Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hello everyone i hope all is going well back home and everyone is doing great. this week i dont have to much time so i thought i would send a email to my brothers
Coda: I love you bud. how are you doin. I hope your doing great and being such a good brother. Just imagine coda how much everyone looks up to you. have ever just took the time to realize that cade savannah and shaders all look up to you and you need to set that example. be good. mind mom and dad. coda just be good. I cant tell ya you enough how important and easy that is. you know better bud than to behave bad. just behave. Please. prepare to be a good missionary now. trust me it doesnt start when you get out here it starts now. prepare the sacrament ever sunday and think of your savior dont just act it coda be it be the best loving brother you can be . because once you fall your borthers and sisters and friends will think its ok and they will fall with you dont be the cause of that. i say this coda because i love you congrats on your new calling. thats so great serve all you can please. I love you coda so much do good in school.
cade: i am going to tell you the same thing i told to coda just behave. please mind mom and dad and contiue to do well in football. Be a good example to shaders and to your older brother. please cade have fun. do good in scouts read your scriptures and always say your prayers. I love you buddy

so guess what this week i get to listen to neil L. anderson I am so excited last night I listend to elder lansing he talked about marriage it was a great talk savannah and shaders continue to be good. i love you muffassa. i love you family so much I am so happy our family is together forever
i love you have a great week !!!!

love your brother chazzer

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