Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Family and friends hello!! I hope you all are having such a great week!! I cant believe its so cold in arizona, I guess i brought the weather with me over here haha!! But I sure do hope you all are doing well and I am still praying for every single one of you!!
 What a great time it is to be a missionary, I love it out here and I am certainly doing my best to endure to the end!! The work is getting pretty exciting within our area!! We have been working so hard to achieve the standard of excellence, but we have been falling short every week but i am excited to see blessings the lord has in store for me these next few weeks and what I can become. We curently have someone who is excited for baptism at the end of this month on the 26th we astill gotta lot to do with her but I just really hope that the lord will bless me with the opportunity to baptize this family, 5 kids that are 8 and older this will be a tender mercy indeed. I love this work and i owe everything i got and i got to endure to the end because me father in heaven and my savior endure with me to the end and never give up on me. I just hope these last couple weeks I can still BECOME that person i want to be.
 I love this quote i heard
 "When we are truly converted to the principle of faith, we come to realize there is virtually no limit to what we can accomplish.” Go forward with Faith!
Mind refers to our entire though process, including our planning , our will, our perceptions and judgments. What we think about determines what we do. The mind controls our thoughts, and thought controls our desires, and God grants unto us according to our desires. . . we must think postive to have faith and hope. 
Everything we do is based on our desires, if we want it we have to be virtuous and put forth faith. I promise if we want something we have to remove all distractions, in order to return to our father in heaven we must live the gospel of jesus christ everyday, in order to be worthy to enter the temple we must live by temple standards, in almost everything we do is based on our desires and where our heart is. Where is our hearts even in the simple things we do. where our heart is, is where we are. I am so great that i have this time to be on a mission, I love my mission and i hope miracles will never cease and that i will find everyone the lord wants me to teach!!
i love this gospel so much,  i know our father in heavens plan is perfect and how greatful i am to know if I follow the road map and do the things he requires me to do i can return to him. I am greatful for this church and i know without a doubt its true. I am greatful to have been converted in my life and for these truths that I know to be true. I love that I have this opportunity to serve and love others. I love my family and I hope that we can all re align our hearts and desires with what god expects of us. i love you all have a great week!!

                                                                                                                               love you all
                                                                                                                                     elder bentley moroni 8:3 

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