Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 10, 2012

Whats Up EVERYONE!!!!!!! Well Fist off I love you all so so much. Its Tuesday and this week is transfers but thank goodness I am staying here in Clarksburg, I hate packing its  the worse thing ever, I hope to stay here for the rest of my mission so I never have to pack again haha. But I hope you all have had such a great week and I sure do miss ya, i guess you just never know how big of an impact your family and friends have on you until your away. I am so greatful for you all!!
 Anyways this week has been a pretty great week for us here in Clarksburg, we came so close to achieving the mission standard of excellence( or goals) but we are hoping to achieve it this week. This week our companionship has gotten blessed with some more awesome investigators!!!! An area that has been shut down has no missionaries so this week we had to drive to that area and go teach this awesome couple who are hoping to get baptized on the 25 of August!!!! We were able to set him with a date over the phone and we are so excited to get another baptism within the next month!!!! We are hoping to start getting some new investigators to start working with and hopefull our teaching pool will build.
I wanna send a shout out to my brothers and sisters.
Coda cade savannah and shaders!!! i love you all so much. you all are amazing brothers and sisters. I think of you all often and i cant wait to come home and have a blast with you!!! Coda I cant wait to come home and help you prepare for your mission remember coda to do whats right, love you family so much dont let a day go by where you dont say " i love you" to your brothers and sisters and mom and dad, trust me when you are outhere your family really means so much to you so dont let a day go by that you regret because you forgot to put your family first and love them. NANNA BANNA i cant believe your at girls camp, i hope nana that you carry that excitement to always be worthy to go threw the temple I cant wait to go with you and do baptisms for the dead when I get back. Your an amazing sister savannah and I love how you serve everyone in our family and treat them with so much kidness. I love you sister!!! Cade you better be gettin good at basketball I cant wait to beat you, i play every tuesday and thursday, gotta say last week I had a pretty good game I made 8 shots had 10 rebounds and 3 stuffs back to back to back, so i will teach you how to play when i get home, but cade you read and pray everyday before you go to school, your days will be so great if you do that. I love you cade your a great brother and know that i miss you. Shaders you little stinker I love you so much!! MUFASSA!!!!! be good dont be bad!!!! and stop getting so big :) or else i wont have a little sister anymore. I love you shaders thank you for the picture of the little mermaid its hanging on my wall. Mom and dad I love you and thank you for all you do for me. I miss my mom so much, i really do miss her telling me what i need to do to be better and fix, I just love my mom she is my best firend and you matter so much to me. your the greatest blessing from my heavenly father!!!! Dad I love you so much, the example you have set for me still plays a big role on me out here on my mission, I know that you and mom will make a awesome senior couple and i know that the mission president will love you whenver you choose to serve. Dad Thank you for always bein here for me, i trust you so much and am greatful that you are my dad. 
 I love my family we are together forever and I know that we will live with our father in heaven and its our job to help each other return and be worthy to live with our hevenly father. I am so greatful for a wonderful plan of happiness I am greatful for the wonderful blessings of the gospel, I love the temple, I love my mission, I love bein a missionary, I am thankful for blessings, covenants and ordinances. I am greatful for my savior, my weakness and my father in heaven who is always there for me. I am greatful for wonderful companions who have changed my life and helped me so much and are willing to deal with all my problemes that I have. . I hope i am not a tough companion to get along with. I am thankful for the people I meet everyday and for the opportunity I have to share my testimony with them. I love my recent converts and I am thankful for all these things. and so much more. I truely am in debt to my father in heaven. i love what i have and i should never ask for more. these things make me happy they complete me and bring me the most happiness . 
I love you all so very much, i am pretty sure these emails probably gett tiring after a couple weeks of reading after I say the same thinngs again haha, I hope to have better email for ya all next week and I hope you have such a great week and may god bless you all!!! 
                                                                                                                       -love elder bentley 
                                                                                                                 moroni 8:3  

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