I a m super
nervous for because of what he told me at meet the president. Yesterday was
probably one the best sundays I have ever had. It was so spiritual I really
enjoyed i wish you all could have been there. I am so blessed to have had
such great companions I hope that Heavenly Father will continue to bless me
with such great companions. We have a bit ofa struggle at saying our
companionship prayers in the morning . Ireally need to step up and help our
compionship with that.
Well Thank you all so much for all you do!!! i love ya all. thank you so
much for hwlping me in this work. I hope everyones families are doing well.
And I hope that these emails will help you all individually as much as it
has helped me. Have a fantstic week. And I look forward to another great

Bentley (moroni 8:3)