Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 12, 2011

Hello everyone !!!! I hope everyone is having such a great week!! I miss
you all so much and I am super excited to tell you all about my week.
Well our area is doing absolutely great!!!! We have been sincerely blessed
to start teaching so many people as of late. We are working really hard to
accomplish all of our goals and to help this area as best as we can. We have
2 baptismal dates coming up next week which we are super excited for!! And I
am hoping that we will get to baptize someone else this month and I have a
feeling that we found that someone yesterday. This week we got a member
referral from one of the student wards and we went and taught her yesterday
with 7 members there to help us during the lesson it was amazing. I was so
excited for this lesson all day yesterday, the spirit was so strong when we
entered the room. So we started the lesson just like we normally would and
no one was speaking up ha ha, so we got to the restoration and everyone just
started bearing their testimony, and of the book of Mormon and of prayer it
was absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that she is indeed the one of the
ones we were supposed to find here in Buena Vista. The amazing part is she
already has a testimony of the book of mormon. She told us sometime last
week she was having a hard day. She opened randomly in the book of mormon
and found a scripture immediately that applied directly to her and she knew
that right then the Book was TRUE!!! It was amazing and we are so excited to
teach her again this week!!! We are working so hard and accomplishing all
our goals.
We have been walking alot the past couple of weeks. We thought it would be
safe to just walk alot instead of ride ha ha since they are not our bikes
and we have been finding a lot of success on foot. THis week is going to be
pretty exciting because I get to go up to CHarleston on Wenesday for
Leadership training and I get to see Elder Partridge and Elder Whitehead so
I am pretty excited. I have noticed a word that they say alot around here .
I love Hearing "Well I Reckon" It seems like everyone says that it is so
cool!!! I love it!!! ha ha I guess you could say it tickles me to death. :)
I love the calling of being a trainer. Lately these past couple weeks I have
felt a special closeness to my heavenly father. He has answered my prayers
so much the past weeks and it been amazing once again to be a witness of all
the blessings. I have put alot of faith in my heavenly father to help me in
this calling as a missionary. It hard but its super fun. I have put my
thoughts and have worked as hard as I can to help this area grow. I hope and
I pray that I can be the mssionary that my heavenly father wants me to be. I
am so greatful to be a missionary. I love this calling and I hope to be the
best missionary I can be.
As I think about the importance of Faith. . . I think of a scripture I was
reading this morning from the book of mormon. When Laman and Lemuel tied
Nephi up with Cords. When Nephi was tied up he says 'Lord according to to my
faith which is in thee, wilt thou loose me from the bands. And he did
exactly that. According to Nephi's Faith!! As a missionary I have realized
the importantce of having faith in God. Especially a couple weeks ago when
we got transferred into this area it was going to take alot of faith to
rebuild because the town is so small that almost everyone has heard about
the church. But through faith the Lord is leading us to those people who are
so prepared to hear the gospel. It took alot of faith. I am so greatful for
the power of prayer and how much it is helping me out here in the field.
This really is a growing experience for me and I am loving the relationship
I am gaining with my Father. I wanna challenge all of you to have more faith
in the Lord when you pray. Really apply Moroni 10: 3-5 and really make an
effort to strengthen your relationship with your heavenly father I promise
great blessings will come as they have for me and Elder Parker.
well I dont have to much time today but I hope you all know how much I love
you. Thank you all so much for everything I hope have a great week and you
all are in my prayers. Again thank you so much for everything. And I cant
wait to email you all next Tuesday. I love you all!!!


Elder Bentley - Moroni 8:3

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