Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello everyone!!!!! I hope everyone has had a great week because I sure have. . This week has been a big big testimony builder for me personally. We are already starting to see miracles occur in this area.
This week has been a pretty amazing week. We have been so blessed to be able to start teaching some people. Every single lesson we had this week, The spirit was present. We are receiving so so many referrals from the members in this Buena Vista Ward. We started teaching 4 new investigators this week!!!! And this week we loaned out 10 copies of the book of Mormon. Ha a funny story to share with ya all this week. Elder Parker and I were going around knocking on doors. We got to this one purple house and all these Mexicans were sitting on the porch. I got so excited because maybe if they allowed us to come back we would be able to teach in Spanish!!! So we get to the porch they all said they wanted us to come back!!! And for us next time to bring a "EL Libro De Moromon". Im so excited it makes me feel like I am in Arizona again ha ha!!! And this week we are planning on getting several new investigators!!! And we found out that this kids mom wants him to get baptized within the next month!!! We had a couple of the less actives that haven't been to church in a while come to church yesterday that was great to see. It just seems like everything is working out. We can really feel the Holy Ghost in every lesson we teach. Elder Parker is going to be such a great Elder. He is teaching me so much it almost feels like I'm getting trained again. He came so so prepared for his mission I know he is going to do great. I am so grateful I have this opportunity to train a new missionary. Its not an easy job. But it helped me realize how much my Heavenly father is there for me . He is there to help me in these tough times. I am so grateful for him and the blessings he is giving to this area.
Well this week we got to working on the bikes that were broken outside our apartment and we got one of them fixed, how we did it I dont know. But I guess we will do anything it takes to not buy a bike. I will buy duck tape to hold a tire on If I really need to . But we almost got the other one fixed just need to fix the chain and tire and we are going to be riding!!! Im kinda sacred to ride a bike here because its nothing like arizona where its all flat. The roads are like hills GIANT hills like I almost just want to stick with walking ha ha. But ya so thats been fun getting those fixed. This week we had to help a member move 1000+ pound marble table from India she got the SVU coaching staff to help us and 2 other Elders. That thing was HEAVY IT took more time getting it out of the wooden crate that I have only seen in movies with ropes around it, than it did moving it inside. ha ha . But it was so fun. We have been assigned to 2 student wards haha . We went to our first student ward yesterday it is pretty cool.
I had some really faith building experience this week. We went to visit a less- active that was all the way across town. like near the end of our area and we had to walk there ha ha. But we got there we had an amazing visit with them we got to know them. We talked about the sacrament which is one of my favorite subjects to talk about with people. And they said that really want to come back to church. As we were visiting with this couple the husband told us about all the serious illness he was having. I then felt the urge to ask would you like a blessing and paused and said you know Id love that. so we proceed with the blessing. After I got done giving the blessing the guy was just in tears. . . He expressed deep gratitude for us. I love that part of being a missionary. Being able to give a blessing by the spirit. The spirit was just so strong in the room that day. I am so indeed grateful for the priesthood which I hold that really does bless these peoples lives. This week I just want to leave with you my testimony that I know for a surety that this gospel is true. It really does bring these people closer to their savior. Its been a blessing to watch the happiness , joy , love as these people center their lives around their savior. I know that the savior lives. I'm doing my very best to be his personal Representative in this great work. I know that god loves you and is watching over you and your family everyday. I know he is I know he is there and I know he is listening. In closing President Hinckley once made this statement in General conference and I would like to echo him on his words on the savior. . " Through giving His life in pain and unspeakable suffering, he has reached down to lift me. . Jesus is my friend, my exemplar, my savior, my king." I love you all so much thank you for your prayers of support. It truly is helping me in this work. I love you all so much. I hope you all will be able to be a witness of all the blessings that heavenly father blesses us with everyday!!! This is my testimony in the name of my my Friend, my exemplar, my savior, my king. in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Happy birthday pa pa I love you!!!
I love you tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Moroni 8:3) love - Elder Bentley

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