Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 10, 2011

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! You know what missionary life is the best!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all know how grateful I am for you and the time you take to read these emails. What I want to share today is something thats very hard for me to share but I hope that you will be able to get something out of it to help you all in your personal lives today. I pray that the spirit will guide me to know how I can help someone today.
This week has truely been a rough and tough week for us here in Buena Vista. But its so amazing how much you can learn from rough situations. I know that every ounce of hardship that I experience on my mission is worth it. I guess you could say nothing was rolling this week the way we wanted or were expecting it too. It seemed like everything just feel through. And I could truly see the adversary or the tension start to kick in. It got really hard, we got really stressed. But I learned a great lesson from this hard time this week. Its so important to stay patient and to have a happy and positive attitude always!!! I can promise if you just stay happy through hard times the adversary will never , ever bring you down I promise that!!! I love this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 24:8 says:
8 Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days.
Dont you just love that verse!!!! Heavenly Father is always with us no matter what. We are never alone through these hard times. HE IS WITH US!!!! I am so grateful for these hard times I experience and how much it helps me learn and grow. So you all know how that quote goes at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold. I guess you could say at the end of every trial there is always a blessing!!! This week we had an amazing stake conference!!! Right after it was done we had this girl come up to us from one the student ward and said Elders i have a friend who is visiting from Connecticut and I was wondering if you all might have time to come by and teach her a little bit . we said OF COURSE!!! so we set up an appointment for last night and had the most amazing lesson!!! We had our recent convert Carrissa come over with us to the lesson to help teach her and we had a priesthood brethren there with us and the girls friend we were teaching. The girl said she has had the most amazing weekend while visiting here she said loved stake conference and she has already found out where her closest meeting house is at home. Her friend taught her so much this week it was awesome. During the lesson the spirit was so strong once again!!! Everyone in the room was in tears. Carrissa taught this girl like a missionary it was amazing to watch someone I baptized teach the gospel and bear such a strong testimony. She said if she came to know these things were true she would be baptized. She also said she likes how we communicate directly with heavenly father at anytime. we smiled so big when she said that isn't that awesome to know that is what sets us apart from other religions is communicating with heavenly father. It was such a blessing to us to teach this girl, It really helped get a positive attitude back it was amazing. I live for little moments like that!!!
This week I was reading in Joseph Smith History and how after Joseph saw the vision it was amazing how much criticism he took but he withstood basically a a whole city and stood up for his beliefs. I think that is kinda like us no matter what we go thru we need to withhold Satan and stand up for our beliefs in the toughest times and have a happy positive attitude. Not only am I thankful for Joseph Smith and the vision. But I am so Thankful that he was able to endure so many trials so we could have this church today. I know that this is the true church upon the earth and that we do have prophet who leads and guides to live with our heavenly father. I don't think any man would take so much just to establish this church. I am grateful for Joseph and I know that he was a true living prophet called of god. .

SO this week I had my interview with president pitt . It went great!!! He gave me and my companion this awesome cd by president eyring on charity. It was awesome!!! We are so happy to see most of our recent converts come back to church!!! The members are feeding us a ton but it seems like we get spaghetti all the time!!!! :) But its great!!!! I am absolutely loving my mission I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I hope everyone is doing great!!! Brody and Perry thank you for your great example for serving a mission. I know that we were called by god to bless the people here on the east coast. I want you both to know I pray for you and that you are able to find those who are waiting the excellent blessings of this gospel today. I love ya. Continue to serve with all you got . I promise you with all my heart that blessings will come out this. I promise!!! I love ya both so much serve great and love the people and all your companions. Always have that sweet wonderful spirit.
I wanna wish A happy birthday to my aunt marrianne and to Micah I hope you are both doing well. I love you both so much and I promise to write you soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! Please have such a great day and know I am mission you!!! I love ya!!
I love ya all so much thank you for your prayer and support you give to me as a missionary. I hope you all have a great week and remember I a mssin ya all. LET US ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD!!!!
love you all: ELDER BENTLEY

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