Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 7, 2012

Well hello everyone this week we are busy busy busy!!!! Never can get time to slow down haha always in a rush or something its crazy!!! But I hope you all are doing so so well. I love you all and am thankful for all that you do to support me and my family.
Well to start off we finally got a new HOUSE !!!!! we are moving out of that jungle that we live in. It will be nice to finally not breath in mold, but this other house that we are getting is HUGE its bigger than the one we have now. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths living room, 2 kitchens and a basement its outstanding, we are hoping to move in sometime next week, so If you all could wait till i get you a new adress that would be great. I might not even get it to you till the week after because transfers are coming up on august 22. Ill keep ya posted about what happens. But we are so excited to move out into something bigger!!!
 So this week has been so so exciting!!!! My wonderful recent convert sister vincent bore an amazing testimony in sacrament meeting and zone conference. She is truely such a great blessing and now she is working in the FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY and is so excited to go to the temple. I love all my recent converts so much I dont think they will ever know how greatful I am  for them.
So this week we have done so much planning We learned alot about faith hope and charity. we taught things I thought i would never be able to teach I am so greatful that the spirit is able to help you know what to say when you are in need of it.
well nothing new happened this week besides all that. I hope my grandma mclaws is doing so well I hope she has an amazing BIRTHDAY and whoevers birthday I have missed HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you grandma so much I pray for you always.
Mom I love you , I hope my brothers and sisters are doing so well in school i love and miss them so much!!! I hope my dad knows how greatful I am for him I love you dad so much thank you for all you do to keep me strong and faithful on a mission. I love you dad.
I appologize to everyone if I havent been able to write you I promise to do my best to write you back soon I love ya thank you for all that you do once again. I hope you have a great weeek!!!!
                      elder bentley
                  moroni 8:3 

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