Friday, June 24, 2011

June 21, 2011

Hello everyone !!!!!! I hope everyone has had a great week. I hope all the
dad had a great fathers day!!!
Well I am so happy to tell ya all I AM NOT LEAVING LOGAN WEST VIRGINIA
YET!!!! WHOOO!!!!!! I am so happy I get the chance to stay and serve this
branch longer with Elder Whitehead!!!! He is such a great companion!!!! SO
LAtely its been kind of hard getting a new mission president, but yet im so
excited!!!! I am going to miss the thornocks they have taught me so much
within these past 5 months I am so greatful for the time I had to serve
under them. I can really tell that it will be a test of obedience
experiencing to mission presidents!!!
So anyways this week has been a really great week!!! Except saturday was
probably one of the hardest days I have had thus far on my mission. And I
dont know if its because Im not a great teacher or what but we were teaching
a lesson to this lady. We were teaching her about the plan of salvation she
agreed with everything in the pre earth life and leading up to our life on
earth the once we got to talking about the spirit world it went all down
hill. . . She got scared when we talked about the spirit world she didnt
understand why . . . If you get a chance on earth to accept this gospel why
get another chance we even gave scripture references to the spirit world and
everthing and yet she still wouldnt except the plan she denied it close to 8
times while we were there. . It was probably the hardest lesson I have been
through. But as I have been thinking about this lesson I realized that we
left her with a commitment to pray, she has to pray to know if its true she
has to be able to find it within herself. Althougth this was hard I realized
how much my testimony had grown I know that this plan is true I know that
this life is a time for men to prepare to meet god. I really hope she prays.
I am so thankful that sometimes I have these hard lessons because it gives
me and my companion the chance to share what we know to be true. I just
hope that I can become a better teacher of this gospel. Sometimes I get
kinda jealous when I see all these other missionaries and how well they
teach. I have faith though that heavenly father will help me with this
weakness I have.
We were so deeply blessed to start teaching someone else this week and that
lesson went really well:) !!!! She accepted everything as truth and we are
excited to go teach her again!
I just want to take the time and wish my dad and my grandpa a happys
fathers day. Thank you so much for pushing me to serve a mission. I hope you
know how much I love you. Dad Thank you so much for holding your priesthood
so well thats something I look up to!!!! I love how great of a hometeacher
you are and how much love you show to those familys.DAD I love you thank you
for always being there for me and helping me get to where I am today.
Grandpa something I notice about you is that everytime you give a blessing
I admire how well you humble yourself before our father in heaven you show
so much humility and Its something I strive to do everyday!!! I miss ya
PERRY!!!! I cant believe your leaving on your mission to the state right
above that so flippen cool!!!! I know that you will do well at your
farwell!!! I have fun in the mtc learn as much as youcan!!! I hope you know
how much I love ya buddy. keep in touch and email me if at all possible.
please tell your family hi for me.
WELL I love the mebers here they are so awesome I am so glad I have gained
sucha strong friendship with all of them. I am so greatful to be serving in
this logan branch and this logan area. I hope whenever the lord desires me
to leave I hope I can fufill all the work he ants me to do here.
I hopw my family knows how much i love them I am so thankful for all of
you!!! I want my brothers and sisters to know how much I love em !!!!! I am
so greatful I have the chance to be that example to them!!!
I know that this gospel is true!!! I know that joseph smith saw god the
father and Jesuse Christ. I know that his plan of happiness is for our
benefit. I know that thomas s. moson is our living prophet today. We watched
a church movie this week on the pioneers and could you ever imagine if those
hard working saints didnt cross the plains who knows where our church would
be I am so thankful them and especially our church leaders I know that they
are called of God to be the lords mouth piece!!! I love you all so much
thank you all for supporting me and the many missionaries around the world
in this great work!!! I love it here in WEST VIRGINIA!!! ITS ALMOST
HEAVEN!!!! have a great week I miss you all !!!
Elder bentley

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