Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4th, 2012

Howdy ya all its great to be emailing ya this week. It makes me so happy to communicate with you all every week!!! I love ya and hope you had such a great week!!
I love my mission so much i know i say that probably a thousand times but its true. HOnestly I really think I have had the best companions in the world. THey are so spiritual and such great leaders, I wonder if at times if they get tired of serving with me sometimes i may be a pain in the neck to get along with, but i feel so blessed to have great spiritually strong companions. Well this week I was sad to see my good friend elder Kelsch leave but i have been blessed with a wonderful companion and his name is Elder Makemson, he is pretty sweet, He is from arizonna acctually lives not to far from my house pretty crazy we always have a lot to talk about haha. Its so much fun and i love just everything i am learning from these missionaries.
 Well Alot is happenin here in C-Burg we had our awesome investigators Jerri Vincent come back from Vacation this week, We probably be seein her everyday this week since we have her baptism coming up this friday!!!!! She is just so solid she sacraficed her own baptism for her friend who was in the hospital, her friend is Shirley Weaver and was the one who recieved her endowment and introduced jerri to the church, While Jerri has been gone these past 2 weeks she really was converted to the lord and wants to do this for him because she knows its right and true for her and not for another person besides herself. THis has been such an amazing conversion to be apart of she is amazing and we cant wait for this weekend. Then yesterday we were able to set this other family on date Their names our Chris and Kayla Dorsey, they are an awesome family and they all want to be together for ever with their family. We are excited to see this conversion as well. This work just brings forth such great blessings its amazing!! I love it her in clarksburg and the blessings i am able to witness. Me and elder makemson have alot of work to do for this zone , I can tell this is going to be a blast because he is fun and spiritual.
 Well Lately I have been studying alot about the apostasy , you know I have never really had a testimony of this principle until recently, I know that there had to be some sort of falling away to bring about the Restoration of all things. Something I learned this week while reading the scriptures is God promises us that there will never be another apostasy because everything that was lost is once again restored through Joseph Smith. How lucky we are as Latter Day Saints to have a living propheet again on this earth, to have the priesthood to perform saving ordiances and to guide and direct Christ church on this earth today. I also learned that we can individual apostasy where we turn away from the truth, or simply try to bend the rules or commandments to fiit us, My friends and family I know our savior lives please know that this restoration is true. Just stop and think about how many blessings we have in our lives because of this Church. Its not worth it to go away or to pick and choose what we will obey, remember obedience in all things brings the richest blessings in eternity. I know this may sound preachy and I am sorry But I have come to know that these things are true I know that Joseph Smith is the lord mouth piece. I love my savior , I love bein able to witness such spiritual conversions which bless my life so much. I know that these things are true and i am greatful to be sharing this gospel in this part of the world. Its such an amazing experience to be apart of this 56,000 vast army of missionaries proclaiming this true gospel.
 I want my grandma to know I love her , I am thankful for her sacrafices for me in my life she is amazing thank you for everything ;) I miss talking to ya but I anxiously await to talk to you again on Christmas, I hope you have such a great birthday , and remember I love you so much.
Jensen Thomas Happpy birthday buddy I miss you so much, Thank you for bein such a great cousins, I hope your getting better at the wii. hae a great birthday bud i love ya.
Uncle Craig want ya to know I am praying for you buddy , I love ya and hope your health gets better.
Ilove you all so much, thank yoU thank you thank you for your alls support love and help not only to me but to my family, Its a pleasure to be moving this great work along with you, I love you so much have such a great week.
                                                                                        elder bentley -moroni 8:3

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