Monday, June 4, 2012

May 29th, 2012

We aRe Family!!!!!!!!!  I love you all so much i hope you all have had such a great week, my goodness i dont ever think you all will know how greatful I am for each and everyone of you!!!! 
 Well This week has been pretty exciting and busy as a zone leader!! I think  one of the things i love about this area is we play Basketball with a bunch of non-members every tuesday and thursday, i gotta admit i am loving the basketball, cant wait to get home and keep playin some good old church ball.
 So I am getting a new companion tomorrow!!! His name is elder Makemson, not even sure if that is how you spell it. But I am excited to see what this next transfer brings, president pitt and the lord is expecting alot outta me, that was told to me this week so i got alot to do. We were so blessed in our zone to see a couple baptisms, but right now we are in the rebuilding stages of gettin more people on date, I hope I can find a way to get an even balance of dates and baptism at the same time. BUt I am excited this next transfer will be fun!!! So we are hoping to see another baptism within the next 2 weeks for this lady named jerri Vincent we are so excited, just need to finish the lessons with her and get her baptized, she is just so elect and prepared by the lord it amazing, she loves my companion that i have now and doesnt wanna see him go . . . But we are excited for ehats going on within our ward and the zone a missionary thats leaving tomorrow is getting a baptism today before he leaves thats so amazing !!!! Blessings are just all over the place for us. We started to teaching an awesome family who will eventually get baptized, we got some other people on the radar who are lookin to investigate the church. The work is pickin up but there is still so much to do!!!
 I just wanted to tell Uncle Craig how greatful i am for him and his wonderful example for me to serve a mission, i heard your health is not doin so well just remember to put forth faith , i promise and i know that the lord loves ya and the wonderful uncle that you are , he is watching over ya. I hope you know i love ya and i appreciate all the things you do for me and my family!!!!
Well not to much new this week, but I am super excited for what is to come this next transfer, i love you all so much!!!! Please have such a great week and i miss you all.
                                                                                                               love elder bentley
                                                                                  -moroni 8:3
p.s These past couple weeks we have been in a rush, so ill try to make my next email more spiritual

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