Monday, January 14, 2013

January 7, 2013

hey family I hope you all were having a great week I sure do miss you all and I hope you all are doing well!! I hope you had a great new years and I cant believe another year has come and gone just like that. Its gone by so fast.
But Ill tell you what this new year has gotten off to a great start!! We were able to get a referral this week and we went taught this lady, she is from AFRICA, her dad used to be in our ward he joined the church when he moveed here from Africa a long time ago, but just a couple years ago he moved back so she moved here in 1999 and she was a very active catholic person but she felt like something was missing in the religion and so she called us up and we started teaching her. We set her on date the 1st lesson for January 26th and guess what at our second visit she said she was going to make that date, and she knows the book of mormon is true! the cool part about all this is she is not married and has 5 kids and 4 of those kids are over the age of 8, one of the daughters that is 16 was asking awesome questions, I am excited to see what happens over these next several weeks!! isnt that awesome!! I think i found my family and what a blessing it is. I know that if we hold out faithful and strong to the end the lord will bless us and i know this family will join the church. And I know this isnt me at all this is all a blessing from God. So I know if we want something bad enough( of course if its a righteous desire) we have to keep the faith to the end!!
 If there is one thing I have grown to love on my mission it is obedience, I love what my mission president said about it this week"obedience is still the key. Little infractions, small deviations really do matter. Never think that any straying from strict obedience can be swept under the carpet. God notices and blesses accordingly. If we are not seeing results, we need to check our obedience level and look for the small things that might be keeping us out of the “Celestial” realm of missionary service." I know that even with the world that we live in today there is no thing that drives the spirit away faster than dis obedience we got to littleraly allign ourselves with god and his purposes we cant do whatever we want and repent later. We got to be obedient. I just love this gospel so much and I hope you all know that, it hurts to not see members come to church or live the gospel by just simply not living the gospel, if we are truely converted to this church we wont leave. and I am so greatful to have a testimony of this church. I know Christ is the son of God, I am greatful that I have the chance to pray everyday and ask my father in heaven for forgivness. I love my father he lights my way. I am greatful for the power of FAITH, we have to have faith to the very end to see miracles happen, I am greatful for the temple its been hard not to be able to go to the temple, and how blessed we are to live so close to one, I look forward to going back and makin it a goal to attend regularly, there is no better place to be than the temple. it can and will strengthen our families. I am greatful for a plan that allows me to be with my family forever, I know its a map to my eternal destination based on our desicions in this life. I love this gospel exercises it daily and you will become stronger spiritually.
I love you all so much and may you all have a fabulous week and a great new year!!

                                                                                            elder Chaz allen bentley
                                                                                               moroni8 :3

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