Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone has a great fantastic week!!! This week
has been really a spiritual upliting experience for me. I honestly dont even
know where to begin this email. I got so much to say!!!
I guess I'll start out by telling you all how my interview with president
Pitt went. I had a really great time being able to sit one on one with my
new mission president. He asked me alot about my family and he was very
proud with my president letters. He said almost all the missionaries have
gotten down to writing a paragraph but he was pleased that I take the time
to write front and back every week about the area. But the wierdest part was
when he was interviewing Elder Whithead he asked him- Elder Whitehead do you
think Elder Bentley is ready to train a new missionary and elder Whitehead
said yes . And President said alright well Ill think about and I still got
to pray about it. So this morning we are getting ready for the day and
Pesident Pitt calls - I answered he said Elder Bentley- I want you to know
that your heavenly father is very very pleased with you and he loves you so
much and he is so proud of the goals that you have set. I want to extend to
you a calling to be a trainer. The First Presidency just barely starting
this next transfer is putting out a new training program to help move the
work forward faster and to accelarate the training process. So elder bentley
will you accept the call to be a trainer. I said YES !!!! and he said he
will train this coming transfer . THe lord loves you and heavenly father is
very pleased that you accepted this call. A trainer is one who trains a new
missionary who just came out of the MTC. AHHAAA Im so nervous!!!! I hope I
can be a great example to this new missionary. And help him be a great
missionary. I never thought I would be doing this at 6 months and to be the
missionary to do this. My mission president said that the first presidency
is looking for the most elite missionaries to train. That just added even
more pressure . I hope I can do this and I really hope I can work hard with
this new missionary coming in to find blessings that await us. I hope I can
fufill this calling to my best ability and please my heavenly father.
Then another great experience I had was yesterday. After we got done with
church and visting people. We went with the Brays the senior couple who is
serving in our branch to visit this lady named Anita that we are teaching.
We go to visit and I just knew right off the bat that this was going to be
an awesome lesson. So Elder Bray goes over Luke chapter 15 with her to
answer all her questions thats the parable of the lost sheep, coin, and
prodigal son. As a missionary I never really knew how much doctrine and how
well it applys to people since yesterday. I have realized the importance on
how it can help those around me with thier needs . And just in all it was
such a great lesson that Elder Bray gave. As we were finishing Elder Bray
asked who would you like to give the prayer she chose me and said I want
Elder Bentley to say it. Elder Bentley is amazing and he has such a strong
sprit with him always I said the prayer. . Almost everyone was in tears as I
finished then he asked her to pray for a baptisimal date and she did and it
was just the most wonderful lesson. The spirit was just so strong I wish you
all could have been there to witness this lesson. The feeling I felt was
just amazing. Its so amazing with how much the spirit testifies even to
things that we already know. Elder whitehead and I didnt say one word during
the lesson. No words were needed because Elder and Sister Bray took care of
it all. I wish i do you could be in on some of these lesssons to witness the
spirit. ITS amazing. It times like these I really cherish throughout my
mission. I wouldnt give up these opportunity for the world. I am so greatful
to know that heavenly father is indeed blessing our companionship. So Anita
said the other day before this experience that the First time I came and
when she saw me walking up to her door she said that she saw a light around
my head and she said that she saw that just this last time I went and visted
her. She then told me that this light she saw was from God. Its so amazing
to hear people tell us how they feel the Lords presence from the lord when
their around us. I just know that heavenly father is blessing me beyond
measure with such amazing experiences.
Well this week I got the chance to finish in Alam and start reading in
Helaman. Recentley I just read Helaman chapter 5 and this is such a great
chapter about Nephi and Lehi. When they went out agianst the Nephites and
the Lamanites to teach them because they were falling into wickedness and
they went from city to city doing this and they came tot his one city called
Nephi and they were cast into the same prison that ammon and his brethern
were cast into when they were in prison by the Lamenites. As soon as they
got cast in the suffered a couple days without food and water. Immediatly
Nephi and Lehi had a pillar of fire completely around them and no even dared
to look at them or lay their hands on them because they were afraid to be
burned.As the light was around Nephi and Lehi they heard a voice from heaven
telling them to Repent. It was not a harsh or a loud voice but they said it
was a "still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper and it
pierced their very soul" THis voice came a couple of times and it shooked
the earth . But there was one man amoung them all who saw Nephi and Lehi in
this pillar of light and everyone asked how can you see these men when the
light is so bright and he said Repent and the cloud of darkness which was
over there heads disappeared and they all saw Nephi and Lehi and the voice
came again and I absolutely love this verse
"Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my well beloved, who was
from the the foundation of the world."
And immediately then after they repented and cried unto god angels appeared
and ministered unto them and they all went and shared this with their
friends. And there was so many lamenites that were converted to the truth.
Often times I think of us like this story we are so lucky to be the ones
surrounded by the light or the gospel. And heavenly father needs us to work
through his spirit to help those people that are awaiting us each
individually. THis doesnt just apply to me as a missionary it applies to
everyone. We need to be the ones to spread this gospel to our neighbors and
everyone around us and help them come into the light. I would challenge each
of you to go out and find someone who needs our light and needs this gospel
in their lives and make sure that they are surrounded by it . Because I know
its because of this gospel we find true happiness. I know that we can all
even I can do better at letting other find that light with us. I have grown
a deep love for this scripture and for the gospel. Its amazing to watch the
blessings that come from this gospel and helping others see that same light
that we see as we live the gospel in our own families. Every needs it and I
know its true.
Well transfers are next week so my next email will be on Tuesday. We find
out on Saturday if one of us is getting transfered. I really hope I get the
opportunity to stay. I have been so blessed to serve with such wonderful
members of this chuch. I am deeply great for the friendship I have formed
with these members THey have become like family and it will be really hard
to leave this place. I hope they all know in this LOgan Branch how thankful
I am for them with how much they have helped and my family. I am greatful
for all they sacrafice just to spend time with us missionaries. I will never
forget this place and I ll miss everyone here especially those people I have
taught and witnessed being baptized. Its been an amazing experience to watch
the Lords blessings in this branch.
I hope my family and friends know how much I love them. THank you so much
for helping me in this work. Thank you for your support and prayers and I
promise your prayers are helping those in this Logan area. I love you all. I
hope you have a great week and I miss ya.

-Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)

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