Friday, October 12, 2012

October 2, 2012

Family and friends, top of the morning to you all!! I hope your week has been PEACHY (or good). With confenrence approaching things are just exciting and fun here. I love you all and am stoked to tell you about my week!!!
 Well football was fun by the way last week, found out I am still a pretty good quaterback for flag football I got wait for the TURKEY BOWL this year haha:) Well like I said with conference apporoaching we are handing out a ton of conferece invites, we handed out 77 in one day!!! we set the record until friday, the sisters are of course better ;) they handed out 400. I was a little bummed but we will do better this week. We had an awesome expereince while handing out these invites the night before we set a goal to get 30 we were left our car parked at our apartment and we prayed numerous times within 5 minutes to accomlish this goal of 20 within 10 minutes we talked to 10 people we ran into a lady on her front porch who really needs the gospel, then we were just talking to this guy who ended up turning down our card and we turn around and there was this guy sitting in his truck parked he asked us what we had to give him, we said we feel really impressed that this book of mormon is for you!! He said thank you we invited him to confernce he is coming on SUnday and he said he is really looking for something more in his life, more happiness i guess lately he has been going through alot of struggles but that day I gained a testimony that the lord places people in our path I know he does and what were the chances to have that happen within 1 hour amazing how the lord works in mysterious ways, we ended up going back to this guys house that we meet in his car and we extended to him a baptismal date for November 10 and he said YES. So that made our week pretty exciting!
Our mission is getting pretty excited to have a general authority come to our mission this month. I am just loving this work so so much. This week we were at a members house and it came time to share a spiritual message and I felt impressed to watch this video come to find out it was exactly what they needed and they are preparing for the temple and satan has been working on them hard. I know that throught the spirit we can come to know what others need to bless their lives. I am so greatful for this wonderful week which has been such a blessing, I am greatful for a wonderful companion who is helping improve daily and helping me become more like my savior jesus christ. I am so great that my life is so blessed and I pray that I can just give it my all at all times. didnt get out to much this week I was sick all day friday , the cold brought me down and wore me out but I am back on top of everything and feeling a ton better!!! 
Well I just wanna send a shout out to my dad Todd, dad I love you more than you will ever know. I am so greatful for all that you do to support me and help me. I hope your doin well and that work is going good. I hope your birthday is great. I love you dad your my example and i will always look up to you. have a great day!!!
It was good to hear from my parents that Marty and Sue made it to Arizona safe, congrats on selling your house, I hope the Packers are doing good this year. I cant wait to see you all and visit with ya. I hope you are doing well and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
 Well I got the best family and friends in the world I love you all so much, there isnt anything I wouldnt do for you I hope you have a great week and I hope you all are remembering to pray with us at 1:00 our time for our mission to find the ELECT we are going to have a white christmas. I love you all!!!
                                                                                                                                -elder bentley
                                                                                                                           moroni 8:3

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