Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21st, 2013

What a week, just seems like there is never enough time to be a missionary. time is short.  I hope you all are doing well and hope each of you is withstanding the sickness everyone over here is sicker than a dog haha.
Well I got to start off by telling you something cool, it was just something small and simple. Last week we went to dinner with a returned missionaries house and he was telling us a story how on his mission they did something called the "eye of faith". Its when we go into planning and we pray for someone to be placed in our path, but we listen to know what they are going to look like, and where at and at what time, a mission president and a 70 did it and they were able to find great success out of it and he said  that him and his companion did it and they found the person that they were supposed to meet. So we decided to give it a try, my companion and I prayed and this is what we felt. We were supposed to go to appricot trl. at 1 p.m and the person was going to be in a 2 story house and have dark brown hair. so the next day we went and we went prayerfully and we pulled onto this street and there was a couple 2 story houses but 1 stood more than any of them. So we went and knocked and a lady answered she had dark brown hair and we didnt even say a word, she is like i am very interested in learning, come back at 5 when my husband is home. so we did and her husband had to work late so she said come back in a couple day, we went there yesterday and we were able to teach her and her husband, the husband was looking to argue and disagree with everything we said , but the wife was so prepared by the lord,she was asking about after this life, she asked about the word of wisdom and she was giving her husband wierd looks and disagreing to what he was saying haha, at the end i left a book of mormon (on purpose), we went out to the car and we forgot to give them our number so we ran a note with our number on it, and she opened the door and she was excited to read from the book of  mormon and to study more about our church, she asked if we left the book on purpose and we said, no but you can keep it and she got all excited , I really felt like we were sent there for her , I hope her husband wont keep her from learning more. i really felt like we planted a seed. like elder anderson said you can cout the seeds in a apple but you can never count the apples in a seed!!! I also did it with another missionary and we were supposed to meet this guy who was black at a bus stop ( excuse me for bein blunt) and we did and sure enough he was late cause the rain but we ended up giving him a book of mormon, we were able to get his number. Its been amazing to see if we go out with faith, miracles can happen, we are unsure about the lady bein baptized this week but i sure do hope the lord will bless us with this opportunity, it will be a miracle to see a family come into the church. I will keep that endurance of faith to the end.
well I suredo hope your alls week is great. Mamaw you cant keep taking litttle spills in the sand dunes and breaking your bones, we are very brittle so be careful i love you and i hope you get better i misss you all, getting anxious to see you all, thank you all for your support and all you doo.
love you all
                      elder bentley
                   moroni 8:3

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