Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27th, 2012 / ONE YEAR!

Well Family and friends hello!!!! I hope you all are doing so so welland i hope your week has been so great. I think of you all and pray for you all often and I miss you!!!
Well as you all know I got transferred and I am training for the 3rd time on my mission now. I am training Elder Clay he is from Hurricane, Utah. He is very quiet, doesnt really talk to much but hopefully that can change but he certainly has a big smile on his face when something good happens. Well we got to the new area on wednesday the apartment and car are in really good shape its great to not bein in a house with mold haha I guess sisters are just more cleaner than us elders are. The area over all is pretty good, but there is alot of work to do, there is about 40+ part member familes in our area, and sisters have barley knock any doors here so there is a ton of stuff to do.
So these 1st couple of days of training have been a bit tough, not sure if I was going to be able to do it I thought to myseld man these are going to be a long 12 weeks, but I was able to learn so much from stake conference this weekend that helped me so Saturday night my companion and I went to the saturday night adult session. And Elder William R. Walker whose in the 1st quorum of the 70 and elder Jeffery Olson whose an area 70 came to call a new stake president. Elder Walker told many stories about President Monson, and how he is filled with the attributes of Christ, especially his genuine caring nature.  He said as they were leaving a temple dedication and Pres. Monson was walking by one of the sealing rooms, he waved to everyone seated in that room and then stopped.  He noticed a person in a wheel chair over in the corner, and walked directly over to him.  He put his hand on his head and spokes quietly to him for a few minutes.  It was exactly what Jesus would have done.  Another time the wife a mission President, who had come by invitation to the temple ground breaking in Rome, had Parkinson’s disease and her hands shook quite a bit.  Her husband held her one hand and she put the other one behind her as they met President Monson.  But President Monson took her hand in both of his and gentle kissed it.  Again, something the Savior would have done.Acquiring the attributes of the Savior is a life- long goal, but one that we should be about every day of our lives. After the session I was able to recieve one of the sweetest blessings from my mission president. In the blessing he told me that the lord accepts my mission. He told me of these stories and it made me think how for this short time I have the opportunity to be like the savior to leave the 99 to help the 1. I felt comfort from my heavenly father and I know I can do this. I am greatful for this opportunity which I have to come to know my savior more. Then on sunday the spirit was so strong while calling a new stake president. They talked about how Thomas S. Monson is always happy and always has a smile on and he is caring the weight of the world on his shoulders so I have no excuse not to be happy. I am excited to train elder clay he is a great missionary and has a strong desire to always share his testimony, I am excited to help this missionary know that he can become something great. I AM GREAT FOR THE PRIESTHOOD and the power it has to calm a troubled soul. Then the last thing I learned was There are three manifestations of pure revelation found in the Lord’s Church.  One is in the giving of Patriarchal Blessings.  The second is found in the calling of missionaries, and the third is the calling of stake presidents. I am so greatful to know that we have revelation again on this earth today and that this church is directed by Jesus Christ himself. What an amazing gift we have. So we were able to pick up a solid new investigator this week I cant wait to go back and meet him and begin teaching him. There is so much to do I am excited!!!!
So my adress is:
951 E. Cleveland Ave. #112
Vinton, Va 24179
I hope you have an amaazing birthday Jordan I love ya brotha, Cant wait to see ya and hang out with ya again shortly. I love you buddy andI cant believe in 1 year you will be out here serving man I am jealous. Happy birthday bud.
Well I hope my mom and dad and brothers and sisters know how much I love them. I love you all and and I miss every single one of ya I  hope you all have an amazing week. I love you!!!!
elder bentley
moroni 8:3

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20, 2012

Well HELLO!!! I sure do hope you all are doing well, I sure do love and miss all of you. Well I am going to appologize ahead of time that this email is short. I dont have to much time today we are super busy as always!!!
But the most exciting news is I am leaving Clarksburg, WV and heading down to Vinton, Virginia tomorrow. And I am going to be training a new missionary for the 3rd time!!!!! I am so excited I will no longer be a zone leader so this should be sweeter than wheat!!! But I sure will miss this wonderful place and the many blessings I have been able to be apart of here. Beign able to be apart of Jerri Vincent conversion has been really amazing and she will  be someone I truely miss and and I cant wait for her and her family  can go to the temple to be sealed i know that she will be there someday. I am greatful for the missionaries I have been able to serve amoung here and the lessons they have taught me I hope that I have served them well. I am greatful for 2 wonderful companions I had here I have surely learned so much from the both of them and have taught me so so much and helped me become more of whata my father in heaven wants me to be. The blessings of beign apart of this work is amazing. I love it and I will sure miss serving In clarksburg Wv!!! So yesterday and today we have been moving into a new house its tought to find the time to do anything because there is so much junk to move outta this old house !!! But me and my companion will be getting doubled in on wenesday probably will be ealking around with our heads cut off for the first couple of weeks haha. we are moving into a sister apartment so hopefully its nice haha :).
But I hope my brother Coda had a great birthday I love you buddy and i cant wait to see ya soon.
And PAPA happy birthday larry , i hoep you get R DONE and I hope you have an amazing day , love ya pops
But like I said this email is hort and I am sorry I cant wait to email you all next week and I will send you all the adress. I love you all , and dont send any lettters to clarksburg!!!
I love you all have a great week!!!
elder bentley

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hey ya all i hope you have had such a great week.I hope you know how much I miss you all. THank you for those who take the time to read these emails and i just hope it helps in some way, shape, or form.
 Well to tell you all a little about our week we were able to reach the mission standard of excellence again, it was a challenge but we did it with the lords help, now we are just looking forward to a baptism!! We really want to get one soon so this week we are going to do our best to get a solid baptisimal date :). I'll let you know how it goes!!!! We are hoping that our zone will have 6-7 baptisms byt he end of this month. Honestly I dont care if I baptize at all, I care more about the missionaries I serve that have struggling areas and rough companionships bein able to see a baptism. Its the only way missionaries grow and progress,  because they grow with their converts. I love being in the service of these missionaries. I cant even imagine how a stake president and bishop would feel watching over a stake or a ward. But I have come to gain more of an excitement for the work this week, FAMIlY and Friends we need your help. Our family needs to be baptizing family!!! Did you know that a members most important job is to have a social conversion with people!!! thats it, you invite missionaries will teach. Set goalsor plans in your families to find missionary opportunities, Talk with people just open your mouth, I tell you what the last thing I look forward to is tracting I hate it I would rather be teaching all day, but we cant find em alone we need your help. Develop and pray for that excitement of missionary work, this is fun, Its fun bringing our borothers and sisters into the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that if we do we can help in this great work. Ihope my family will get started and develop this excitement. :)
So I have a pretty funny story  yesterday in church I got asked to lead music. Because the choirster had to sit with her kids. So they chose someone who didnt know how to do it. Well it came time for the first song I was so nervous  I started leading and I did so bad THe piano person kept slowing down and then speeding up because she was going off my lead haha. But I was able to muster through all 3 songs, Everyone was laughing, I hope I never have to lead music for a calling haha it was great !!!!
 So this week I have a little spiritual thought, I am pretty sure we have all heard of the movie called finding nemo. In this movie it talks about 2 fish a Father and his son and The son Nemo got dared to go touch this boat his friends pure pressured him so he did it, but his dad was there the whole time telling him not do it, But because nemo dis obeyed he got taken. His dad went through numerous things just to get his son back. I know that is exactly like our father in heaven, Our father in heaven loves us so much That he will go through any thing just to help us return to him. But we have to obey we have to keep his commandment we have to put in our efforts to do what it takes to return to him. I know that our father heaven and our savior Jesus Christ love you. Remember to Repent and Keep Swimming!!!, and i know that its only throught the gospel that we can endure to the end.
 I hope Coda , Nana , Craig , Jordan, Dallas, Papa, and everyone else hope I didnt miss any one , HAPPY BIRTHDAy I love you all so much and I hope you know i love ya.
And chase I hope you do good at byu I sure do look up to ya still Love ya cuzz and you will be an apostle in no time haha :)
I love you all so much I hope you have an excellent week, I wont email till next tuesday since next week is transfers. LOVE you all !!!
love elder bentley
moroni 8 :3

August 7, 2012

Well hello everyone this week we are busy busy busy!!!! Never can get time to slow down haha always in a rush or something its crazy!!! But I hope you all are doing so so well. I love you all and am thankful for all that you do to support me and my family.
Well to start off we finally got a new HOUSE !!!!! we are moving out of that jungle that we live in. It will be nice to finally not breath in mold, but this other house that we are getting is HUGE its bigger than the one we have now. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths living room, 2 kitchens and a basement its outstanding, we are hoping to move in sometime next week, so If you all could wait till i get you a new adress that would be great. I might not even get it to you till the week after because transfers are coming up on august 22. Ill keep ya posted about what happens. But we are so excited to move out into something bigger!!!
 So this week has been so so exciting!!!! My wonderful recent convert sister vincent bore an amazing testimony in sacrament meeting and zone conference. She is truely such a great blessing and now she is working in the FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY and is so excited to go to the temple. I love all my recent converts so much I dont think they will ever know how greatful I am  for them.
So this week we have done so much planning We learned alot about faith hope and charity. we taught things I thought i would never be able to teach I am so greatful that the spirit is able to help you know what to say when you are in need of it.
well nothing new happened this week besides all that. I hope my grandma mclaws is doing so well I hope she has an amazing BIRTHDAY and whoevers birthday I have missed HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you grandma so much I pray for you always.
Mom I love you , I hope my brothers and sisters are doing so well in school i love and miss them so much!!! I hope my dad knows how greatful I am for him I love you dad so much thank you for all you do to keep me strong and faithful on a mission. I love you dad.
I appologize to everyone if I havent been able to write you I promise to do my best to write you back soon I love ya thank you for all that you do once again. I hope you have a great weeek!!!!
                      elder bentley
                  moroni 8:3