Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

What up family!!!!! I hope you all are doing so well and have a gorgeous week!!!! I seriously have the best family and friends in the world i honestly couldnt aske for anyone better than you all to be apart of my life . I am so blessed. thank you.
 I seriously love bein a missionary every single day. Everyday i grow to love my mission more and more and I wouldnt trade it for anything. This week really just strengthed my testimony and got me so stoked to be out here servin my father in heaven its the best. I am so greatful to be in the service of other people thats where i find my reall happiness that where i grow and learn is from other people and bein able to help them understand the simplicity of the gospel. I am thankful for just how much i am blessed with , i owe everything to this great work , i owe everything to my father in heaven, i love him and i love my savior and bein able to be a personal represenative of him at all times. But I am always so indeed greatful for everyday that i have to live the gospel to strengthen my faith in my ssavior and repent and prepare my self everyday to partake of that sacrament every sunday.And what s so amazing to me is despite all my weaknesses and shortcoming, trials , mistakes, amd dumb things i do , there is still a way back to that path to my father in heaven, and I can still feel of his love for and know he is pleased with me. I tell you waht honestly at times i get really dissapointed with some things i do, it really hurts myself, i know i will never be perfect , but i know my father is there for me everyday and knows me and what i do, and it makes me happy to know as i live the gospel , just by simply living it i can be clean before him and hold my priesthood worthily. it just amazing i love this church and i know for sure everything I am called to teach is true. I am great ful to be a missionary.
 So Yesterday just was such a great sunday , Elder Kelsch and I had seriously the best lesson, We got this TEMPLE REFERRAL from washington DC!!!! This Lady is so solid it was incredible, She got introduced by her friend who invited her to the temple while she was recieving her endowments and she went to the vistor center , LOVED it, the whole time she bore testimony how joseph must be a true prohet if he went through so much just to prove that everything was true. She is excited to learn from us , Know that there must be another book besides the bible, we honestly didnt know what to say , it was such a great lessson and she is so prepared by the lord, She told us how she overcame satan, she said when her friend was recieving her endowments, she woke up that morning and satan was just trying to get her not to go, but she said she hopped in her car drove 41/2 hours without stopping and she knew that what she was doing was right , we are so excited for our next appoitment. It just made me so happy to know that lord is preparing people to be put in my path, I just know that this work is true , and i was able to hear from a non member who sat there bearin testimony basically the whole time of this church it was amazing . I ll let you all know how this goes, she is so prepared and is already sharing the gospel with her neighbor. AMAZING !!!!!
  This week i had to go to a trainin meeting it was so good !!!! We talked alot about repentance and the sacament , it was so good. I know that repentace is just such a great gift from our father in heaven, actually its a LAW that we have to live by , we have to live repentance isnt that something , i noticed that today during my personal study!!! kinda like how the anti nephi lehi laid down their weapons of war or their asins and then repented and made a covenant to never bring them up again we to can bury our sins through repentance i tell u what that is just so comforting to me , I know I am appling the atonement to my life as I just take the time to repent and humble myself before the lord, It honestly makes me excited to repent then i know I can be worthy to enter in to the presence of my father in heaven. I know it may be hard but let us be excited to repent and to live the gospel everyday , not just when we please but everyday. I love my savior and i am great ful for his sacrafice.
 I love you all so much, i love this gospel i love this church, ihope you all have such a great week , i love you all , thank you for your all support that you give to me my family and those in need of the gospel. YOu are the best and know i miss you and love ya. by the way i am sorry if words are spelled wrong i gotta hurry i have a time limit on computers haha .

                                                                                                love ya
                                                                             elder chaz allen bentley moroni 8:3

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

What blessing it is to always email you all every week. I hope your week was great everyone has been tellin me around here how hot it is there, gotta love it. :) I sure do hope you all are doin well , would not wanna ask for anything less. :) Every single one of ya deserve the best. I sure love ya all.
 Well It sure tickles me that I am a zone leader now, I got a sa wa eet companion named Elder Kelsch from Utah. I remember when i was a yound missionary i wanted to serve with this kid and whatt do ya all know it happened. I am excited. We play basketball every tuesday and thursday and we gott a little tounament this saturday, us and 2 other missionaries that stay with us play .. Our house is always fun there is never a dull moment. We live in a 3 story house with a basement its a big mansion. This week we have been busy teachin and finding and jumping right into sone stuff. I had my first stake correlation where all the bishops get together and talk about the work, Me and elder Kelsch found 3 new this week , we have been poundin those doors i am so excited to see what this transfer brings. THis week we got to head up to charleston for a train the trainers with all the district and zone leaders in the mission. Then thursday we got Zone leader council where we talk about the mission. Our Zone has such great missionaries, I love bein able to serve such a wonderful zone and to be around a solid bunch of elders!!!!!
 Well not to much new this week. around here thought id share with you all some of my thought s about the holy ghost. . .
As we all may know the holy ghost brings so many blessings to our lives. I love this paragraph from page 65
Those who receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and remain worthy can enjoy His companionship throughout their lives. The Holy Ghost has a sanctifying, cleansing effect
upon us. The Holy Ghost testifies of Christ and helps us recognize the truth. He provides spiritual strength and helps us do what is right. He comforts us during times of trial or
sorrow. He warns us of spiritual or physical danger. The Holy Ghost provides the power by which we teach and learn. The gift of the Holy Ghost is one of our Heavenly Father’s
most precious gifts. Through the power of the Holy Ghost we can feel God’s love and direction for us. This gift is a foretaste of eternal joy and a promise of eternal life.

Arent those suchamazing blessing we can recieve just by simply bein WORTHY of the holy gohst to tell ya the truth, I wanna do everything in my reach to shoot for those blessings I pray that we will always remain worthy of that constant companionship. I love this story about the holy ghost !!!!
In the marvelous experience of Brigham Young in February of 1847, when the Prophet Joseph appeared to him in a dream or vision, Brigham pleaded to be reunited with the Prophet. Brigham Young asked the Prophet if he had a message for the Brethren. The Prophet said:
“Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and to be sure to keep the spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and not turn away the still small voice; it will teach them what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the Brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it.”
The Prophet further directed Brigham Young as follows: “They can tell the Spirit of the Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, hatred, strife and all evil from their hearts; and their whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness and build up the kingdom of God.” 

I pray that we will al follow the spirit nomatter what and live worthy of it. There is no better way than following it, I love you all so much I pray that uall will have such a great wekk, I miss ya be safe and know i love you all. Thanks for everything.
p.s scrunched on time thats why i was in a hurry sorry if it doesnt make semce haha

                                                                                                              love elder bentley

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16th, 2012

Well hi there!! I hope you all are doin well as always. I am so thankful for every single one of you and all that you do to support me and my family. I pray for the lords richest blessin to be upon ya all i love ya.
Well I am super nervous but so excited to be a zone leader startin tomorrow!!!!! I will be heading 15 minutes away to clarksburg,WV so not to far from here. Im gettin a awesome companion his name is Elder Kelsch,he is a missionary I have always wanted to serve around he is way cool we are goin to do some great things, Ill go back to stayin with 4 missionaries again !!!! I am way excited. before I forget i need to put my adress on here. . .

my new adress:
790 Locust Ave.
Clarksburg,Wv 26301

Well like always its hard to leave an area I feel like have grown so much this past transfer here in fairmont, We have been so blessed to see so many miracles here its been amazing, really amazing. The new investigators we were able to meet and i am dissapointed that i have to leave because someone i was teaching was really close to baptism!!! so close !!!!! the lessons have been amazing but hopefully he will be baptized in may. Things were going so well haha. But I am ecited to see how much I learn this next transfer. Elder Partridge my trainer is going to be an assitant so Ill be seein him quite a bit at meetings and stuff.
Well this week I have had a great opportunity to draw closer to my savior to become more like him, I was able to read throught the entire whitehand book and figure out things i need to change and become better at , its not going to be easy , its going to be hard to change some things, I want to tell you this not to dig myself a hole or to make me look bad, but i do have many struggles, at times its hard. . . but what i am so indeed greatful for is to know if I put forth a little faith unto repentance I am showing my heavenly father that I have faith in his plan. Alma 34:16:
. . ."therefore only unto him that has faith unto repentance is brought about the great and eternal plan of redemption."
from what I understand, its only if we exercise the gospel , that meant put forth faith repent, baptism , bein worthy of the holy ghost and then enduring can we return to live with our heavenly father , I know often times it may occur that we may be members and maybe we dont exercise the gospel as fully as we can. But I know that as I have put the gospel to work that i have come closer to my savior I feeel more at peace. I love the gospel of jesus christ it only brings us happiness not misery, guilt, nothing bad only good can come out of this special gift, but are we willing to act upon it? I hope so, "may god grant unto you my beloved brethern, that ye may begin to exercise your faith unto repentance. . ." I know that this is the only true church with the fullness of the true gospel, I know I can do better at living it and applying it and acting upon it.
I sure do love you all so much I cant wait to tell you all next week how crazy hecktic it is as a zone leader. I hope and pray you and your famlies have such an awesome week . please be safe , and I love you all . Thnanks for everything .

love elder bentley
-moroni 8:3 :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 9, 2012

I dont even know how to start this email haha. Well I hope you all have had an exciting week. I sure do miss all of you. I pray for all and for the lords blessing to be upon all of you.

Well Everyone dont send me mail this week transfers are next week and i am leaving to go be a zone leader in clarksburg which is like 15 minutes away, I found out in a letter this week. So just hang in there Ill try to get you all the adress next week. But im so stoked to be a zone leader!!1 Im going to be serving with a awesome companion, in a awesome area from what I hear!!!! So that was a pretty big shocker on my week!!!
Then this week I had an awesome exchange with an elder from arizona this week, his name is elder holder he went to EAC before his mission and he is in my district :). So this week we went tractin at these apartment and found an awesome potential that we are going to teach this week. And then we started teachin an awesome family Things went so well on our exchange maybe because were both from arizona. It was a great time!!!
I tell you what , there is no better feeling than helping others. This week we have done numerous hours of service and I have enjoyed not only giving service but serving these other missionaries. I know that is where my true happiness comes from is by puttting myself last and worrying more about others. And being as the savior, I am so greatful I get to be a zone leader , not because its a leadership position but because I get to be in the service of other missionaries. I sure do love this work and being the best represenative of jesus christ I can be . I love my savior!!! I love you all thank you for everything you all do. Remember that I am leaving next week so dont send anything to that adress. I love you have a great week.

love elder bentley !!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012

I love you all. . And hope you know how greatful I am for my family and friends!!!! Thank you for your support for your love your prayers and everything. You all play such a big role in my life and I appreciate and love every single one you. Thank you. I hope your week was great a happy energizing week to help us become better members of this church, There is so much we need to do. I love the leaders of our church I admire their hard work and service and the time and energy which they put into helping us and bringin us closer to our father in heaven.
I wanna start off with a hymn that I really enjoy:
"The world has need of willing men who wear the workers seal.
come help the good work move along;
Put your shoulder tho the wheel.

The church has need of helping hands and hearts that know and feel.
The work to do is here for you;
put your shoulder to the wheel.

Then dont stand idly looking on; the fight with sin is real
it will be long but must go on;
Put your shoulder to the wheel.

Then work and watch and fight and pray with all your might and zeal.
push every worthy work along;
Put your shoulder to the wheel.

put your shoulder to the wheel; push along,
do your duty with a heart full of song
we all have work; let no one shirk.
put your shoulder to the wheel. "

This week I had the opportunity to watch 17 miracles!!!! So if your wondering why im talking about the pioneers thats why haha. But this week I have had spent alot of time thinking about the pioneers. I very very greatful for their examples, As we all know they went through so much they went through pain, hunger, thirst and fatigue, they suffered lost.But the thing I was most surprised with is how much they relied on the lord for strength how much faith they had in the lord to move across the plains, so we could have all the blessings of this church!!! They relied so much on the gospel of jesus christ and on the promises of the lord. I know alot of people may say this but I am so greatful to a modern day pioneer!! I havent thought about this much before but i am so greatful for the pioneers!! As I think about what it takes to be a pioneer, I have realized I can do so much better as a missionary to live the gospel of jesus christ. I got that message clear to me especially during this conference, I need to study the gospel principle everyday and live them. Some of the pioneers were even promised if they would live the principles of the gospel they would be able to make it to the salt lake valley!! I know that If I live the gospel in my life that Ill be able to make it back to my heavenly father and fufill my Treck back to him. Like I said early the pioneers put so much faith in the lord, I ever wonder am I ever converted that much to the gospel, I know for certain I am, I love this gospel and I am so greatful to have the fulness of it and to carry the priesthood of God, what a blessing it to me. I pray with all my heart that I will develop that same kinda faith like they had in the lord. I know that my treck as a missionary is much more that just knockin on a door and talking to someone, the lords purpose needs to be in all things i do and in all things we do. I am ready to put my shoulder more to the wheel these last 10 months of my mission. I am ready to step up and pull that hand cart and pull that hand cart back to my heavenly father. I know that angels will be there to support me on my treck I know that heavenly father will forever be there for me to give me strength, I am greatful for all of you because you all are my angels, thank you for helping me pull my hand cart and I pray that I can give that support back to you every single one of you. thank you. I need to step up now and put my shoulder to the wheel a little bit more and push along so this journey aint worthless. I pray that I can be a better modern day pioneer.
General Conference was so great, as always I heard things that I personally needed to hear and strengthed me as a missionary. president monson is always great, i sure do love our prophet and the leaders of this church and the service they give. Well probably one of my favorite talks was Richard G. Scotts on how to recieve presonal revalation, he said something along these lines that stuck out to me " make sire daily activities help us listen to the spirit." I really enjoyed hearing that and how just by our simple behavior can drive the spirit away. david a bednars in preiesthhood session was good as well. he said " be honorable, virtuous, be a good boy" sounds like a one liner from my grandma , I love you g- ma. I really enjoyed conference I was sad to see it leave, I love the words that they shared and I cant wait to read study and re read . to prepare for this conference I tried reading the last conference ensign but i didnt finish but It sure got me excited. What a special spirit there was during this conference. I loved it I pray that we will apply their teachings every talk to our lives in someway, remember it more than listening we gotta aplly it for it to take effect within our homes. I know that we have a living prophet who is called by god . I cant wait for next conference.
I am so excited for this easter season to focus on the sacrafice of my savior may he be at the center of our thoughts in all things we do and may we express our gratitude for him for his great sacrafice.
this past week I have had awesome teaching experience and have had so many encounters where I am listening to the spirit and i am so greatful to my father in heaven that i can understand and recognize it because I know that is what blesses the lifes of others.
I want my brother coda to know how much I love him, I pray for you buddy, make sure that your holding your aronic priesthood well, keep your head held high and know and always remember how much i love you, be a great example to your brother and sisters, I love you buddy , be a good missionary , always remain happy and bring that love of christ i know you can bring into our home.
I hope you all know how much i love you, thank you for everything , I pray for you all everyday and your families. please be safe have a great week!!!!
put your shoulder to the wheel!!!
-elder chaz allen bentley
moroni 8:3