Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 14, 2012

Howdy ya all. I hope you are all doin so great. I seriously have the best family and friends in the world. Thank you for bein such a blessing to me and I express my gratidue for your many prayers not only in my behalf but for all the missionaries around the world and this great work. Thank you thank you thank you, we need them every minute of everyday and you dont know how much your simple prayers are effecting the lives of so many people. I love you and appreciate you and i hope your week was just so wonderful.
 Well I had a great phone call home, I love my family and friends so much. It was so great hearing their voice. I have come to learn just how important my family is, I enjoy having a simple phone call with them and that phone call just means the world to me it makes my day. No one can beat my family. I thank father in heaven for my family that i can live forever with. 
So today i just wanna take the time to bear a simple testimony today. . .
I love the gospel of jesus christ. Its so amazing to know as i exercise the gospel daily i can become a stronger person , and its easier to overcome sin. I know without the gospel my life  would be a scattered mess, it would honestly be harder and  i am just so greatful to have the gospel that fills every hole and gap in my life, what a sincere blessing to have everything we need that is given to us. As you all know i love my savior, he is my friend, and my redeemer and i am greatful to testify that He lives and that he appeared to a young boy joseph smith. I know that he stands at the head of our church. I am greatful to be his personal represenative in word and in deed. I know alot of times i fall short and make simple mistakes, but I know that ican become like my savior and be as he is. Its something I am working on is bein a better representive of him in all i do and say. I love my family so much. I know this church is true and I pray tthat we will all contiue to establish our homes on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 I love youall so much plese have a great week and  i promiese next week i will have more to say, but i hope this short testimony can help your week in some way. I love youall !!!!
-love elder bentley
-moroni 8 :3

p.s its such a privledge to be 1 outta the 56,000+ missionaries

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