Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 21, 2012

Whats going on ya all!!! I hope you all had a lovely valentines day. I hope your week was great. Well it finally snowed yesterday, we got pounded with snow!!! Its great, me and another missionary got done with planning last night and went helped members build an igloo turned out pretty good. Although I rolled a big snow ball it broke like 3 times, so last night was pretty fun, not sure if my companion enjoyed it but its alright. Its so tempting to go sledding today not sure if we are allowed so might hold off on that haha. :)
Anyways this week has been such a great week for our area and for our district. Dont even know where to start this email i am excited!!!!!
Well we think we have found our ELECT this week, we think we completed the promise from elder piper!!!! WE are so excited, so you all ready for an awesome story?!?!?!
So this week me and elder davis had just finished lunch. When we decided to check our phone before we headed out , we had a message on our phone from the institute, a member we knew left a message and said " hey, elders i got some exciting news you all are going to love to hear!!! she handed the phone to another person, it was our investigator we meet the week after elder piper gave us that promise. :) he said hey elder this is blah blah blah. . . I have decided to go ahead and get baptized!!! so ya if you all could help me with that it would be great!!!!!" Me and elder davis got so pumped!!! we called him back ran up to the institute and taught him, now he has a baptisimal date for march 3!!! We have already taught him 3 times this week!!! He has given up everything to be baptized smoking drinking everything on order to be baptized by march 3!!! He came to church yesterday, so we are pretty stoked I might get a 2 week baptism!?!?! The lord is really blessing us with so many people to teach.
This week we went on exchanges with president pitt, we had a pretty funny experience, we got done showing jason the church where he was going to get baptized, president pitt called us and said we are turning BV bike into BV car "for the day." Sad part was we missed for the day part, when elder davis got off the phone he got really excited , and said " ELDER WE ARE FINALLY GETTIN A CAR"!!!! but we got up there and to our disappointment we didnt have a car it was just for the day haha. That was pretty funny. But we went on exchanges with president pitt he meet jason, then helped us teach adam and then we went and tried a bunch of people and were able to find a family that we are going to start teaching on wenesday!!! we are pretty excited, we got 2 families that might be teachin this week :) and we were able to find 2 other people that we might teach as well in bv this week. so things are lookin up for us:) I was so nervous to teach with president pitt, I like how he is so bold, loving and friendly to everyone he meets and always tries to keep a foot in a door he doesnt give up on anyone :)
WE GOT A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!! jason was so excited we were teaching a lesson right next door while he was getting his interview on thursday, we were about to wrap up the lesson, when all of a sudden jason starts screaming excitedly :) it was hilarious, we knew that he passed, we ended our lesson ran outside jason ran and started jumping around, I have never seen someone so stoked for baptism, It was so awesome, it brought such a great big smile to my face. It makes me so happy to see these people I teach make these commitments there has not been a baptism on my mission where I havent felt the spirit the spirit is always so strong at these baptism. I am grateful for these experiences. They lift me and make my testimony grow so much. So elder partridge and his companion baptized someone in a river this week it was pretty awesome, my camera died so I wasnt able to take pictures but It was such an awesome baptism!!! I was jealous a lil bit . We told jason who got baptized this week he should get baptized in a shark tank and beat gettin baptized in a river haha:). So far we have had 3 baptism in my district and we are planning on havin 8 baptisms this transfer. We are all so excited and so stoked for this transfer its great!!!
I found an awesome scripture this week, now I know all of us experience hard times in our life, i do especially but I read this scripture the other day that re assured me that I need to be happy and not let anything bring me down I love this scripture in 2 nephi 10:20
" and now, my beloved brethren, seeing that our merciful god has given us so great knowledge concerning these things, let us remember him, and lay aside our sins, and not hang down our heads, for we are not cast off."
Let us not hang down our heads, once trials come and we hang down our heads, it will be tougher to make it through. Whatever curve balls we get let us not hang down our heads, what ever life throws at ya do not hang down head, I remember I played baseball alot growin up, I was not really the best at it but I tried, whenever I get up to bat I would miss the ball and most of the time strike out because my head was down. I remember my coaches always use to tell me keep your eye on the ball. Let us always remeber not to keep our heads down, but look up so we can make the most of our at bat. I pray that you all you will be able to overcome your challenges, Let us remember him always in all things we do , because I know he is there to help every single one of you. Let us remember always How Much He Loves You!!!!
I love you all so much. I thank you for takin the time to read these emails, I know they are not perfect but I hope they help. I thank you all for everything you do for me and my wonderful family. I hope you all have such a great day. I love you. i pray for you and may the lords richest blessings be upon you all!!! I love you!!!!

love elder bentley
moroni 8:3

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  1. It was even better this year! Almost got stranded in Lexington, tho. But it was still fun. Someone even got baptized in the Maury a couple of weeks after it snowed. I wasn't there, but from the pictures it looked like a really remarkable experience for everyone involved. -Cathy G.