Monday, February 27, 2012

February 2, 2012

Hey ya all. I hope you all are doin well. Hope your alls week was great. This week has been a pretty busy week over here in BV!!!!!! I hope you all know how greatful I am for every single one of you and the support you give to me. I thank you all so much. thank you.
Anyways like I said, this week has been pretty busy. I went on 3 exchanges this week. I went to one on tuesday with elder gurney, we ended up gettin invited to one of the college basket ball games it was pretty fun. I really enjoyed it it got me pretty excited because i wanted to go play. :) No but it was good. I guess the highlight of this week was stake conference. I had the opportunity to got to the saturday night adult session. I have a feeling all my other recent converts are going to be scared to be baptized by me because saturday night, Brenton the guy from Australia spoke. He did a really good job on his talk, and he found out like 10 minutes before the meeting started that he had to be at the church to be speak he did good for giving it at the last minute. haha :) so 2 outta my 7 recent converts have spoken at stake conference. haha. I was really proud of brenton, Just to be a witness to see how much these people change just within a couple months is pretty amazing. I know that the lord has prepared these people specifically to be put in path, I am greatful I have remained worthy of being able to bring the gospel into these peoples lives and that is what makes me happy is knowing I helped my father in heaven bring his children back to him. So at the saturday night session the stake president picked a non member football coach to speak of the importance of going on a mission it was pretty good. then the whole meeting was around missionary work and a bunch of recent converts stood up and talked about their conversion it was great, I really enjoyed that session. So I guess something cool that might be happening is they will be creating a student stake here in april. might mess with our mission and expand it but not to sure thought that was pretty cool. Then on Sunday we got a satellite broadcast of stake conference, we had the great privledge to hear from Elder piper ( yepp the one that came to our mission) then bishop Burton and sister allred, and Elder Richard G. Scott. It was such a special treat hearing from these general authorities. I like how elder scott testified of his love for his wife. I guess one thing that I learned was to tell my mom how much I love her :) Mom I love you so so much, I am so greatful an apostle told me to do this because I havent been doin it as often as i need to. I am so greatful for you love and support which you show to me as a missionary. I am greatful for how much you sacrafice to make our family better, I am thankful to know I have the best mom, I am thankful that you are my best friend, I am thankful that I have a wonderful example to look up to and has taught me to work so so hard, I am thankful for how much you push me in the gospel, I am thankful for you and that you are my mom. I love you to the moon and back mom. Elder Scott went on to share a story i thought was interesting, how he was fixing the washer for his wife and when she came home from work she said richard go play with the kids, he was puzzled he was like I am fixing this for you, she said go play with the kids, the next morning at 4 a.m one of his kids came up and kissed him on the cheek and said dad your my best friend. I am so greatful for all the times my mom has told me to watch my brothers and sister or to spend time with them or the family. because those are moments I cherish most. I am so greatful for my family, I love them , they are the best.
On saturday a guy named Brick Wilce got baptized!!!! Me and elder davis were the ones who started teaching him, but because we had to switch wards the other missionaries finished teachin him and baptized him this last saturday. It was a great baptism, I had the priviledge to speak on the holy ghost. I guess it was a good talk a bunch of people complemented on it. I was so greatful to see brick get baptized though, he had to make so many changes and it was good to see him on that special day. I guess I can count him as one of my recent converts.
We had to drop our elect persons baptismal date!! I guess he has other things that he needs to be doin before he gets baptized, He said he really feels like he needs a testimony which is one thing I hope we can help him with that. I guess he is going to continue to come to church. and go to an addiction recovery class. So hopefully soon we can help him be baptized.
I have learned so much in this buena vista area. I know that there isnt alot of teachin sometimes not even alot of things to do, but if there is a couple things I have learned, its to stay happy through hard times, no matter how hard it gets to always stay happy, I have learned to always turn to my father in heaven for help. when times are rough and things are weighing me down i always turn to my father in heaven for hep. Its been a blessing and its really eased my load. I love this work and I am so greatful to be serving in BV.
I wanted to say congrats for brecklyn gettin married. I hope you have and awesome day cuz and I sure love ya. i hope your doin good and your family as well. HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!!
Well you all transfers are next week, so dont send letters . . I will let you all know next tuesday whats goin on. I love you all so much , I hope you all have a great week. thank you so much for everything. god bless.

-elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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