Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th, 2012

Subject: love ya all
Howdy ya all!!! What such a great week , and I hope you all can agree with me. The field is ALWAYS WHITE and ALWAYS READY TO HARVEST. I hope and pray that your families are all doin so so well, please know i love ya and i send my love to ya all from West Virginia.
 Well I have been so blessed once again to see such a wonderful conversion from start to finish!!! THis week Elder Makemson and I had the opportunity to baptize Jerri Vincent it was such a great baptism!!!  I had the opportuinity and privledge to baptize her, that baptisimal prayer was just so powerful it was really amazing. She came up outta the water and just thanked me over and over. I know that again this is why I came to West Virginia i couldnt imagine how much different my life would be if i hadnt have come to this mission or be here at this time, so This week we spent most of our time preparing her for her baptism it was awesome.
Then this Week we had Zone Leader Council I learned alot about obedience, I thought alot about a letter my grandma wrote to me before my mission saying to be totally obedient and obey all mission rules. She shared with me a quote by elder neal A Maxwell: "Be different from the world in order to make a difference in the world." I know that obedience is so important I have comitted not only to president pitt but to the lord to me a more righteous priesthood holder and to be a 110% obedient till the end of my mission, it seriously not worth it to   be partially obedient or to pick and choose what we will and wont obey. I know That I may not be perfect but I am greatful for times like thses where i have my savior to help me commit to things that may seem small but in the long run are so big.
I hope Brad Welchman and Danjee have a great birthday , i love you brothers and your families thanks for your support wnd your great examples have such a great day .
I am soorry I didnt have alot of time to email today but hope you all know i love you and next week will be better there was alot of emails to read, I love you all so much have a great week, lets move this gospel forward together .
love elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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