Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Wow what a week!!!! I can tell its going to be an amazing experience in
Buena and that Im going to learn alot from this new missionary. Im pretty
excited to be put into this calling as a missionary and I hope that I can
fuffill this responsibilty as a missionary. So my new companion is Elder
Parker. he is from Layton Utah and is taller than me. I always like being
the tall one ha ha.
Buena Vista is the smallest area in the mission. Lets see so Wenesday we
got to Buena Vista at like 8 o clock that night and Traffic was horrible
getting here!!!! we got stuck in traffic for like an hour and half and we
stay with the Zone Leaders and one of them was my district leader in the
Huntington Zone so im pretty excited with that. We stay with 4 missionaries
in 1 apartment which is rough because we only have 1 bathroom. Ha ha then
Thursday we then found out that the bikes dont work , so lately we have
been walking everywhere. We have been trying to talk to people and find
people and out of the 39 people we have talked to so far this week we have
found 1 person to teach. The area book hasnt been updated in forever so we
are going to try to fix that and hopefully rebuild this area into something
special. We meet with the 1st counceler in our bishopric and went over all
the less actives and part member famlies and from what it looks like that
will be our main focus here in Buena Vista. So I hope we can do our best
with that. The ward here is so huge!!!! Its such a small area with lots a
members and college students! We stay close to SVU we dont cover a college
ward yet . . but soon we will . We acctually dont even step foot on the
college campus during the week because its not part of our area. The members
are pretty nice here and I can already tell its going to be a blast!!! its
like a small Utah. ha ha . Lately have been loving the book of mormon and
and Im really enjoying this new calling as a trainer. This new program is
made to help the area and those we serve so Im excited for that. I really
hope that I can be a great example to Elder Parker and help him become the
missionary he wants to be.
Although I really really miss my last area and all the blessings I
experienced I know that there is more that await me here in Buena VIsta. I
promise to do my best in this area and to leave it better than I found it.
Well I dont have to much time today. I hope everyone has a great fantastic
week and knows that I love them. I am so greatful I have family and friends
that support me in this great work I love you all so much . I couldnt ask
for a better family!!!!! Please everyone be safe. I love ya all. Happy
Birthday Coda dallas uncle Craig, and Jordan and papa and Uncle Wes. I love
you all so much have a great day and I miss ya.

love Elder Bentley:

Moroni 8:3

well this is my adress to my new area:
Elder Chaz Allen Bentley
270 W. 30th St. Apt. F3
Buena Vista, Virginia 24416

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