Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

What up family!!!!! I hope you all are doing so well and have a gorgeous week!!!! I seriously have the best family and friends in the world i honestly couldnt aske for anyone better than you all to be apart of my life . I am so blessed. thank you.
 I seriously love bein a missionary every single day. Everyday i grow to love my mission more and more and I wouldnt trade it for anything. This week really just strengthed my testimony and got me so stoked to be out here servin my father in heaven its the best. I am so greatful to be in the service of other people thats where i find my reall happiness that where i grow and learn is from other people and bein able to help them understand the simplicity of the gospel. I am thankful for just how much i am blessed with , i owe everything to this great work , i owe everything to my father in heaven, i love him and i love my savior and bein able to be a personal represenative of him at all times. But I am always so indeed greatful for everyday that i have to live the gospel to strengthen my faith in my ssavior and repent and prepare my self everyday to partake of that sacrament every sunday.And what s so amazing to me is despite all my weaknesses and shortcoming, trials , mistakes, amd dumb things i do , there is still a way back to that path to my father in heaven, and I can still feel of his love for and know he is pleased with me. I tell you waht honestly at times i get really dissapointed with some things i do, it really hurts myself, i know i will never be perfect , but i know my father is there for me everyday and knows me and what i do, and it makes me happy to know as i live the gospel , just by simply living it i can be clean before him and hold my priesthood worthily. it just amazing i love this church and i know for sure everything I am called to teach is true. I am great ful to be a missionary.
 So Yesterday just was such a great sunday , Elder Kelsch and I had seriously the best lesson, We got this TEMPLE REFERRAL from washington DC!!!! This Lady is so solid it was incredible, She got introduced by her friend who invited her to the temple while she was recieving her endowments and she went to the vistor center , LOVED it, the whole time she bore testimony how joseph must be a true prohet if he went through so much just to prove that everything was true. She is excited to learn from us , Know that there must be another book besides the bible, we honestly didnt know what to say , it was such a great lessson and she is so prepared by the lord, She told us how she overcame satan, she said when her friend was recieving her endowments, she woke up that morning and satan was just trying to get her not to go, but she said she hopped in her car drove 41/2 hours without stopping and she knew that what she was doing was right , we are so excited for our next appoitment. It just made me so happy to know that lord is preparing people to be put in my path, I just know that this work is true , and i was able to hear from a non member who sat there bearin testimony basically the whole time of this church it was amazing . I ll let you all know how this goes, she is so prepared and is already sharing the gospel with her neighbor. AMAZING !!!!!
  This week i had to go to a trainin meeting it was so good !!!! We talked alot about repentance and the sacament , it was so good. I know that repentace is just such a great gift from our father in heaven, actually its a LAW that we have to live by , we have to live repentance isnt that something , i noticed that today during my personal study!!! kinda like how the anti nephi lehi laid down their weapons of war or their asins and then repented and made a covenant to never bring them up again we to can bury our sins through repentance i tell u what that is just so comforting to me , I know I am appling the atonement to my life as I just take the time to repent and humble myself before the lord, It honestly makes me excited to repent then i know I can be worthy to enter in to the presence of my father in heaven. I know it may be hard but let us be excited to repent and to live the gospel everyday , not just when we please but everyday. I love my savior and i am great ful for his sacrafice.
 I love you all so much, i love this gospel i love this church, ihope you all have such a great week , i love you all , thank you for your all support that you give to me my family and those in need of the gospel. YOu are the best and know i miss you and love ya. by the way i am sorry if words are spelled wrong i gotta hurry i have a time limit on computers haha .

                                                                                                love ya
                                                                             elder chaz allen bentley moroni 8:3

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