Friday, February 3, 2012

January 30, 2012

Well hello everyone!!!!!!!!! I hope you all have had a great week!!!! It got pretty cold on us this week. I miss the hot arizona weather. But thank goodness its not snowing and its been like an arizona winter, its amazing. Can you all believe I have been out a year it went by so fast!! its crazy!!!

Well this week has been pretty fun. I had another pretty cool experience this week. If there is one thing I have grown to learn it is not to cut the lords work early to go back to the apartment. I know that the lord will bless us with people to find even if time seems so little and doesnt matter. This week we got done with a book of mormon class that we were doing. It was like 8:30 p.m. We decided we would go try this one apartment complex where we had a refferal. We got to the apartment complex the people ended up not answering the door. we went down the stairs and before stepping outside the apartment complex, I said Elder Davis lets pray and see what we can do for these last 20 minutes, Elder davis prayed and while he was praying I felt like we needed to go to a certain street close by. It came clearly to my mind where we should go and I knew it was the spirit. We were carrying a plate of cookies that a member made for us, and while walking there someone from the mission presidency stopped us on the street and asked if we would like chinese food we said sure, so while walking to this steet we were carrying a full meal. I thought it was akward and I wondered if we were going to bless someones night by giving them dinner. Anyways we got to the steet where we were supposed to be. We knocked on a house and no one answered so we continued along the steet we ended up skiping a house and went directly to a house that had doors wide open!! we went and knocked but no one came to the door, when all of a sudden 2 guys walk out of the house that we skipped. . . they told us that an old lady lived there. we went down to introduce ourselves to them. One of the guys went and shut the door and ran back to his place to grab his headphones. we ended up talking to one of the guys that stayed outside and asked if he would be interested in hearing about what we have to share as missionaries. he said for sure!!! then his friend came back we proceeded to ask him and he said for sure. I know that we were supposed to talk to those two guys. I hope we will be able to follow up with one of them and teach them. I am greatful for this opportunity which I had to listen to the spirit and seek out the lords help in those minutes.

I want you all to know I got a strong testimony of this gospel. I love this work so much. This past year I have really grown to love my father in heaven. I am greatful for pray and the opportunity which I have to communicate with him at anytime. I have really been able to count on him to help me, he is someone I know i can trust as friend. I love him. I love serving him. I am so indeed greatful to be a represenative of my savior Jesus Christ. I know I stand as his represenative at all times and in all things and in all places, I know he sacraficed for every single one of us so we can be with our loving heavenly father. I am greatful to know that my savior is willing to forgive of all my weakness, I make so many mistakes but I pray that through the atonement he will help make my weak things become strong. I love him . I pray that I will serve my fullest this year to improve on my weaknesses. I remember a year ago I was sittting on that plane to salt lake. I promised my father I would give him 110% . I pray that i will give only that. I am so greatful to be a missonary of this church. I know that this church is true. We are so blessed to have a prophet that talks to god. I am so greatful for my family friends I love you all so much. Thank You for being my support, thank you for keeping me motivated. I love you all so much. I pray that we always remember to share the gospel whenever we have that blessed opportunity. I love you all so much have such a great week.

-elder bentley
moroni 8:3
P.S i promise next weeks email will be better:)

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