Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Howdy you all. Can i tell  ya its just so awesome to be able to tell you everything about what happens out here, I love my family and friends so much and i hope you all know how grateful i am for you. I hope you all have had such a great week and please tell your wonderful families that i said HI!!!!
 This week me and my companion had such a wonderful baptism this week, and are lookin forward to the  one this week. :) !!!! THINGS ARE JUST PEACHY!!! But we were able to baptize a wonderful sister named ursula reed. she is going to be awesome in the church. :) . Its just been such a blessing to watch the spirit convert so many people to this wonderful gospel. I truely do love this work and wish i could have this calling for a lifetime. Like always the spirit was just so amazing and i am great to be a helping hand with God in these peoples conversions.  We are really excited for our baptism this week!!! We have a couple lessons to teach by the end of this week. in order for her to be baptized, but she is just so ready!!!! and Excited she told us yesterday, elders we have to do all we can to get me baptized this week. So we are on for this week. 2 baptisms 2 weeks in a row. What a wonderful blessing from our father in heaven to these two wonderful sisters , its just fun to sit back and watch I love it. I cant wait to get home to rear my family in missionary work, and have my family bring people into this wonderful gospel. I love devoting my life to this its a blessing to my life so much i love it.
 Well if there is one thing i am learning the most on my mission , its the importance of being obedient. Obedience is not just giving a little bit here and a little bit there, but its important to be obedient in everything, all we are required to do, is to be clean physicaly and spiritually , make our covenants and keep them, and live the gospel daily. I was reading a talk this morning about the importance of not just going through the motions , but bein coverted to the gospel. Friends and family we have to be obedient in everything we do , we may slip butt that is what the gospel of Jesus CHrist is there for. We Need to be obedient in all things, i am still learning that lesson. BUt just remember to be obedient to the simple things, and the hard things will be easier obey. I promise that and i know its true.
 I just wanna send a happy birthday shout out to my brother cade and tell him I love him and how greatful i am for you my man, have such a great week, and i ll try to get a letter to ya soon, i love you bud and remember i love ya.
I love you all so much, sorry i didnt have much time today but i promise to be better next week but have a great week and know that 1 of the 56,000 missionaries loves you all so much, I love ya!!!
-love elder bentley
moroni 8:3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 14, 2012

Howdy ya all. I hope you are all doin so great. I seriously have the best family and friends in the world. Thank you for bein such a blessing to me and I express my gratidue for your many prayers not only in my behalf but for all the missionaries around the world and this great work. Thank you thank you thank you, we need them every minute of everyday and you dont know how much your simple prayers are effecting the lives of so many people. I love you and appreciate you and i hope your week was just so wonderful.
 Well I had a great phone call home, I love my family and friends so much. It was so great hearing their voice. I have come to learn just how important my family is, I enjoy having a simple phone call with them and that phone call just means the world to me it makes my day. No one can beat my family. I thank father in heaven for my family that i can live forever with. 
So today i just wanna take the time to bear a simple testimony today. . .
I love the gospel of jesus christ. Its so amazing to know as i exercise the gospel daily i can become a stronger person , and its easier to overcome sin. I know without the gospel my life  would be a scattered mess, it would honestly be harder and  i am just so greatful to have the gospel that fills every hole and gap in my life, what a sincere blessing to have everything we need that is given to us. As you all know i love my savior, he is my friend, and my redeemer and i am greatful to testify that He lives and that he appeared to a young boy joseph smith. I know that he stands at the head of our church. I am greatful to be his personal represenative in word and in deed. I know alot of times i fall short and make simple mistakes, but I know that ican become like my savior and be as he is. Its something I am working on is bein a better representive of him in all i do and say. I love my family so much. I know this church is true and I pray tthat we will all contiue to establish our homes on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 I love youall so much plese have a great week and  i promiese next week i will have more to say, but i hope this short testimony can help your week in some way. I love youall !!!!
-love elder bentley
-moroni 8 :3

p.s its such a privledge to be 1 outta the 56,000+ missionaries

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

Whats up you all. This week has been just such a great week for us here in
the "BURG". I love It here!!! But I sure do hope you all know how much i
love you , I wish i could call each one of you and tell you personally how
greatful I am for you and the examples you are to me. I hope you have
had such a great week!!!!
I first wanna just do a couple of  shout outs to my brothers Coda and
Cade, Coda  congrats on your eagle project, I remember just how happy
i was when i got mine and just how hard and i worked to achieve it. I
know you probably feel the same way, I know you worked hard over the
past couple of years to achieve it i am proud of ya. Remember how
important it is to work hard and to go above and beyond what you need
to do, that is going to apply in your mission you can either give it
your fullest effort or only part of it, Just remember to go above and
beyond what your expected to do. I love ya bro i am happy for you i
wish i could be there to help. I hope you have a great week!!!
Cade good job on your arrow of light buddy. I know you just like your
brother worked very hard. I hope you know how much I love you cade and
i wish i could have been there to see you get your reward. I love you
my little man.
And for all those that had a birthday, HaPPY BIrthday :) Chase I am so
greatful for you and the wonderful cousin you are and the example you
sset for me to go on a mission thank you chase. I hope your graduation
went well, nowyour off to BYU as i hear congrats on that, i hope you
do well. I cant wait for you to teach me about school when i get home,
haha because i forgot everything the only thing i know how to do is
add up numbers every sunday , you know what i mean :). But I hope you
had a great birthday, i sure do love ya and am greatful your a
blessing to our family. So keep it up. and stay in touch will ya.
And Happy birthday to Sister Stowers, And sister Bigley back in Logan,
I sure do love yaa , and i really hope I get to serve there again, i
cant wait to come back and see ya. I sure do love ya and i am greatful
for the support that you give to me out here. I hope your birthdays
are great and fataastic and remember i love ya both.
Alrighty, So I am so excited to finally tell you all whats goin on
over here in my neck of the woods, So that investogator that we meet
last week, is just so amzing, i wish you all could be flys on the wall
and watch it, Its truly special to be apart of this conversion. We
went over there this week and taught an amazing lesson with president
and sister pitt  and she just understood and agreed with everything,
it was amazing, then the next day  her and her husband came and we
gave her a tour of the church. It was so great we had members with us,
she said this " so when i am baptized will i have to wear all white. "
She is so excited to be a member, she says this is home and we are
like family to her already, we are so excited for her and just how
much she has grown this last week. While we were giving a tour of the
church she asked so you all believe in the word of wisdom we said yep.
she said so i have to give up and coffee and everything and she said
yep. and thats all that was said. this sunday when she came to church
she told us elders i prayed and asked god if I needed to give up
coffee and and i decided to quit, but she started getting all these
migranes and headeaches so bad that she had to go the doctor and get
shots. she came home and said 1 more drink of coffee wouldnt hurt, she
drank a sip and spit it out and she says she doesnt want it
anymore!!!! Its just so amazing watchin her progress in the gospel. I
just cant imagine if i was anywhere else in the world how much
different my life would be. I am greatful for all these wonderful
people that i have been able to teach on my mission. they are indeed a
blessing to me and they truely help me become more converted to the
I wanna take a minute and just tell all the moms and grandmas
especially my mom and gradma how much i love you and thank you for
your hard work and service that you do each and everyday. I am so
greatful to have a mom who is my bestest friend, who cares about what
i go through and is always willing to help me. I love my mom and
gradma more than words can describe and i love these simple holidays
that enable me to express my gratitude all of you mothers. I hope that
we will seek out the LOVE our father in heaven has for you
individually. YOu all are great!!! I thank my heavenly father for a
wonderful mom and a wonderful grandma. I loveyou. I hope you all have
a happy mothers day. :)
So yesterday i taught my first zone conference where all the elders
and sisters in the zone get together and they learn from president and
sister pitt, assistance, and the zone leaders. We taught about tithing
and how we can truely convert people through the commandment and how
they will feelif they are truely converted. I gotta tell ya i was
nervous, but we sure did a good job and the spirit was so strong. I
love this zone and the missionaries and this area. This week there was
this area that was strugglin a bit, so I went on exchanges, I went to
maryland for the first time. BUt this area that was strugglin had no
investigators, so we were knockin doors i was with a brand new
missionary and we came to this door and I felt like whoever was behind
this door, I need to say "We have a message for families and how they
can be together for ever. thats all i said. the lady said come back
tomorrow. the missionaries went back the next day after the exchange
and had an amazing visit and found out they were from Utah and really
wanted to hear the message with their families. It was just such a
great experience to help that area that was strugglin and i just found
a new sence of energy come into them and it was amazing to help them
find somone. I love this work. I wish i could be a missionary forever.
I got alot to do as a missionary , and yesterday sister pitt reminded
me of that, she said im a great leader and the lord is really going to
use me to help missionaries within the mission and to help this
mission become better, and i am going to be a helpin hand in that. she
said something along those lines, but i know i got alot to do, and
learn in order to succeed. I am excited to see what comes.
Well I hope you all know how much I love you and miss you. thank you
for everythin that you all do. have sucha great week and i pray that
the lord will bless you and your famlies with what you stand in need
of. Have a great week.
Elder Bentley
moroni 8:3