Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26th, 2012

missionary super bowl weekend is approaching , I am so anxious for this weekend!!!! Howdy ya all, hope everything is cool and chill back in good ol Az!! Aww i sure miss you all . Thank you for your support to me to my family everything thank you I love you all!!!

Well what a week I have been super busy!!!! Life as a district leader is still always crazy, busy but I sure do love it. i feel like i have grown so much these past 3 weeks, I can really feel heavenly fathers love for me and those that i serve amoung. I feel his presence in everything i do :) its an amazing feeling and im going to strive to constantly feel this way. I find when im less worried about myself and more focused on what others need how they are feeling , I develop a deeper love for them. I think thats true no matter in all ways we serve as we focus less on ourselves we will truely grow to love those around us. I am so greatful my father in heaven has blessed me with a wonderful comapnion, area , and district, its such a blessing and i am growing so much. this week while I was on exchanges with a zone leader we found an awesome potential family that we are going to start teachin tonight we are pretty stoked for that and we got our bishop really excited for missionary work this week!!! We are going to be having a fast in our ward for the whole month of May we are going to have different families sign up to fast for missionary work it was so great we are so stoked for what lies ahead, the lord is blessing us more and more everyweek, Its amazing to see his hand in this work!! I am so excited to hear from our prophet this week and the leaders of our church, I am excited to listen to the promises that they will extend as we seek their direction to carry out this church farther :)

Well nothing to big or dramtic happend this week, I hope my sisters know how much I love them I pray for them and i hope they have such a great birthday this week. i love you all so much. I know that this church is true , i am so greatful to be serving the lord at this wonderful time, I know that things which I teach everyday is true, i am so greatful for prayer and the opportunity which I have to communicate with my father in heaven. I sure love you all so much have such an amazing gereral conference week I miss ya. PRESS FORWARD SAINTS!!!

love elder bentley
moroni 8:3
ilove this scripture in Alma 24:14

14 And the great God has had mercy on us, and made these things known unto us that we might not perish; yea, and he has made these things known unto us beforehand, because he loveth our souls as well as he loveth our children; therefore, in his mercy he doth visit us by his angels, that the plan of salvation might be made known unto us as well as unto future generations.

March 19th, 2012

Howdy Ya'll I hope your week was so awesome and I hope all is well back home. This week I hope that my email will be able to help you all and i hope you all will be able to learn something from what i share. I am so excited to tell you all about this week. it was so great!!
Today I want to start off this email by telling a story we all know from the bilbe. . I will be pulling my thoughts today from John chapter 21.
At this time Jesus appears to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias. and i wanna focus on peter after he makes it to the shore. Jesus ends up asking peter, " Peter, do you love me? more than your boat your boat, and your net, and your fishes." And peter said, yea you knowest I love thee. and jesus said unto him, " "FEED MY SHEEP!!!"
He goes on to ask peter a second time " peter, do you love me? more than your boat, and your net, and these fishes." And peter replies. you know i love thee. and jesus says " "FEED MY SHEEP!!! "
And jesus ask again a third time, this time peter is a little stressed that he has to anwer this again. But Jesus goes on to say " peter, do you love me ? more than your boat, and your net, and these fishes." and peter replies thou knowest I love thee.
and jesus said "FEED MY SHEEP!!!"
Do we love him? are we willing to follow him and leave our nets (disobedience) and other thing to show the lord we love him. I have spent alot of time thinkin about this scripture this week. I have realized I need to do things and change to show the lord i love him. I mean just put your selves in peter shoes for a bit can we tell the lord we love him? Our master who cares so much for us is pleading for us to follow him , to feed his sheep, to show the lord that we are willing to give up everything to follow him. I have decided on the nets i need to leave behind the things i need to change to follow my savior more and thats what Im going to do to show him I love him. I love this verse from come follow me. . we dont sing it to often but I like it
" we must the onward path pursue
as wider fields expand to view
and follow him unceasingly,
whate'er our lot or sphere may be."
Follow him, trust in him who loves you so much who is pleading for us to just " Follow Him"
then may we all FEED HIS SHEEP!!! I have realized Im never going to get these 2 years back but my mission is not over once it ends my mission is for eternity and I will commit to the lord to FEED HIS SHEEP because i love him and am willing to follow him.

So this week has been a great week we were able to step up our area this week the lord is really blessing us and our district already. This week I went on exchanges to this area called mannington!!! I got to pet baby goats on this exchange it was awesome, we would pick up the goats and it would lick and slobber all over our name tags it was so funny!!! But we were able to find 5 potentials for that area but thats awesome for that area because they relly needed it . Then while i was on exchange there we found 3 new investigators in our area it was so awesome!!! But this week I had another encounter with the spirit this week . . . while we were driving this one day, I noticed some apartment that really stuck out to me , and these apartment just kept itching in the back of my mind for a couple days . So I said today lets go tract out these apartments , my companion agreed. we went we were able to find 11 potentials we are hoping to teach 9 of these people on tuesday, It was so amazing I dont know who but I know an elect person is waiting for us in those apartment. i am so stoked that i was able to listen to and follow the promptings of the spirit and I know that the lord is already blessing our area in so many ways!! so we have a pretty exciting week coming up.
I am so excited for general conference to be able to listen to our prophet and the other leaders is so exciting, i am excited to be in the number again for full time missionaries!!! Things are going pretty good here in fairmont, I know my main job here in fairmont is to love my compnion, my area and my district. I hope I can do that. I hope I can be the best leader I can be and I hope I can strengthen my commitment to the gospel, and show the lord i am willing to follow him.
I wanna send a quick thank you to mellisa gardner for the wonderful package!!!! It got to me safe and sound. thank you so much for all you do, I am thankful for you and your wonderful family. I love you all so much I will write ya shortly.
I wanna thank you all for everything, thank you for taking the time to read these emails. I hope they are worth your time. I love you all so much. I pray for you all and I am assured and know that our father in heaven loves every single one of you!!!! I express my gratitude for you all and the blessing you all are to my life . may we always remember to follow our master, our good shepherd who wont lead us astray, at all times. I love you have a great week. thank you again!!!

-elder bentley moroni 8:3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012

Hello everyone!!!! I hope you alls week was great!!! I hope everything is goin fine and dandy at home. There is so much to tell you about this week.
Kellie I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, I hope you know that your such an amazing cousin, I love and miss you so much, I hope that your just having the most amazing day , I wish so bad I could be there for your birthday and bring pizza to scholl just for you. I love you so much cuz, Nemo is still on my bag haha, the other day I was gettin off the transfer bus and a missioinary said nemo thats so awesome thought it was pretty funny. Have a great day remember always that I love you!!!!
So as you all know i got transfered that was supper dupper hard to leave BV it wasnt the easiest sayin goodbye to all the people i love. I will sure miss that area and the wonderful friends that i have made. I got to my new area on wenesday, Fairmont WV.( i will give you all my adress at the end of this email.) Basically nothin much is goin on here , It was surprising to hear that we only have 1 top notch investigator. But I hope i can be a helping hand to this area and change that!!!!! It was very suprising to hear that there is about 300 or so less actives, now i know why president wanted me to come here to show those people that they are loved. So my new companions name is Elder Barry, he loves to draw, I know I am going to love serving with him despite of how different we are :). He is pretty funny. WE ARE GOIN TO TEACH AND PREACH TILL WE DROP!!! I have a feeling I am going to grow so much in this area I just know I am, I am already starting to love this area, for the first little while it might be difficult but I am stoked to serve, the members so far seem pretty nice like always :). It was fuunny last night we were tracting some apartment this lady took a book of mormon and said she wasnt really interested? but after she closed the door we heard her say " I CANT BE MEANT TO THE MORMONS THEY ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE" I thought that was pretty funny to hear. Its a bit different to be in a driving area again, I kinda miss walkin? thought i would never say that. :) We are driving a chrysler baby blue haha seems kinda girly but at least it has 4 wheels and drives. :) The district has alot of work. I got so so much to do I hope I will do all that i can to do what the lord expects of me. I am excited to serve here in fairmont. I have to speak on Sunday. so I hope my talk goes well :)
well this orning I had a pretty awesome personal study, I am so excited for general conference!!! I wish we could just have it every weekend for church. I am tryin to read the last conference ensign before this conference. I lovedRichard G Scotts talk on the scriptures I am goin to try really hard these next couple weeks to be in the scriptures, I loved how he explained the importance of memorizing scriptures which is something i wanna start doin, I liked how he said that the scriptures can become our bestest friend. I have turned to the scriptures so much this week, I know that anytime we go through a hard time or a rough situation I know that we can turn to the scriptures to support us to build us to strengthen us . I am thankful for the scriptures and the power that they have in my life. I know that they are goin to be my biggest support this next transfer.
I hope and pray you all know how much I love you I hope you know how thankful I am for you. I express my deepest gradtitude to my father in heaven for such wonderful friends and family. I love you all have an awewsome week.

moroni 8 : 3 elder bentley
my new adress:

1715 MaryLou Retton Dr. #35 (just put #35 no apt. before it)
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 6th, 2012

Well what is up everyone!!!!! I hope you all are doin well!!! I hope you have had such a great week!!! I hope you all know how greatful I am for you, I thank you all for your support and your love which you show to me. I really thank you for everything.
So I wanted to tell my uncle wes first HELLO!!! I miss ya buddy so much. I was so happy to hear that maddy is gettin baptized this week. I am proud of her and I hope she grew as long as you from the missionary lessons, arent they amazing to know how much our father in heaven loves us. I love bein able to study these lessons the every day , I am still learning so much about theses principles that I teach and it truely brings me closer to my savior. I think its amazing how you kept you promise you made to me before my mission. I cant wait to to go the temple with ya bud, I know your doin the right thing and im here to supprt you 100%!!!! I love ya. MAddy I wish so so bad i could be at your baptism this week. what such a special day you have comin up, pay attention to how you feel and always strive to have that special feelin with you. I sure love you maddy!!!! you the best!!!!
Well Guess what ya all Im gettin transferd. . . I thought this one would be easier since I turned 20 years old but it feels like a part of me is going to be missin. . I have rally grown to love this area. I have been truely blessed to bring 5 people into the church who are all such wonderful converts who I will truely miss, I have 2 great companions who have taught me so much how to be better , I have been blessed to plant many seeds in this area, I cant even count the number of book of mormons I handed out since I have been here. The lord has blessed me to serve such wonderful members of the church. I really think that a temple will be built here someday. This haas been such an amazing area to serve in. I felt whats its like to walk for 7 months straight as a missionary which has been an amazing experience. I truely feel like I have been humbled here in BV. I have had the opprtunity to grow closer to my savior and have spent numerous hours askin my father in heaven for help. And he he has been there to lift me and and to bless me every step of the way. I thank him, and to him I owe him everything i got and all my service all my time and service. I am goin to miss this area. So president called yesterday, he said that I will be going to FAREMONT, WEST VIRGINIA and I will be district leader there. i am greatful that I get to go serve there. I will be serving with this elder named elder berry. I will be goin into a pretty big ward so it will be exciting, I will email you all my adress next week. I am so nervous to leave, stinks gettin attached to areas, I wouldnt have mind stayin here the rest of my mission. I am greatful for the opportunity which I had to serve in such a wonderful area.I thank my father in heaven I was able to serve here. And for how much i was able to learn and grow, it will be wierd not going to 3 wards anymore it will be so different. Ill miss this area.
I wanna leave you all with my testimony that I know this church is true!!!! I am greatful for the opportunity to be on a mission and serve my father in heaven.
36 and thus they were instruments in the hands of god in bringing many to the knowledge of the truth, yea, to the knowledge of their redeemer.
37 and how blessed are they! for they did publish peace; they did publish good TIDINGS of good; and they did declare unto the people that the lord
i am greatful for the service im rendering to my father in heaven. I pray that I will accomplish all the lord expects of me in fairmont WV. i pray that my testimony will continue to grow I love my savior, I love our beloved prophet and I know that the things we teach as missionaries is true. thats my testimony. short and sweet, I am sorry its short it woll be better next week i promise.I love you all so much, I will tell you all next week my adress. I miss you all so much . i pray for all. I hope my family and my brothers and sisters know how much I love them. I miss you have a great week .
love elder bentley
moroni 8:3