Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

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Date: February 6, 2012 5:51:15 PM MST
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Hi McLaws'
I appreciate getting all the emails from Elder Bentley, he is doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time in his life. He will be forever grateful that he did and that you supported him in his service to others. His Sevice will profoundly affect the lives of all he meets and works with. The Holy Ghost will make that sure they feel both his love for them and the Savior's love.
President Lawes

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From: Chaz Bentley
Date: February 6, 2012 10:06:20 AM MST
To: kris mclaws
Subject: the final countdown!!!
Hello family and friends!!!!! Well I reached my year mark I feel so old haha!!!!! I wonder what my mom would think if I extended my misson. :) . So this week has been pretty great!!!!!! We have been stayin busy, the weather , you know is amazing couldnt be any better thats for sure. Well I hope your week was great and you all are doing well. I pray that my family is experiencing the blessings of missionary work, because thats what matters most as long as they are recieving the blessings.
What a WEEK!!!!!!!!!! We are having a baptism on Febuary 11. We have been teaching this one guy who is college age but doesnt go to svu and our visits have been so amazing!! So we taught him on tuesday about the word of wisdom. and he is giving up smoking and drinking and everything!!!! he hasnt done anything besides the day after we taught him that, he said my water is nasty and they have to clean it or something so he went to the fridge it was either vodka or tea, good thing he chose tea because thats kinda better than alchol, but still no excues haha since then he is doing great and obeying that commandment, then we meet with him saturday and he asked us if he could move his baptisimal date up, we said of course!!! so he going to be baptized on Febuary 18 and getting interviewed this thursday!!!! Things are great for him. He said he loves this church and he feels like this is where he is supposed to be!!!!! Its been so great to see him make a change for the better, to watch him change from his old life style and choose the path thats best for him. he said he is making much better friends and having so much fun. I am proud of him and all my recent converts who I have been willing to help and be a witness of the savior being apart of their lives. It truely is amazing!!! We are so close to finding the elect in our area so close!!!!!! The lord is blessing us so much and now we just have to act on those people and get em baptized. We were so excited to have one of our investigators that we have been working with finally come to church for the first time after 3 months with her son. that made us so happy to hear that she was coming!!!!! I hope her experience was postive and we cant wait to sit down and meet with her and answer her questions. I am excited!!!! We were willing to set a baptisimal date with someone in BV I hope we can help this baptism go through its on March 3 going to cross my fingers!!! We also ran into a former this week that we might start teaching i am excited. things are great on our neck of the woods.
So we had the funniest sacrament meetings yesterday. In our first sacrament meeting that we went to, thia girl was bearing her testimony on how her parents finially went to church for the first time, it was so spiritual!!!! when all of a sudden, the girl said " so my parent finally came to church" and then this baby yells out "oh no" at the most perfect time, the whole congregation just busted up laughing. It was so great one of the best sacrament meetings i have ever seen!!! :)
So this morning I was reading from second nephi and I loved these 2 verses in 12-13 :
12 But, behold, they shall have wars, and rumors of wars; and when the day cometh that the Only Begotten of the Father, yea, even the Father of heaven and of earth, shall manifest himself unto them in the flesh, behold, they will reject him, because of their iniquities, and the hardness of their hearts, and the stiffness of their necks.
13 Behold, they will crucify him; and after he is laid in a sepulchre for the space of three days he shall rise from the dead, with healing in his wings; and all those who shall believe on his name shall be saved in the kingdom of God. Wherefore, my soul delighteth to prophesy concerning him, for I have seen his day, and my heart doth magnify his holy name.
These 2 verses I really loved. I pondered these verses morning again and again and again just thinking of my savior, my friend and the love and kindness that he showed just for me by going through so much. I thought about my weakness and all the trials and hard times i go through. Its rough, its hard , its not easy. But as I thought this morning I know that was my savior was called to do to ease those things that weigh me down in my life, I know that its through him I can return to my father in heaven , who I know loves me so much. who carries me in my weakest times. who supports me. I pray that I can become like him, that I will use that special gift of repentance as much as I can for my benefit so I can be worthy before him. I know im not perfect, but i strive constantly to be as he his and sometimes I fail, but i know that repentance can bring us to a higher plane and can only bring us closer to him. I hope and i pray that my savior knows how much I love him and father in heaven. I know that these things are true with all my heart and "I know that my redeemer lives".
Micah James. . . I want you to know how much I love you buddy. . . I am so greatful for you and everything that you do for me. Bud I pray that you will continue to set that example within our family, serve a mission, I promise you so many people are waiting for you and your awesome spirit. I know that you can change lives bud and you would do great wherever you go. I love you buddy so much. I hope you have an awesome week. stay stron and firm in the gospel. if you get the chance read alma 26 i love this scripture about ammon telling us about his mission. I love you buddy. forever strong!!!
I love you all so much. I pray for each and everyone of you everyday. I hope you all have an awesome week. I love you!!!!
-elder bentley
moroni 8 :3

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