Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Wow what another fantastic week!!! I hope everyone had a great week!! I am
so EXCITED to tell you all about my week.
I dont think life could be any better!!! I love being able to loose myself
in the work everyday!!! Its the best. I know this is what I worked for is to
be a missionary!
So first I want to share an awesome experience I had not this Sunday but
last. It has to do with the priesthood. The Priesthood is such a special
gift. Its a gift given to me and the millions of men around the world to act
in gods name. As I have been on my mission I have come to realize how
important it is to live worthy of the priesthood. I had an amazing
experience with it this past Sunday. We went to visit the Bigleys and Sister
Thomas that Sunday. Sister Thomas's leg really started hurting. So we
offered to give her a blessing she accepted. I was the one to give her the
blessing. It was hurting her so bad. Elder Whithead set apart the oil and I
sealed it and was able to give the blessing. As I ended the blessings she
turned to me five with tears in her eyes and said Elder Bentley it doesnt
hurt anymore. Her and sister Bigley were in tears. This experience has been
on my mind all week. I am greatful my heavenly father has entrusted me a 19
year old with such a special gift. I am so indeed greatful for the power of
the priesthood. Yesterday I was reading in the conference ensign from 2007
priesthood session and I came across a talk by President Thomas S. Monson
called " The Priesthood- a sacraed gift" And I really loved what he asked us
as priesthood holders

"from youngest to the oldest, are you living with your lifes accordances
with what the Lord requires? Are you worthy to bear the priesthood of God?
If you are not, make the decision here and now, muster the courage it will
take, and insitute whatever changes necessary so that your life is what it
should be. TO sail safely the seas of mortality, we need the guidance of
that eternal mairner- even the great Jehovah. If we are not on the lords
errand we are entitled to the lords help."

I love that part of the talk it really helped me realize how important the
priesthood we hold is. I want all my cousins friends and especially my 2
younger brothers and dad to know. That the priesthood is so special. Do
whatever possible to make sure we are living in harmony with our
priesthood!!! Remember " the limit comes in you if you do not live in
harmony with the spirit of the lordand you limit yourselves in the power you
exert." I know that the priesthood can bless peoples lives. Im a witness of
Lately as you all know I have been reading in the book of mormon I am
halfway through Alma!!!! Its the best. Its so cool hearing about Alam and
Ammon and his brethern missionary experiences. Its so awesome to think of
how many Lamanite lives they changed just by relying on the lord. I love the
joy that ammon after their mission. I hope I can have that much joy when I
get back . But a verse I found to help me alot as a missionary comes from
Alma chapter 27-29.
"now when our hearts were depressed , and we were about to turn back, behold
the lord comforted us , and said:Go against thy bretheren the Lamanites, and
bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you succes. "
"And now behold, we have come, and been forth amongst them; and we have been
patient in our sufferings, and we have suffered every privation; yea, we
have traveled from house to house, relying upon the mercies of the world—not
upon the mercies of the world alone but upon the mercies of God."
"And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught
them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we
have also entered into their temples and their synagogues and taught them;
and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our
cheeks; and we have been stoned, and taken and bound with strong cords, and
cast into prison; and through the power and wisdom of God we have been
delivered again."
I think this is such an awesome verse and applys to everything to what I am
doing this day. We have a baptisim coming up this nest Sunday we are supper
excited for Alex Dalton. I am so glad he has made this special commitment. I
know that his family will soon follow. I am so happy because Elder Partridge
and I are the ones who started teaching him!!!! And now he is finally
getting baptized!!! All of our investigators are doing great. I love Crystal
and her family and Im so glad I baptized them. I am so happy that the work
is going so well here in Logan. I love it here!!!!
Tomorrow I have to meet with the new mission president, which I a m super
nervous for because of what he told me at meet the president. Yesterday was
probably one the best sundays I have ever had. It was so spiritual I really
enjoyed i wish you all could have been there. I am so blessed to have had
such great companions I hope that Heavenly Father will continue to bless me
with such great companions. We have a bit ofa struggle at saying our
companionship prayers in the morning . Ireally need to step up and help our
compionship with that.
Well Thank you all so much for all you do!!! i love ya all. thank you so
much for hwlping me in this work. I hope everyones families are doing well.
And I hope that these emails will help you all individually as much as it
has helped me. Have a fantstic week. And I look forward to another great

Bentley (moroni 8:3)

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