Friday, June 24, 2011

June 21, 2011

P.S. Well I heard about our ward splitting. And I am really foing to miss
this awesome castlegate ward. I am going to miss brother Howell and his
great leadership and example in young mens I know that brother howell has
always been example to me but not only to me but to my family. I will
continue to look up to as an example Thank you brother howell for everything
you have taught me and continue to teach me and I am so greatful to call you
my friend!!
Bishop White!!! I dont even know where to begin. I would have never thought
I would gain such a good friend like you before leaving on my mission. I
thank you for being such an awesome friend to my family!!! YOur someone I
look up to as well !!!! I love your family they are so awesome!!! We will
always be the pals to root on the cowboys!!!! thank you for teaching me on
how to become a man and I promise to always!!!!! have the coin on me :) I
have never been caught without it !!! P.s whers your coin?
Bishop Oakes Thank you . Thank you for teaching me so much while growing up
thank you for realizaing the true meaning of repentance and thank you for
helping me gain such a strong testimony of this gospel. You have such a
great wait no not great an OUTSTANDING family!!!! I appreciate all you have
done to push me to where I am today thank you for keepingworthy to serve a
mission and thank you for being there for me in the toughest times please
tell your family hi for me.
I love ya brethern Thank you so much for being a light to me and the type
of father I want to become thank you so much I cant say it enough!! I love
you all.
-elder bentley

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