Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is doing great and had a fantastic
week!!!!! My mission is getting better and better everyday!!!!

So this week has been awesome. I really cant believe time is flying by so
FAST!!!! Yes, my companion is still Elder Partridge and its so much fun to
be serving with him. i am so happy I didnt get stuck with a bad trainer so I
got pretty lucky. So this week our district got split so we will no longer
be going to pikeville, kentucky anymore which stinks, but now we are in a
bigger district it is the Barboursville district so this should be fun. Our
Investigators are progressing really well, and I am really excited for this
baptism coming up soon!!!! So recently we have been working with this kid
named Jason Stowers and he is almost to the age to go on a mission. So we
took him out to a lesson with on Wednesday and after we committed him to
start filling out his papers and he said he would in fact he has already
Well now to the exciting stuff Saturday was CRAZY!!!!! It was walk and Talk
Saturday where we walk all day and once we started we checked up on some
people and then it started pouring rain!!! we walked in it for a hour and
half we were DRENCHED from head to toe!! Then we went to lunch and there was
just puddles underneath us while we were eating our lunch ahah and
went bowling, with this library guy who is really funny and not a
member, we bowled even though we were soaking wet! I won both games and he
said we would be able to go teach him if I won ha ha so that was fun!!! So
then we thought we should go check up on some people so we went to
Limestone where some of the members live and it was bad. While driving there
, sides of the mountains had fallen onto the streets, so once we got to the
members street it was flooded we barley made it through. I have honestly
never seen anything like it. It was kinda scary. . . I guess what happened
was a cloud burst. . . We were just standing there with the members watching
people trying to get through the deep waters that COVERED the streets, and
just watching people's stuff float down the road. Luckily we were safe and
we were in the right place at the right time. So yeaterday after church we
went to another area where some members live and it did so much damage that
bridges broke pipes from under neath the houses were swept away, some people
couldnt even get out. . . so we ended up going to limestone helping the
Sister Bigleys husband fix a badly damaged road, we had throw rocks and dirt
in the hole repair it, it kinda remined me of my eagle project, we worked so
hard!!! I was so happy I was able to give service to those in need. It has
been pretty crazy around here its supposed to rain more today. Well that was
my week.
So Lately in my personal study I have been studying and reading in Alma.
Alma was such a awesome prophet and missionary. He reminds me alot of what i
am doing today, which is bringing people back unto Christ and try to help
them repent and prepare for when the Lord does come again, and I want
everyone to know my testimonyof the Book of Mormon has grown so much since I
have been out on my mission. I KNOW ITS TRUE!!!! Lately I have had it glued
to my hand I cant set it down. I know if anyone needs help just pray and
read from the Book of Mormon I know it will help because it is strengthing
me every single day. I am learning new things everyday through it

I love you all so much I have a testiomony of this gospel I know its
true!!! I LOVE YOU FAMILY SO MUCH !!!! I miss you!!!! I hope everyone has a
fantastic week and is safe. Dallin good luck on your mission spread that
gospel everywhere!! , love ya brotha. Thank you marty and Sue for the shirt
and the letter I a m glad you got there safe. I will write everyone as fast
as I can.



Elder Bentley

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