Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 31st, 2012

waz up family and friends I sure do hope your week has been well!! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas. I was so indeed greatful to talk to my family  I miss them so much, that was the most wonderful christmas i have ever had. I enjoyed not getting anything and focusing on the true meaning of christmas, I am greatful for my wonderful gift of a family and a mission. On christmas we ate dinner twice, after i talked to my family, we went and knocked doors no one let us but I just know that the message we carry about christ church and his love for all his children is true and I know it  is greatest christmas gift I have in my life. I love my savior and I love my family especially my sweet mother and my dad and my brothers and sisters. I love you so much.
So i had a pretty cool experience on christmas eve, we were walking around in CVS and I started talking to this guy and I ended up having a great conversation with him and come to found out he was looking for a church, and i have talked to him a couple of times this week and he said he really wants to be baptized, I really am hoping that i will have the wonderful opportunity to see him come in to the church. I am greatful that i was able to find one of the lords elect on christmas eve just by simply talking to someone. It was a great experience.
Well this month in our mission we had 30 baptisms and we had 83 baptisms since our White Christmas began. Its amazing to see this work going forward.
 Well tomorrow starts a new year. I hope that each of us sets spiritual goals that will bring us closer to God. I know that as we set these goals that we will grower closer as families and our faith in Jesus Christ will grow. So i heard something pretty funny this week, My mission president said that my Testimony can divide oceans. haha me and my cmpanion just laughed. My companion and I are like brothers, i love this kid. we are going to great things!!!
well I know this email is short but I love my mission , i am greatful for a new year and I hope and pray that you all have a great week and know that I miss you all. Happy new years and i will email you next year.
                                                             love elder bentley
                                                          -moroni 8:3

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