Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hello everyone is staying nice and warm in Arizona!!!!! This week has been
an a great week for me!!!
The work here in Logan is going so great!!!! I am really happy that
Heavenly Father has put me in such a great place with such wonderful members
and such wonderful people!!!! We have been so blessed this week to continue
to find people to teach!!!! This week we had the opprunity to set 2 new
baptisimal dates. One is for Anita Frye on July 16 its been such an amzing
experience for me to teach Anita everytime we go over to her house she
always has an answer to her prayers!!! She always tells us how perfect us as
missionaries are. She has changed so much since the day we have taught her
she really built a better foudation Christ and his doctrine. I am so
greatful that the lord has put her in my path so I could have the opprtunity
to teach her. We also set a baptismial date for Alex Dalton for July 23 I
really hope that he will continue to make an effort to want to be baptized
and accept the gospel into his life. But thats pretty much it. We continue
to teach ALOT!!! Which we are really happy about!!! Its also been fun to
watch other companionships progress in this gospel. These 2 elders that are
in our district had been strugglin for a couple of weeks. They couldnt find
anyone at all!!! And through their hard work and faithfulness they found 10
new people teach!!!! I thought that was pretty cool!!!!! I really looked at
that as an example because I know if I ever struggle to find people I know
that through Faith and hard work that Heavenly Father is preparing me to go
in somebodys path. The MEMBERS here are so awesome!!!!! I really love this
branch I am serving in!!!!! I am so greatful for how much all these members
sacrafice to help us missionaries progress in this gospel.
This week I had a pretty funny experience!!!!! Elder Whitehead and I went
down to Huntington Last monday to play some basketball!!! After basketball
we went with our district leader Elder Gurney and helped him set up
appoitments so we got out of the car and walked to this apoitment while we
were walking we run into this DRUNK guy nammed Ronney, elder Gurney knew who
he was. So as he came up to us he had slobber running down his face he
pointed at each of us and said Elder Gurney was a wierdo and told him to be
quite, Then he told Elder Whitehead he was scared, Then he pointed at me and
said my face looked like I just got done changing a stinky diaper!!!! ha ha
It was pretty funny anyways he went on to tell us a story about how he never
got a dirtbike when he was little, Then he asked us who save him if he
walked out into a busy intersection I told him I would and he I LIKE YOU
YOUR A GOOD GUY!!! ha ha!!!! Then we continued to our appoitment went our
seperate ways after we got done with the appoitment he was right outside he
tells us to go pray on a street corner with him once he said this we were
like o boy we thought of MAtthew chapter 6 verse 5 (read it!!)anyways we
get to the street corner we fold our arms and he puts his left hand in the
middle and starts praying, it was a little different from the way we say it
ha ha but he tells us how anyone can be saved on a street corner and we told
him only by the priesthood and proper authority you can be saved ha ha then
we told him we had to go and this is where it gets prettty funny anyways as
we are driving away we get stopped at a stop sign he was still by our car we
told Elder Gurney to DRIVE!!!!! but instead he roles down the window. After
he does he said you too in the front be quite, ( Elder Whitehead was in the
passenger seat and I was in the back) you in the back get out of the car and
pray with me. All of a sudden Elder Gurney and Elder Whitehead start laughin
then they both turn around and said get out of the car Bentley I was just
Thinking O BOY!!!! So I got out of the car and that was the longest walk
around the car ever!!!! I was scared ha ha but I went by ronney and he said
I want you to pray and he puts his left hand in the middle looks up at the
sky and says pray like your talking to a man. luckly we werent on a street
corner ha ha . I then told him I am going to pray the way I know how to pray
and tried telling me not to I did ANd Elder Gurney and Whitehead were
cracking up the whole time!!! They said after I got back in the car that
they were going to drive away ha ha. I thought this was a pretty funny
experience and thought I would share it with ya all :)
THis week I have been studying a talk about Desires by Dallin H. Oakes this
last conference and There are alot of things which I desire to have have
which can not carry with us for Etenity. But since I have been on my mission
my desires have changed. I realize I should desire more to bring souls unto
Christ, I desire my Family being together for etenity. And one of my
greatestest desries is to be obedient, to be the mssionary I know I can
be!!!! I really enjoy the quote at the beggining of his talk .
" desires dicate our priorties, priorties shape our choices, choices
determine our actions."
I know that is true everything we do today shapes our actions. As a
missionary it is our desire to be OBEDIENT everything we chose to do from
6:30 in the morning to 10:00 dtermines our actions . I have found so many
blessings come through being obedient it just seems like everything has a
better flow to it and that all those stress that could weigh me down are
lifted off my back .
But I know that these eternal desires requrie alot of Faith in Enos 1:12 the
lord says that according to "our faith" he will grant us our desires.
Its my greatest desire that everyone this week will focus on those eternal
desires. MAybe have the desire to read and study the scriptures more have
the desire to attend the temple with your family and have the desire to stay
away from those wordly things that effect our choice and our actions. I
promise as you do this that the Lord will bless your life as much he has
blessed mine with such a wonderful family. I promise That those things that
are distracting us from the lord will earse as we set our desires on the
things that matter the most. As I read my scriptures and say my prayers and
focus on the needs of others rather than myself I know that eternal
blessings awiat. Let us all check our desires and change those ones that are
not that important. I love you all so much !!!!! I love this gospel. I know
its true!!!! I know for a surety that this is the true church on this earth
today. I know that we have the fullness of the gospel. I am so greatful to
help these people in Logan west virginia everyday!!!! I am thankful to be a
diciple of my Savior Jesus Christ!!!!! I hope you all have a great week take


Elder Bentley "Moroni 8:3 "

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