Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hello everyone I hope everyone has had a great week!!!! This week has been
another amzing week here in Logan. The Lord still continues to bless and
build this area. And I am so greatful to witness all these blessings.
Well yesterday right after church we had a Baptisim for Zach Lamb!!! And it
went really good and was really spiritual. Zach wanted me to baptize him so
I did and I really cherised this experience. As we were getting in the water
I just felt the spirit so strong and I knew that Zach made the correct
choice. Then as I said the baptisimal prayer I just never knew how powerful
and important that prayer was. I am so greatful I got the chance to teach
Zach and Crystal(his mom) it has been so awesome to be apart of their
baptism and to watch them progress in this gospel. I am so greatful for the
friendship I have formed with them and I have been so blessed to bring the
gospel into their home. We also got the chance to set a baptisimal date for
Anita for July 16 we are hoping that she will fufill this goal we have set
for her. Austin we are hoping to baptize this week so I really hope that
will happen. We are really staying busy at teaching alot of people, I am so
greatfulI have the opprtuniy to teach as much as I do.
I have really enjoyed being Heavenly Fathers investigator every morning of
my mission. This week I have studied in 2 nephi and I thought it was sad how
even after Lamen and Lemuel recieved councel from their father that if they
keep the commandment they will prosper they still sought to take away Nephis
life. How many times are we like Lamen and Lemuel. I think some times more
than we think.... Sometimes we just want to give listening to someone who
loves us and wants the best for us. Or maybe we just try to completely zone
them out of our lives and "wait" until we are proven right. Family and
Friends I promise we shouldnt let this happen within our families, it wont
make things any better to be as Lamen and Lemuel. We have to remember that
we are an Eternal Family. And that the lord has placed us in these families
for a reason. Remember just how much our heavenly father will bless us if we
stick together through these rough times in the world. We cant afford to
seperate ourselves from each other. Then that just allows satan more of a
chance to tear us down. I know I may be just 2000 miles away but I can
promise you if we stick together we will be blessed for Eternity. I have
seen families around here on my mission who have the blessings of the gospel
in their home and yet they choose not to listen they still choose to be like
Laman and Lemuel and Its hard for them, and their families and some
struggle. and I dont want to see this happen to my family and friends. May
we all find a way to better our selves and become a closer eternal family in
this gospel and in this True church today. I hope you all know how much I
love you !!!! I got a strong testimony that families can be together FOREVER
through Heavenly fathers plan, not our plan his plan. I am greatful for my
savior and Iknow if we continue to apply the atoment to ourlives and study
it that we will grow in love for our Savior. This is my Testimony!!!!! He
lives and wants the best for each of us and for you!!!
So this week has been a blast here in Chapmanville!!!! The Chapmanville
High School Baseball team won state this weekend and it was a party
throughout the town. Ciera Stowers in our ward has her championship basbell
game this Tuesday. They are UNDEFEATED!!!!!! Today we get to go
have district preparation day and we are going to be playing basketball with
a bunch of other Elders. It will have been the first time I have really
played since the Mtc.
I want to wish my grandma a happy BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you so much grandma
and I hope you had a excellent day yeterday!!!! YOur the best Grandma
EVER!!!!! I LOVE YOU MAMAW(grandma as thats how they say it WV).
I hope my brother and sister know how much I love them!!!!!! Coda I am so
proud of you and I am glad you had a good experience at the temple!!!
Savannah!!!! I hope you get to go girls camp. You will probably have a realy
fun time!!!! CAde I love ya !!! Keep doing good at X box and sports!!!! Your
the best brother in the world!!!! Shaders be a good baby!!! not BA!!!! I
love you!!!
Well I hope you all have a great week!!! thank you so much for all you do
support me. LOVE YA ALL!!!

Elder Bentley
"To be cheerful when others are in despair, to keep the faith when others
falter, to be true even when we feel forsaken—all of these are deeply
desired outcomes during the deliberate, divine tutorials which God gives to
us—because He loves us. These learning experiences must not be misread as
divine indifference. Instead, such tutorials are a part of the divine
— Neal A. Maxwell

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