Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29th, 2012

BOOOOOO!!! Happy Halloween everyone I hope your week had been absolutely great!! I am just livin the dream over here in Vinton, its awesome!!
Well this week we have been working extremely hard, we came so close to achieving the mission standard of excellence, we were just missin someone at church!! But we will get it this week, we have so much to do. I feel like we are in an intense basketball game and we keep getting behind with short time left and we cant loose haha, this game is worth so much. 
This week Elder Whiting from the 70 visted our mission, He talked about DESIRE to do God’s work as He wants it done is important for us. He asked us some questions. What is the desire of YOUR heart? What is it you really seek after? Unusual missionaries are those who see visions in their hearts and minds as to where to go, what to say and who you need to find. He drew a continuum with the nature of Christ on one end and natural man on the other. Then he asked, “Where are you on this continuum?” and “Where would your parents put you, or your companion?” We do not have to stay where we are for the atonement allows us to change and move closer to where we want to go. After desire came OBEDIENCE. If you want the blessings, you have to be exactly obedient. This does not mean that we won’t make mistakes. This means we try the best we can to do everything asked of us . Next was FAITH. What precedes your faith? Think of times where you saw your faith manifest. Last was UNITY. John 17. Unity with Deity is most important. If you are struggling with your companion, he is struggling with you. Unity needs to be there with God, companions, the mission President, etc. Do a thorough examination of yourself. When we have all of these in place we will have POWER. We have authority; now we need power. If we align actions to desires, we will receive power to teach, to listen, and to love others.
Right before we headed out to lunch we sat for about 10 mintues and I prayed and I really desired to recieve some mad rev. (revaltion) for my self and 1 word came to my mind, LOVE. I though about the first week before I started traning, the 1st thing president pitt did was he came up to me, put his hand on my shoulders and said love your companion, LOVE is the motive in everthing we do. I hope that as I work on this that I will stregnthn that power that I carry as a missionary.
We have had a pretty great week. We were able to set  a lady date for baptism for January 26th. I really think she will get baptized sooner though!!! She came to our ward halloween party this Friday and I was talking to her and she said Her son who is on a mission in Arizona (he is serving in Heber) emailed her and said " MOM!! are you going to get baptized so we can go to the temple togather?" She said that she knows baptism is her next step, it sounds like she hasnt been taught very well so we are going to go through everything to help her understand. Elder Clay did a great job at extending a solid invitation to read the book of mormon, he is a great missionary and I have loved seeing his improvement in the work and how much he has grown. But I really feel like she will get baptized sooner!! Then we went out with our ward mission leader this week, we were trying people and we werent really finding to much success. But we decided to go to see this lady named Alba Hamilton and we had a great lesson, we were able to set her with a date for baptism for Jan. 26, i too feel like she could get baptized sooner. I guess her husband investigated or was a member we arent really sure but we are going to go through everything and help her understand , she knows that the book of mormon is true!!! We were able to find many investigators through harvesting, we have 2 solid people that we need to see this week so I will let you know how it goes, I hope that one turns out really well :)!!
So this week I heard of something called HARVESTING from president pitt, and we get to the door step and we tell people "we are sent here from God and we would love to leave a blessing with you and your home and find out why god has sent us here, then they willl invite us in and we will leave them with a prayer and right after we go in and say a prayer we will ask them Why do you think God has sent us here, if they preceed to ask more question after the prayer we will answer them, if not we will do what we wanted and then leave. But I had a pretty cool expereince the day I got asked to try this, it was late and we knocked on this door and this lady came, I gave the introduction and she immediately kneeled right down had no probleme with it at all, she told us after the prayer that she had a funeral for a loved one that had passed away that day , we offered to share more about the plan of salvation and we are lookin forward to going back again this week, the second time this happened a lady said I could never turn down a good prayer, and she is interested in learning more. I feel the powera nd authority in my calling eveytime I do this. The SPirit was so powerful on those door steps and its been a great opportunity to bear testimony. I love HARVESTING !!
Well I hope my dad knows how much I love him, HAPPY birthday , thank you for your wonderful example and everything I hope you have an amazing day. ilove you dad!!
I love you all so much I hope you dont have to much of a SCary week, may god bless you all and keeep you safe.
                                                                           -elder bentley

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