Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From: West Virginia Charleston Mission <>
Date: July 3, 2012 8:52:04 AM MST
To: West Virginia Charleston Mission <>
Subject: All Safe in the Storm!
Dear Parents of our wonderful Missionaries,
            This week has been an exciting one for us!  For any that do not know, “Battered West Virginia” as they have named it in the news has had some hurricane-force winds come through this past weekend.  No one knew they were coming, so not many were prepared for the power outages or water breaks that we have experienced.  Most of the areas in our mission were without power for some amount of time, and some also lost water for a while.  Many trees were uprooted and roads have been blocked and some homes have been damaged.  We are very pleased to report that none of our missionaries were injured in any way.  Most areas have received power and water back.  One apartment still has no power or water, but any missionaries whose apartment lacks these necessities have been housed with other missionaries or with members of their ward.  We have been able to make contact with each one of the missionaries, all are okay and have reported a successful time doing service for those living in the area they have stewardship over.
            We can see that the Lord truly watches over His missionaries.  It seems in almost every case that our missionaries’ apartments gained their utilities back before most any other place in the cities they reside in.  This experience has been one that has strengthened our faith that the Lord’s hand is in every trial we encounter.  There have been many investigators found and re-contacted solely due to the storms and our missionaries’ efforts to serve and rebuild their communities.
            We are looking forward to a week that may have more storms ahead of us, but it is our testimony that as the Lord taketh away, so the Lord then showers with desired and pleaded-for blessings.  We are grateful for your encouragement to your sons and daughters here in the mission field, helping them to catch the vision of all that can be realized in times of trial.  Some of your missionaries may not have the ability to e-mail you this week, we are aware.  We wanted to be sure you knew why they didn't contact you if this was the case.  But rest assured that every one of them is safe and accounted for!
President and Sister Pitt

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