Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 7th, 2011

Can I just tell you all ITS SO COLD HERE!!! its pretty crazy !!! I gotta tell ya I really do miss Arizona I enjoyed being able to keep my clock on the same time all year long. I hate daylight savings haha:) it really messes with your sleep. I was awake at 5:15 in the morning yesterday when really it should have been 6:30. Ha ha gotta love it ha :). So as you all know I am training again. . . My new companion is Elder Davis he is from Southern Cali. I have a feeling this companionship is going to be great. Because this week we started off GREAT!! Its amazing to see how much excitement these missionaries come out with. Elder Davis seems like a hard worker, sounds like we are going to teach great together and have fun. Im still supper nervous to be training, its so hard. But i guess its what the Lord wants me to do. I just hope I will do well and set a good example for this young missionary. Elder Davis is a convert to the church he joined the church when he was 14 . He pretty cool. i just dont know how I got so lucky so far to have such great companions. It really is a blessing from heavenly father. I just hope i can be a great companion to these missionaries as well.
The work is going great here in BV!! we have 2 people who are so close to baptism!!!! This week were so happy to have gotten a couple new investigators. Some of our less actives are starting to come back to church. It was so funny yesterday before dinner we went to this guys house. The guy opens the door and just starts laughin ha ha :) I couldnt help but laugh either he comes out side to talk to us this guy was kind of drunk if i had to guess but it was pretty funny. I was just crackin up. But the work is going great!!
Yesterday was just an amazing fast and testimony day. In one of our student wards that we went to we heard alot about trials. It just seemed like it was exactly what i needed to hear as a missionary. Believe it or not we go through alot of trials as missionaries, with people not coming to church, getttin doors slammed in our face, investigators not progressin. Maybe its something a little bit bigger than that. . . Not being obedient, or not following the morning routine or dealing with companions. Trust me it hard. But I was watching this mormon message and it reminded me of everything i needed to do as a missionary. Its so easy dont quit dont give up just keep going and serve my mission with all my heart. Especially as a trainer i have been feeling like I cant measure up but i realize I just need to keep going and serve with all my heart. Im not going to give up. I would challenge you all to watch a video by jefferey r. holland called " good things to come". It talks alot about enduring trials and I think it might be helpful for you all. I love the video. I can promise ya with all my heart if we just stay happy and and love while going through a hard stressful time I promise you we can endure anything.
Well i would like to share my testimony with you all . I know that this church is true with all my heart I know its true. this is christ church. I know that this work is so important. I love seeing the joy and the peace and the happiness that this gospel brings . I love being a missionary. I know that I am a represenative of my savior and I pray that I will always be worthy for people to see that in me. I am so indeed greatful for a loving heavenly father who simply takes the time to answer our prayers everyday. I love him. I know these things are true. although my testimony is simple i know its true with all my heart.
I love you all so much. We moved into a new apartment its super nice the other missionaries are jealous:)!!! I hope you all have such a great week and I cant wait to type you an mail next week. i promise it will be better. Thank you so much for your love and support that you show to me and to my family . I hope all is well and i love ya. scroll down for new apartment adress. . .
love- Elder bentley
-moroni 8:3
Just for a little while.
my new adress:
2754 maple ave. Apt.# C-10
Buena Vista, Va 24416

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