Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well mom this week I thought Id just type an email to you if that would be
ok. . . telling you how much I love you and how I am doing. Well I hope mom
you know how much I miss you and how much I love you. These past 7 months
haven't been easy without you. At times I wish me and you could just go out
to lunch and have a big Juicy sandwich from paradise Bakery with a large
Dr. Pepper just like the good ole days. I miss you mom so much I think more
than you will ever know. I was reading a talk by President Eyring the other
day from one of the past general conferences and he talked about how prayer
brings us much closer to our families. I am so grateful mom that we have a
heavenly father who is bringing us so much closer together even though I'm
2000 miles away. Anyways in his talk he shared about how hard it was for him
when he left his dad on a street corner in New York. He wanted to turn
around and run back to his dad but he knew he couldn't and while he was away
prayer brought him so much closer to his family. I promise you mom that has
been my life line these past 7 months is prayer honestly without prayer and
without constant blessings from Heavenly Father I am able to perform the
work that he wants me to do. So Guess what mom . . . This week we had a
funny situation where we ran into this guy who completely drunk out of his
mind. I am pretty sure he didn't know what we talked about. But I had the
funnest conversation with him ha ha although he didn't agree with anything I
said I am pretty sure he didn't remember anything it was the funnest. I
don't know what my luck is since I have been out but this is the 3-4th drunk
guy I have ran into ha ha. When we were pulling up on our bikes they were
all sitting outside and asked for our names I said my name is Elder Bentley
the drunk guy was like what!!!! what are you doing riding a stupid thing
like that ha ha it was so funny!!!! But when walked out of there we were
like the bestest friends with them ha ha he tried offering us something to
drink but we said no thanks. ha ha this guy was a nut. Ya we finally got
bikes I am so happy for that, but my legs hurt so bad for a couple days
because of all the hills. We worked so hard this week we have 2 baptisimal
dates for this month on the 24th we are pretty excited for that and
hopefully we can get one of the college students baptized this month. So our
companionship is doing pretty good.
THis week I was reading in Ether 12 and i really love this chapter
especially the part where it talks about in verses 32-37 about how THere is
a place which our savior is preparing for us which is a mansion in the house
of my father. I really love these verses. I have compared it to Enos 1:27.
Mom I would invite you to read it and set it as a goal for our family. .
.when we stand before the savior at that last day I want him to be able to
look us in the eyes and say "come unto me ye blessed there is a place
prepared for you in the mansions of my father. I hope that we can stay
worthy enough for that eternal blessing which is promised time and time
again through out the scriptures.
Mom I hope you know how much I love you!!! I love you to the moon and back.
You are my best friend. It will always be me and you. I promise that. Mom I
miss singing country music to ya. I remember you would get so mad every time
we had it on country music. . . Ha ha. Mom I love you so so so much I hope
you have the greatest week, Let everyone know that I am doing great!!! I
miss them all so much. please mom know that I love you and am always praying
for you and our family I love you mom. Please tell Aunt Marianne and Ticky
that I love em so much and I miss them. I hope mom that I am making you
happy and setting a good example for those around me . May our family be
FOREVER STRONG!!! and know that I love you so much!!!!!

love elder Bentley - Moroni 8:3 I love you mom!!!

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