Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello everyone!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well and has had a great week!!!! I hope you all know how much I miss you and i pray that everyone is doing great. This week has been just another GREAT WEEK!!! Like I always say. our area is continuing to be blessed, thank you so much for all your prayers, it really does help us in this great work to find those people who are awaiting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am so excited for e general confernece. I cant believe this will be my second one. I know this one will be even better. I pray that we will all go in with a open heart to this general conference and have that desire to learn and grow from our prophets and apostles. I am so excited to see what I learn as a missionary.

Well this week has been an amazing week for me as a missionary. I feel like I have grown spiritually and everything has just been amazing for us. This week we have had awesome lessons with the student that we are teaching. I had an amazing expereince during one of them. At the end of the lesson I had the opportunity to give the closing prayer to our lesson. I felt so close to my heavenly father during this prayer it was as if he was standing right in front of me. I just felt his presence so strongly around me. After I got done saying the prayer the girl we were teaching was crying. Lately thats just how its always been feeling. Its such a hard feeling to describe but I feel like Father in heaven is standing right by me. I love this feeling. So this student is so excited for her baptism!!! I am too not this Friday but next Friday she will be getting baptized. I am so excited for her and that she was willing to make this covenant. She also attend the baptismthat we had this weekend. We had a patism for Bech Garrett that went really well and I know that Bech is going to be a great example to his dad.

Well I gotta get going . I hope you all know how much I love you. Thank you so much. for everything. I hope you all have a great week. I am sorry this email is so short It was hard to find what to say. but I promise I will come prepared next week. I just hope you all know that I am doing great . I love serving my heavenly. And I am so great ful for the blessings he is giving to our area. I love you all so much . MAy we all find that special closeness with our heavenly father and gain that personal relationship with him. I love you all!!

love: Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)

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