Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011

I hope everyone had a great week because I sure did. The work is going
great here! All it does is rain but today is pretty nice and sunny.
Well this week like I said has been amazing for me as a missionary as every
week has been. There is absolutely no better place or thing I could be doing
than serving in Logan, West Virginia!!!! We are having so much succes as a
companionship we are teaching so many people and are finding people
cositently everywhere we go. GOOD NEWS!!!! Im not getting transfered neither
is my companion. Im not the newest elder anymore, the new ones come in
today, But the bad news they are getting rid of our district so we wont
drive down to Kentucky anymore, we are now in the Barbersville district. Its
not that much better because we are pretty much the same distance from
everyone ha ha. But anyways this Tuesday we had a the chance to go do
service and move rocks and fill in pot holes in the dirt road, it reminded
me alot of my eagle project. . But its aesome to always see our outcome at
the end and they wont even know who did it because no one saw us. Then
Wednesday!! It RAINED all day :) we passed out these general conference
fliers in the pouring rain we walked so much, we passed out probably 400
fliers:) and we were soaked by the end. I think I could have swam in my
cloths ha ha. Then a family bought us dinner at this pizza place. :) and
then we went to Martin, Kentucky to stay the night. There were 6 elders
staying there with us we played this game called "Bang" and Elder Harding we
were staying with is from Pheonix, Az. and has been out 10 months. And now
he is our new district leader, companion, I will see him a lot more. So that
night we went to bed and elder partridge slept walk it was pretty funny it
lasted like 3 hours so all of us elders had fun with it. We had Zone meeting
on Thursday. I GOT A NEW TIE because we beat our record for handing out 10
book of mormons in the month of march. And the sisters always beat us in
NUMBERS i dont know how they do it ha ha but o well its not about that. :) i
had an amazing time teaching on Friday we werent having any luck getting
in and seein our investigators all of a sudden we came to our last visit
Alex the one who came to church last Sunday we had an awesome lesson. We
read chapter 3 of 1st nephi with him because everytime we go over there we
always help read a chapter because its hard for him to understand it. so
after we read I felt an urge to commit him to April 17th to be baptized I
pushed the thought aside. . it hit me again COMMIT HIM NOW!! I did and it
took him a while to get his answer across but he did it he committed to
April 17th but we got a baptisim coming soon even if we do have to push it
back a little. But while we were teaching the lesson his mom said she wants
to learn more then his brother who never even payed attention to us told us
he wanted a Book of mormon I gave him one. He said he needed a religion that
would make him happy I said we have that. That was an awesome night. General
Conference was so cool as a missionary. It was so cool to be able to go down
to the church in my sunday cloths and watch it in the chapel. I tended to
listen alot more and the spirit was so strong. I really enjoyed Dieter F.
Uctdorfs talk in the Sunday Morning session he said one thing that really
stuck out to me as a missionary:
"By becoming the answers to someones prayers, we often find the answers to
our own."
I liked alot more of what he said but this really hit me hard.I know that is
true every single bit of it. especially while i am on a mission. I am
answering those people prayers who are looking for and they are answering
mine. I know with a surety Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today that
he leads and guides this church and all those who serve under him.
I have been reading in Mosiah for personal study and the scriptures reallly
tick out to you alot more during your mission. I enjoy reading and studing
everyday. i have been doing a little out of the New Duty to God booklet
about prayer and scripture study, im starting from the beggining. I know
that if we take time just to pray to invite the spirit and read with a open
heart to help us with trails; that our testimonies will build that we will
gain a better understanding of the scriptures and we will be able to feel of
the Saviors love and our days will be so much better. I know this to be true
I have found when i dont do this my days are so crapy and its so much harder
to find people or to pay attention during lessons. So reading and praying is
so important to our daily needs.
Well this was my week. I hope everyone is doing well. I love my family and
friends so much!! I hope everyone will do What jeffery R. Holland said read
and study those talks. I love you all. your in my prayers always. thank you
so much for all you have done to get me on a mission. I cant wait to tell
you about next week. :) love ya.


Elder Bentley (moroni 8:3)

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