Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

I hope everyone is doing good!! First i want to say congrats to brother Howell on his wife having the baby I hope he is doing well thats so awesome:) !! Well this week has been so amzing I cant wait to tell you how great it was!! and I look forward to the weeks ahead:)

So this monday I forgot to tell ya all but I went to pikeville Kentucky for exchanges with my district leader and that was super fun !! and we are going there again tonight for a meeting tomorrow!!! So that was all tuesday. I think exchanges are awesome I feel like the lord sets certain people in our path at the right time. We taught this lady about the importance of prophets, and the spirit was so strong and then we saw here sister and she said she would read the book of mormon so that was really a neat experience to talk to them and they both sound really interested in the church :). Friday was a really great day something I have noticed alot is the lord will inspire us to talk to someone then the more we visit that person the lord puts one of that persons relatives right in our path that was so awesome to experience that on Friday. SATURDAY was a really good day we spent all day in logan and handed out so many book of mormons and got so many new investigators. Then Yesterday we had one of our biggest turn outs for church. this week has been awesome to see what we can do if we just simply turn our hearts to the lord so he can work through us. We handed out 13 Book of Mormons this week that is the most we handed out in our companionship so far. Its so crazy how fast time flies by out here!! transfers are the Wensday after General Conference ( I cant wait to watch it and be in the number of full time missionaries) i wont find out till saturday or sunday if Im bein transfered but I think i will most likely stay heere for a while. I dont wanna leave Logan. It feels like this is where the lord really wants me to be and this is the best place on the planet!! I just cant describe how awesome it is to be a missionary, personal study is one of my favorite parts of the day I have been reading in jacob and one of my favorite verses is JACOB 4:13. I know that the spirit speaks to us and tells us the truth and nothing but the truth. I know it is a special gift our heavenly father gives us to testify that this gospel is true, that Thomas S Monson is our living prophet today, that the book of mormon is the word of God, and that everything we teach as missionaries is TRUE. I learned something new from my mission president that i cant force the spirit to be there in certain lessons or when I desperatlly need it, thats when I need to show more faith in my Savior Jesus Christ. thats when i have to be more thankful for what I have in this life and all he has blessed me with. just like brother howells song says" IM A WITNESS THAT HE LIVES!!" I love this verse in jacob it has helped me alot this week in my lessons and in my own personal life. I am just going to work my hardest everyday!!!!! Im going to give all I can to the lord these next 2 years. . Every night i get back to the apartment I am exahsted and thats how I always want to feel because my savior went through so much pain just for me and i need to give so much back to him these next 2 years!

Well elder partridge and I are working great together! Our lessons go so well and the spirit is always so strong. I honestly couldnt ask for a better companion. Im so lucky to have such a great trainer who keeps me obedient. He is good friend to me and ill miss him when he gets transfered.

MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! your the greatest mom ever I love your letters and your emails. Its something I look forward too every Monday!! I hope your doing well :) Ill write back as soon as possible. I love you to the stars and back!!! Thank you for the cds and chewy chips of G-MA!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I really wanted brother howells cd

DAD I LOVE YOU!!! i hope your work is going great! keep working hard. your such a great example to me as a priestholder. The other day I thought of you when i was giving a blessing to one of my investigators. . I wish you were there with me to witness how strong the spirit was. You'd love it here!! Well be safe and your the best dad I couldnt ask for any one better!

CODA I LOVE YOU BUBBA!!!! How is basball and school going your water baloon fight sounded so much FUN!! PLEASE MIND MOM AND DAD CODA!!! cade looks up to you. You have to be the next best missionary in our family. did you invite a friend (non-member) like I told ya too ?? WELL i hope so I love you be safe do good in school!!

NANNA!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! your such a great sister and Ill write back as soon as possible Ok :) DO GOOD IN SCHOOL!! remember I will always love you forever because your the coolest sister ever!! be the best example you can be to your brothers ok :) love ya tons!!!

CADERS!!!! I miss you too buddy . BE HAPPY!!! I cant wait wait for you to be a missionary you'd love it out here. Your such an awesome brother:) and yes im getting really good at basketball :) we are actually setting up one with all the young men in our ward! i cant wait. love ya be safe ok !!!!

Shaders!!!!! MUFASSSA!!!! your such an awesome sister. I miss going on walks and singing with you! sorry for teaching all those bad things please continue to draw me pictures ! I love you !!!!!

Well I want all my family and friends to know I love you!!! THANK YOU for getting me to where I am today!!! I miss you all !!! Thank you everyone who has written me and sent me emails i appreciate it! i look forward to them everyday !!! Be safe !!!!

To end this email I would like to share a awesome quote that sister White gave me. This is one of my favorites now.

"perfection will not come all at once, but line upon line precept upon precept, example upon example, and even not as long as we live in this mortal life. . . but here we lay the foundation. . . to prepare for that perfections. Its our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today." - Joseph Fielding Smith

Let us be better tomorrow than we are today!


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