Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hello friends and family , i am going to appologize ahead of time if this email is short but i have been really busy this week and not much new is going on here. But I hope you all are having such a great , great week.   I want nothing but the best for you all be cause all of you matter so much to me!!!!!
 Well this week I thought I would just bear a testimony , it stinks i cant bear it in person but i hope you all can feel that same spirit over email. Lately I have gained a testimony just how important the scriptures. I know that the scriptures can be like packets of sun shine and make us happy. I know that satan will get not to read or he might distract us and seem to pull us farther and farther away from the scriptures, but i know as we take the time to read we can be filled with happiness. I have come to know alot on my mission how important obedience is, it seems like every time i turn around that the lord is reminding me to be obedient, sometimes i feel like i can never measure up But I know that obedience does bring blessing , we got to remember to obedient to the principles of the gospel, to our leaders and to the simple things that matter most in our life. If we remember the Strippling warriors, it says the obeyed with exactness i wonder how much different things would have been for those 2000 young men if they hadnt obeyed, Remember in the book of mormon , I believe it was the nephites made a covenant never to take up arms or fight again and Helaman had to remind them of the covenant they made, and they obeyed. We got to be obedient , we not be perfect , but how greatful I am for the gift of repentance which gets me back on that striaght and narrow. It litterally is a gift to me , just by making steps of repentance I can be so much more happier and not dwell on past transgression. I am so greatful to be a worthy priesthood holder and missionary. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my savior I love wearing this black name tag every day. I feel empty without it on, I will always remain worthy to bear his name on my chest. I think when i get home i am going to get a tag that says brother bentley so i can remember that belong to his church and that i am a representaive of him at all times, and in all things, and in all places. I love my father in heaven I love communicating with him, i know he is always there for us and he loves us so so much. I know without a doubt that this church is true and i know that Joseph saw what he said he saw and i know that the book of mormon is the word of god. I know that we have a living prophet today. I love my family so so much . I love my friends. I am greatful for each and everyone of you who have impacted my life. Thank you for your sacrafice. Lately I love the temple how blessed we are for what we have for the opportunity to go to the temple weekly and to make special covenants. I would challenge you to go every week. Thats something i am going to make a habbit when i get home. i know that these things are trues and these are things that matter most to me more than anything in the world. I love serving my father in heaving and these wonderful people of west virginia and i love my recent converts so muchand i hope and pray everyone of them will cherish the gospel forever.
I love you all so much i am sorry nothing really new happened just went on alot of exchanges and ya. I love you all so much , thank you for taking the time to read these emails i hope they are worth your time. Have such a great week you all are the best.

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