Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great fourth of July!!! Mine was
Well this week we got the chance to meet the new mission president and I
so excited to work with President Pitt for the next year and a half. Him
his wife have such amazing testimonies and I can really tell Im going to
learn alot from them. Anyways a cool experience I had this week with the
mission president. . . before the meeting started he told us to line up
the hall and he was going to shake everyones hand and say HI!!!! so we
me and my companion Elder Whitehead were about halfway down the line I
him making his way through just asking the elders where they were from
said hi. . . so he gets to me and I have the biggest smile on my face .
. he
smiles back and says Elder Bentley and I replied yes president, He said
was reading your profile and I prayed about you and I just want you to
that your father in heaven is very pleased with you and has alot of
in store for you and I cant wait to tell you my feelings and thoughts I
when I come to meet with you. That just made me so nervous to hear that.
. After he got done Elder Whitehead nugged me in the side with his elbow
said ha ha you alright bud. . . he didnt say anything like that to my
companion or anyone else that I know of. I felt like i meet president
before but I have never seen him before and for him to say something
that kinda shocked me, so Im just a bit nervous for my interview coming
with him ha ha. He is a great man!!!
So the work here has been going absolutely Great!!!! We were so blessed
yesterday to have so many of our investigators at church the whole
was almost packed!!! We had 8 investigators at church!!!! Yesterday I
had to
give a talk on Repentance and I just want my dad, mom and grandparents
know how grateful I am for you all helping me!!! Without your help I
think my talk would have gone so well. Well like I said I had to give a
talk on Repentance . . . I almost had my whole talk memorized only but
story and I think I messed up twice but thats about it. I shared with
this story about the HUBBA BUBBA BUBBLE GUM!! And I really like this
it was about a man who was at school and got his favorite pair of slacks
stuck to gum under a desk. So he rushed home asked his wife and took it
the dry cleaner and got them cleaned after they were cleaned they still
managed to get dirty. repentance is like this story because often we get
or sin on us and its really hard to get off . Sometimes we can get most
the Hubba but not all the Bubba off. So the Atonement is the dry
through the atonement we can be made clean but yet still often after we
they will still get dirty so. we need to remember to keep ourselves
from sin. Thats why we have great priesthood holders today who are
by God to help be clean from our mistakes. We need to make sure that we
to repentance often and make sure we are clean from sin.

Everyone that came up to me said that I will always remember your talk
about the Hubba bubba bubble gum. I am so grateful my heavenly father
family helped with this talk. Well I have been reading alot from the
book of Mormon!!! I am already
halfway through again!!! I started Alma this morning. Well while I have
reading I continue to find answer to my prayers and lately I found alot
scriptures on missionary work I found one the other day, which I have
come to
love and it is found in Mosiah 26:20
"Thou art my servant; and I covenant with thee thou shalt have eternal
and thou shalt serve me and go forth in my name, and shalt gather
my sheep."
I just remember while I was reading this I realized how important my
was I felt like father was speaking directly to me when I came across
scripture. I love how I continue to read the book of mormon and find
that pertain to my life today and that's how know that my father n
is listening as I search him out in the scriptures. I want to challenge
everyone to pray for answers that you need and search it out in the
scriptures and I promise we will come out gaining so much knowledge of
Savior and of the blessings that await us as we read the scriptures.
Well elder Whitehead and I are doing great. He is a great companion and
am grateful to be serving with him. I really feel that we have been
beyond measure to be serving here in Logan. We teach so well together
and I
have learned alot from him. The members here are just awesome like
Sister Thomas is the sweetest lady on this side of the Mississippi
:)!!!! we
had so many dinner appointments this week it was awesome. I still am
about how many people came to church yesterday. At least I know we are
doing something right. :)
Well I just want my family to know how much I love them and miss them. I
so jealous that you all went to California but I hope you know that I
wouldnt want to be anywhere else but here serving my Savior. I know a
and half seems like forever away but Thats a year and half of so many
blessings to come!!! I cant believe I have already been out 5 months!!!
and Savannah and Cade and Shaders!!! I love you!!! I hope you all have
summer break and be safe . I am grateful that I am able to be your older
brother and I hope I can set a great example for all of you to follow.
Well i hope everyone has a great week. I love you all so much. Thank you
all for helping get to where I am today. Without you all none of this
would have been possible to achieve. Thank you so much for all your
and continual support not only to me but to my family. Have a great week
love ya all:
Elder Bentley(Moroni 8:3)

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