Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20, 2012

Well HELLO!!! I sure do hope you all are doing well, I sure do love and miss all of you. Well I am going to appologize ahead of time that this email is short. I dont have to much time today we are super busy as always!!!
But the most exciting news is I am leaving Clarksburg, WV and heading down to Vinton, Virginia tomorrow. And I am going to be training a new missionary for the 3rd time!!!!! I am so excited I will no longer be a zone leader so this should be sweeter than wheat!!! But I sure will miss this wonderful place and the many blessings I have been able to be apart of here. Beign able to be apart of Jerri Vincent conversion has been really amazing and she will  be someone I truely miss and and I cant wait for her and her family  can go to the temple to be sealed i know that she will be there someday. I am greatful for the missionaries I have been able to serve amoung here and the lessons they have taught me I hope that I have served them well. I am greatful for 2 wonderful companions I had here I have surely learned so much from the both of them and have taught me so so much and helped me become more of whata my father in heaven wants me to be. The blessings of beign apart of this work is amazing. I love it and I will sure miss serving In clarksburg Wv!!! So yesterday and today we have been moving into a new house its tought to find the time to do anything because there is so much junk to move outta this old house !!! But me and my companion will be getting doubled in on wenesday probably will be ealking around with our heads cut off for the first couple of weeks haha. we are moving into a sister apartment so hopefully its nice haha :).
But I hope my brother Coda had a great birthday I love you buddy and i cant wait to see ya soon.
And PAPA happy birthday larry , i hoep you get R DONE and I hope you have an amazing day , love ya pops
But like I said this email is hort and I am sorry I cant wait to email you all next week and I will send you all the adress. I love you all , and dont send any lettters to clarksburg!!!
I love you all have a great week!!!
elder bentley

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