Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Howdy you all. Can i tell  ya its just so awesome to be able to tell you everything about what happens out here, I love my family and friends so much and i hope you all know how grateful i am for you. I hope you all have had such a great week and please tell your wonderful families that i said HI!!!!
 This week me and my companion had such a wonderful baptism this week, and are lookin forward to the  one this week. :) !!!! THINGS ARE JUST PEACHY!!! But we were able to baptize a wonderful sister named ursula reed. she is going to be awesome in the church. :) . Its just been such a blessing to watch the spirit convert so many people to this wonderful gospel. I truely do love this work and wish i could have this calling for a lifetime. Like always the spirit was just so amazing and i am great to be a helping hand with God in these peoples conversions.  We are really excited for our baptism this week!!! We have a couple lessons to teach by the end of this week. in order for her to be baptized, but she is just so ready!!!! and Excited she told us yesterday, elders we have to do all we can to get me baptized this week. So we are on for this week. 2 baptisms 2 weeks in a row. What a wonderful blessing from our father in heaven to these two wonderful sisters , its just fun to sit back and watch I love it. I cant wait to get home to rear my family in missionary work, and have my family bring people into this wonderful gospel. I love devoting my life to this its a blessing to my life so much i love it.
 Well if there is one thing i am learning the most on my mission , its the importance of being obedient. Obedience is not just giving a little bit here and a little bit there, but its important to be obedient in everything, all we are required to do, is to be clean physicaly and spiritually , make our covenants and keep them, and live the gospel daily. I was reading a talk this morning about the importance of not just going through the motions , but bein coverted to the gospel. Friends and family we have to be obedient in everything we do , we may slip butt that is what the gospel of Jesus CHrist is there for. We Need to be obedient in all things, i am still learning that lesson. BUt just remember to be obedient to the simple things, and the hard things will be easier obey. I promise that and i know its true.
 I just wanna send a happy birthday shout out to my brother cade and tell him I love him and how greatful i am for you my man, have such a great week, and i ll try to get a letter to ya soon, i love you bud and remember i love ya.
I love you all so much, sorry i didnt have much time today but i promise to be better next week but have a great week and know that 1 of the 56,000 missionaries loves you all so much, I love ya!!!
-love elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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