Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27th, 2012 / ONE YEAR!

Well Family and friends hello!!!! I hope you all are doing so so welland i hope your week has been so great. I think of you all and pray for you all often and I miss you!!!
Well as you all know I got transferred and I am training for the 3rd time on my mission now. I am training Elder Clay he is from Hurricane, Utah. He is very quiet, doesnt really talk to much but hopefully that can change but he certainly has a big smile on his face when something good happens. Well we got to the new area on wednesday the apartment and car are in really good shape its great to not bein in a house with mold haha I guess sisters are just more cleaner than us elders are. The area over all is pretty good, but there is alot of work to do, there is about 40+ part member familes in our area, and sisters have barley knock any doors here so there is a ton of stuff to do.
So these 1st couple of days of training have been a bit tough, not sure if I was going to be able to do it I thought to myseld man these are going to be a long 12 weeks, but I was able to learn so much from stake conference this weekend that helped me so Saturday night my companion and I went to the saturday night adult session. And Elder William R. Walker whose in the 1st quorum of the 70 and elder Jeffery Olson whose an area 70 came to call a new stake president. Elder Walker told many stories about President Monson, and how he is filled with the attributes of Christ, especially his genuine caring nature.  He said as they were leaving a temple dedication and Pres. Monson was walking by one of the sealing rooms, he waved to everyone seated in that room and then stopped.  He noticed a person in a wheel chair over in the corner, and walked directly over to him.  He put his hand on his head and spokes quietly to him for a few minutes.  It was exactly what Jesus would have done.  Another time the wife a mission President, who had come by invitation to the temple ground breaking in Rome, had Parkinson’s disease and her hands shook quite a bit.  Her husband held her one hand and she put the other one behind her as they met President Monson.  But President Monson took her hand in both of his and gentle kissed it.  Again, something the Savior would have done.Acquiring the attributes of the Savior is a life- long goal, but one that we should be about every day of our lives. After the session I was able to recieve one of the sweetest blessings from my mission president. In the blessing he told me that the lord accepts my mission. He told me of these stories and it made me think how for this short time I have the opportunity to be like the savior to leave the 99 to help the 1. I felt comfort from my heavenly father and I know I can do this. I am greatful for this opportunity which I have to come to know my savior more. Then on sunday the spirit was so strong while calling a new stake president. They talked about how Thomas S. Monson is always happy and always has a smile on and he is caring the weight of the world on his shoulders so I have no excuse not to be happy. I am excited to train elder clay he is a great missionary and has a strong desire to always share his testimony, I am excited to help this missionary know that he can become something great. I AM GREAT FOR THE PRIESTHOOD and the power it has to calm a troubled soul. Then the last thing I learned was There are three manifestations of pure revelation found in the Lord’s Church.  One is in the giving of Patriarchal Blessings.  The second is found in the calling of missionaries, and the third is the calling of stake presidents. I am so greatful to know that we have revelation again on this earth today and that this church is directed by Jesus Christ himself. What an amazing gift we have. So we were able to pick up a solid new investigator this week I cant wait to go back and meet him and begin teaching him. There is so much to do I am excited!!!!
So my adress is:
951 E. Cleveland Ave. #112
Vinton, Va 24179
I hope you have an amaazing birthday Jordan I love ya brotha, Cant wait to see ya and hang out with ya again shortly. I love you buddy andI cant believe in 1 year you will be out here serving man I am jealous. Happy birthday bud.
Well I hope my mom and dad and brothers and sisters know how much I love them. I love you all and and I miss every single one of ya I  hope you all have an amazing week. I love you!!!!
elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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