Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16th, 2012

Well hi there!! I hope you all are doin well as always. I am so thankful for every single one of you and all that you do to support me and my family. I pray for the lords richest blessin to be upon ya all i love ya.
Well I am super nervous but so excited to be a zone leader startin tomorrow!!!!! I will be heading 15 minutes away to clarksburg,WV so not to far from here. Im gettin a awesome companion his name is Elder Kelsch,he is a missionary I have always wanted to serve around he is way cool we are goin to do some great things, Ill go back to stayin with 4 missionaries again !!!! I am way excited. before I forget i need to put my adress on here. . .

my new adress:
790 Locust Ave.
Clarksburg,Wv 26301

Well like always its hard to leave an area I feel like have grown so much this past transfer here in fairmont, We have been so blessed to see so many miracles here its been amazing, really amazing. The new investigators we were able to meet and i am dissapointed that i have to leave because someone i was teaching was really close to baptism!!! so close !!!!! the lessons have been amazing but hopefully he will be baptized in may. Things were going so well haha. But I am ecited to see how much I learn this next transfer. Elder Partridge my trainer is going to be an assitant so Ill be seein him quite a bit at meetings and stuff.
Well this week I have had a great opportunity to draw closer to my savior to become more like him, I was able to read throught the entire whitehand book and figure out things i need to change and become better at , its not going to be easy , its going to be hard to change some things, I want to tell you this not to dig myself a hole or to make me look bad, but i do have many struggles, at times its hard. . . but what i am so indeed greatful for is to know if I put forth a little faith unto repentance I am showing my heavenly father that I have faith in his plan. Alma 34:16:
. . ."therefore only unto him that has faith unto repentance is brought about the great and eternal plan of redemption."
from what I understand, its only if we exercise the gospel , that meant put forth faith repent, baptism , bein worthy of the holy ghost and then enduring can we return to live with our heavenly father , I know often times it may occur that we may be members and maybe we dont exercise the gospel as fully as we can. But I know that as I have put the gospel to work that i have come closer to my savior I feeel more at peace. I love the gospel of jesus christ it only brings us happiness not misery, guilt, nothing bad only good can come out of this special gift, but are we willing to act upon it? I hope so, "may god grant unto you my beloved brethern, that ye may begin to exercise your faith unto repentance. . ." I know that this is the only true church with the fullness of the true gospel, I know I can do better at living it and applying it and acting upon it.
I sure do love you all so much I cant wait to tell you all next week how crazy hecktic it is as a zone leader. I hope and pray you and your famlies have such an awesome week . please be safe , and I love you all . Thnanks for everything .

love elder bentley
-moroni 8:3 :)

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