Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hello everyone!!!! I hope everyone has had a great week!!! This week has
been amazing for us here in Logan. We have been so blessed this week. I know
that through this work that my family will be able to recieve blessings as
So like I said this week we were so blessed to have Alex Dalton be
baptized. I am so happy that I was able to witness this amazing experience
in his life. I have really enjoyed being able to teach him and watching him
gain a personal testimony of this gospel. It been such an amazing experience
to watch. To watch alex gain that friendship with his savior has been
amazing. I know that he will be a great missionary to his family and I know
that his family will follow his example and someday will be baptized!!!! So
the baptism went amazing. I got the chance to talk about the Holy Gohst and
express my gratitude towards Alex's . But before the baptism I asked his mom
if she would like to say anything. She stood up and gave the most heartfelt
gratitude prayer. It was so amazing to watch!!! The spirit was so strong
during his baptism. His mom came to church the whole time yesterday to see
his baptism. It was so awesome. She told us after the baptism" I am so happy
to be alive to witness this day for my son." 6 months ago I never thought
Alex would accept this gospel now he finially did. I know that the gospel
can change lives for the better. I am a witness of the happiness it can
bring into our lives. I know that this gospel is true. There is no better
happiness than this.
This weekend we had alot of fun with our branch. We celbrated pioneer day
on Saturday. And the food was so good!! :) But we played Tug o War and Elder
Whitehead and I got to be the captins and My team one ( ha ha we had the
down hill slope thats why ha ha) That was fun we had a bubble gum blowing
contest waterballoon tossing and so much more. :) But that wasnt the best
part. The best part was to see 5 investigators at this party. One of them
being Anita. She came and she toured the church. I am so glad she came
though and saw the church . But at least thats one step forward:) We were
also able to see 2 new people. For the past 3 months they have studied our
church online and they came to the party. For 2 people to go out of their
way just to find our church is amazing I cant wait to start teaching them I
know it will be amazing. They had such an amazing glow about them . It ws so
As you can see we have been blessed beyond measure here in Logan. I know
that this wouldnt be possible without the help of our heavenly father. He is
blessing with so much. I am so greatful for these blessings he is giving me.
I am so greatful to experiene the happiness that comes from this work. I
know every area may not be as succesful as this area. But I hope that i can
get every area to be just as great. I hope I can be a blessing for each ward
I serve in. I am so lucky for what I have and what Im experiencing as a
So this week I have been reading in Alma still. Im almost done :) I have
been really enjoying reading about all these war stories. I have learned
alot from Moroni and how he rebuilds the weakest part of the cities into
something so great. And when the Lamenites come they were so astonished that
these weak cities they couldnt even get past . I have been thinking alot
about this lately and this can compare alot to us. Often times we have weak
cities which heavenly father (moroni) encourages us to rebuild and
strengthen and fortify against the Lamenites (Satan). I know that can apply
alot to me. I know I have some weak cities that I really neeed to
strengthen. I know it may be hard to rebuild these cities. But if we just
simply do it and obey our heavenly father he will indeed bless us agaisnt
the Lamenites.
This week I didnt get the chance to meet with my mission president but this
wenesday he is coming down. He had to change his plans for something. I am
really excited to see what he says:)
I also want to wish my mom a Happy birthday I hope she knows how much I
love and miss her. She is the greatest mom in the world. I am so greatful
for all that you do for me as a missionary. I love reading your
emails everyweek. I love you mom so much. have a great week and ill write
you soon alright :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I am so greatful that the lord is blessing me with so much. I am so greatful
for my family and I hope they all know how much I love them. I love this
gospel so much. I love sharing with people that I am member of the church of
Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I love the blessings that come from this
gospel everyday. Thank you all so much for your support that you give to me
. I hope you all have an excellent week. May you all be safe and be safe and
know how much I love and miss you all.
8:3) -Elder Bentley

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