Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 28, 2011

Well I hope everyone is doing good and had a great week!!!! This week has
been pretty awesome. It’s been really cold here these past couple of days it
was snowing this morning!! And its really pretty here!

Well we went and stayed in Pikeville, Kentucky and went on splits the next
day and the elders never committed this lady to watch general conference so
I extended the commitment and she said she would it turned out to be such an
amazing lesson and the spirit was so strong. We then meet up with our
companions for lunch. Then we went to our Training meeting and got the
chance to hear from our district leader and the Assistant to the President.
They told a story that actually happened a couple weeks ago with me when we
were heading down to Roanoke. We were all in Taco Bell getting some dinner
and it’s my job to be a missionary so before I went in I thought to myself
I’m not going to let one person pass me by without hearing the gospel or
getting a card. So I went to every person in that Taco Bell and gave them
all a card. I then WON a FREE TACO from getting the quarter all the way down
to the bottom. I tried giving the taco away with a card but no one would
take it how crazy is that!! But it’s alright after I got in the car I was
happy that I didn’t let one person pass by then later that night I gave some
a Book of Mormon and got a referral for some missionaries to go teach
someone. But while we are on this subject I had really awesome experience.
Last week we had the chance to walk around Logan. So before we got out of
the car I said a quick personal prayer that Heavenly Father would put
someone in my way for me to find and give a card too. I can say my prayer
was answered that day. Right before I came in to type this email we recieved
a message a lady told us she want to come back. She took the card I gave her
and accepted it and that was the only lady we ran into walking that day. So
that was really awesome for me to see my prayer was answered. But all we
have been doing is having lessons and eating tons and tons of food. SATURDAY
we walked 8 miles just to get a ride to go to someone’s house, so we had to
get there in an hour we sprinted the WHOLE way!!!! The reason why we did
this was because we ran out of miles on our car this week which kinda stinks
but I like walking better!! Yesterday was an awesome day!!! The
1stinvestigator showed up to church since I have been here. My
companion had to
teach other classes the other day so I had to stick with the new
investigator and he was so happy to be there he loved the people and wants
to come back. He asked lots of questions about the temple and about what was
going on that was a really neat experience this week too!!

This week has been a really spiritual week for me. I have really drawn
closer to my savior especially through the Book of Mormon. I have been
reading a lot about King Benjamin I believe that he was a True Prophet. A
goal I have set this week in my life is to have my father in heaven tell me:

“Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a placed prepared for you in the
mansions of my father.”

This is my ultimate goal in life. But I know it only comes by exercising
faith in my savior Jesus Christ. By being obedient to all the rules. I know
it means I have to work my hardest to study, and preach this gospel and by
living by the gospel everyday. I know that by living this gospel everyday
can bring happiness (Mosiah 2:41) to our families and especially to us and
we will find our path to be a little easier as we do what’s right. Well I’m
looking forward to this week’s personal study and I can’t wait to tell you
what I have learned and been through!!

Well my mission has done something really cool to help us with preach my
gospel. They created “preach my gospel study personal study guide”. It’s
supposed to help with the lessons and help make the lessons more personal.
But ya it has helped me grow so much and has helped me to teach the lessons

Marty and Sue I heard you moving back to Wisconsin!!!! I will miss you guys
so much as I am sure my family will too. I hope everything goes well with
selling your house. I hope you travel there safely. You will be in my
prayers. Thank you for being such great neighbors. I miss all the times I
went outside just to talk to you. Thank you for all you have done for me and
my family.

Sharders!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I cant believe your already 2 years old!!! I
can remember the day you were born!!!! Wow you have grown up so fast. I hope
had a great day! I LOVE YOU!! I got you something J it was for free maybe
you can use it when you color. I’ll send it to you as soon as I can. Be good
!! J

TATUM and KLETE!! Congrats on your baby that’s so awesome about your baby
boy? I hope he is well. I love you guys!

CODA!!! Well I am so glad that letter helped just be obedient to mom and dad
ok J I
love you bro and I really hope you serve a mission. So I heard you played
catcher in your game the other day that’s so awesome!!! Keep doing good in
baseballJ! I LOVE YOU!!

NANA!!! I MISS YOU I LOVE YOU!! I hope your doing good in school!!!! I LOVE

CADE!!!! WHAT UP BRO!!!! how you doing. I love you so much I love your
letters you should write me more. Our you saying your personal prayers more?
I hope so I love you !!!

MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! And I am typing your letter right now. YOU’RE THE BEST

DAD!!!! I LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR EMAIL!!! And Ill be writing you today
as well. KEEP WORKING HARD!!! I will send you a copy of that preach my
gospel book.

Well my next email won’t be till next Tuesday because its district
preparation day and we are planning a district preparation day which im
excited for!!!!! Transfers are in one week!!! I hope I don’t leave I love it
here in Logan I feel like this is my new home. I don’t want to leave this
place for 22 months. I am excited for general conference!! I cant wait to
hear what the prophet has to say!! I hope all my aunts, uncles and
cousins and friends and ward are doing good. Well everyone please be safe.
Your all in my prayers morning and night. Love ya!!!


Elder Bentley

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