Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 16, 2012

Family and Friends, howdy!!!! I hope you all are having such a great week, things are just peachy here in the good ol Dub Vee.
 Lets see nothing to much happened this week. Well the house that we live in is in pretty bad shape we are hoping to move out soon therer is mold and mushrooms growing in our shower, which is makin us all sick!!! Our toilet is broken in one of our bathrooms. Things are just messy and gross, we only have to window air conditioners which barely help so its always hott in our house. I think the only worse thing that could happen is our porch will get all messed up in a tornado, but we are hangin in there with a smile haha :). This week we were able to pick up some new investigators, The wife is so willing to be baptizzed if she could, the husband has a tough time with the spirit I fell like we were able to break through his was near the end of our lesson and we really made him feel the spirit just by bearing testimony. I know with a testimony it can break down any wall at any time and really can sink down into the hearts of people just by our testimonies, we really left this guy pondering it was sweet and we can wait to go back!!!! We are really working with a couple people right now I hope we can see another baptism soon , I really want one that elder makemsoon and I taught. Nothing much else new just excited our recent convert jerri vincent is back she is awesome and so is her family hopefully we will be able to baptize her daughter and her husband.
 so this week I have a little spiritual insight on prayer that one of my good friends on my mission showed to me. So this week I have been working alot on trying to improve my prayers, so recently my friend sent me a package of jolly ranchers and said that before I pray I need to stick one in my mouth and dont end my prayer till the candy is melted. my friend promised me that I would have more meaningful prayers and that I would feel closer to god. I certainly do feel that way and I am more and more greatful for time i have to talk to my heavenly father. I love this quote on prayer.
 " prayer is the key that unlocks every door of difficulty. but a key is not only to be once a day; its to be used everytime you come back to a locked door."
I hope that we can all talk with our father in heaven at anytime and take the time and the effort to draw closer to him. I love my father and I know he is there for every single one of us.
I hope my grandma and papa know I love them and how great ful I am for all you do for me, I love you both so mucch!!!
Aunt mar man I love you sweatie, I love you and ticky so much and i miss you alot know that i think of you often.
I hope the Mosers know I love you all thanks for the letters you all are such a great family and i miss ya I will for sure right ya all back soon.
YOu all are seriously the best family and friends ever i love you I appreciate you and am so great ful for all of you, I hope you all have such a great week. I love you !!!!
love elder bentley
moroni 8:3
p.s nana good job at your testimony sister your going to be a great missionary :)

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