Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 8, 2011

Well, hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great week and is doing well.
This week has been a pretty good week for me.
I have learned alot from this area these past 6 months from the member, the
people I have been able to teach, and those people who I have meet for 5
mintues on the street, from my companions, and from those people I have been
able to bring to the gospel. Its such an amazing experience to bring the
gospel into somebodys home and to help them build a foundation on Jesus
Christ. I have learned so much from the members, probably one of the most
important things they have taught me is love. I would have never gussed that
I would travel 2000 miles to meet such great members and to have them become
my bestest friends. I am really going to miss this branch and all the great
experiences I have had with each of them. I have realized just how
imoportant the members are in this great and marvelous work. I have learned
how important I can honestly say I got spoiled as a missionary to have
this be my first area. And I am so greatful heavenly father has blessed me
with so much to serve in this area. It been so awesome to be able to be a
witness aof blessings. I have been a witness of 3 baptisms that were all
very spiritual and Im so greatful I had the chance to be apart of them. I
have been blessed to be able to teach so many people and to bring the gospel
into their homes. Thats something I have realized the importance of even if
I dont get to see them get baptized at least I get to watch the happiness
that comes from them living this gospel. Its been awesome to be able to talk
to so many people just for 5 minuets and to plant a seed who knows maybe
someday they will pick up that card and call the number on the back. I know
that heavenly father puts people in our path to plant a seed. I have also
been blessed to serve with two such wonderful companions in this great work.
I hope they know how greatful I am for them they have taught me so much and
I hope I cna continue to learn and grow from all my companions. I have
really been blesssed to serve in this great area. Im going to miss em all so
much. Its going to be so hard to leave. . .
Well tomorrow is transfers. I get a brand new companion straight from the
MTC. Im going to area in Virginia called Buena Vista. I hope that I can
succed well at my new callling. I hope that I can be a great example to this
new missionary and to help him succed his goals. I know that blessings await
us in our new area and I hope I can seek those blessings out when go there.
I remeber near the begging of my mission I offered a prayer to my heavenly
father and told him that I would serve in every area with all I have . i
promised before I came that I would do my best these 24 months and devote
all my time to him. I am so greatful for that my heavenly father has blessed
me with. I love this church and the happiness that come from other people
building thier lives around this gospel. I am so greatful for ll that I have
and I will really really misss this area.
I love you all so much !!!! have a great week. And I pray that all of your
blessings and needs may be meet. Thank you so much for everything and
supporting I cant wait till next week to tell you all how its going. I miss
ya lots.

love : Elder Bentley (moroni8:3)

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